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How I Plan to Up My Game on eBay This Year

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Danna Crawford

Even though I’ve been selling on eBay for eighteen years, I still start each year by reflecting on what I might need to do differently. Which is why I was thrilled to see that eBay created the Grow 2016 Check-Up.  In my opinion, this is exactly what successful sellers need to do before tackling the year ahead. It’s like we all get a clean slate, and the opportunity to do things just a little bit—or a lot—better than the year before. Sure, I always have the goal of making more money on eBay, front and center, but becoming a better seller is how I’ll make that happen.

So what’s on my do differently list for 2016? I’d say there are five main areas of focus for me, and I’m happy to share them with you:

  1. Commit to a higher level of service. I recently received a neutral feedback rating from a customer. Granted, it’s only one of 665 transactions for the year that I didn’t get quite right. So you might think it’s bound to happen, big deal. But I was in the wrong. In the Item Specifics section, of my miniature race car listing, I described the scale of the car as 1:24. Unfortunately, this was the scale for a larger car. The customer was right. How did this happen? I was in a hurry, and didn’t adjust the item specifics when I listed it using the Sell One Like This shortcut. That’s when I knew that in order to avoid negative or neutral feedback in the new year, I’d have to re-commit to a higher level of service.
  1. Pay closer attention to the Item Specifics fields. I could have completely avoided the scenario above if I’d paid closer attention to the Item Specifics fields. I was just moving too fast. Sure, I saved some time when I used the shortcut, but I got sloppy, and paid the price. All for a $.99 car! I’ll be checking my item specifics twice this year.
  1. Add more details to my descriptions. My third goal is related to the other two above. I’m making a point of adding a bit more detail to my item descriptions in an effort to avoid confusion, and potential snafus with my customers. In the past, I’ve kept them short and sweet—which is actually a best practice—but I think I went too far. After careful review I can tell that I really need to add a few more details, and keywords. I want to make sure that my shoppers have the details they need to become satisfied buyers.
  1. Get more diligent about social media marketing. I blogged about the importance of making time for social media last year. And I still include this in my eBay repertoire. But this year I’m committing to a more regular schedule. I’ve decided to earmark the last week of each month to compose posts and tweets for the following month, that promote my eBay Store, listings, and my website. And I’ll use Hootsuite, as I’ve mentioned before, to schedule them in advance.
  1. Set my listing and sales quota for the year. My final goal is to fill out my 2016 Ready Set Goal calendar for the year with how many items I plan to list. As a treasure-hunt seller, I mostly sell items that I find at yard sales, thrift stores, and estate sales, with some consignment items in the mix as well. So I like to plan out how many items I can get listed, along with my sales quota for the year. A few months last year I only averaged about $3000 a month, but this year I’m committing to not falling below the $5000 mark. And, once I mark it on my calendar, it’s as good as done.
So that’s the plan! What are your goals for 2016? What will you do differently? Tell me in the comments below. Also, if appropriate, feel free to share this article with your eBay colleagues via email, and on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.