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Have You Thought of Bulk Buying to Beef Up Your Business?

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Buy in bulk to beef up your business.jpgOff season buying can impact your business in a big way

If we had to pick a no-frills, highly underrated business trick, it would be to build your inventory at the right time. A great way to do that is by taking advantage of bulk buying opportunities that happen throughout the year. From off-season discounts to smart tech-related purchases, you can save money as you grow your stock. 


As a buyer, one is always on the lookout for off season discounts. How about applying the same logic to your online selling business? Cash in on the off-season by buying in bulk and selling when there is more demand.


Consider these tips as you work towards acquiring your next batch of inventory:


Off-season sourcing

Stores always feature massively discounted products immediately after large-scale retail moments like Halloween, Valentine's Day, and Christmas. It could be Christmas lights, ornaments, or scary yard decorations for Halloween – buyers will want them every year.


Stock up on summer supplies like beach wear, fishing supplies, or patio furniture when they are discounted in the fall or winter. If you are selling coats, candles or throws, the right time to build your inventory could be in the spring or summer months. Create a personal sourcing calendar to help you make the most of the discount season and sell those items when they become relevant again. Buying in wholesale quantities will also help you beat the seasonal rush and leave more room for creativity to focus on your exclusive items.


While you gear up for off-season buying, here are a few cautions:


  • Don’t buy perishables in bulk. Candy, cookies, and fruitcakes are available at a good price after the holidays. Avoid purchasing these, as they will expire even before that. This applies to a few skin care products, too!
  • Consider your storage cost. Make sure you assess the opportunity cost of holding the off-season inventory. These products may have to remain in your storage for up to a year, so consider this against other selling opportunities throughout the year to make sure you’re maximizing annual cash flow.
  • Don’t sell at market price. Consider selling these items below the market price. This way you score points both on timely availability as well as price differentiation!

Try buying in off season to cash-in on discounted prices.jpgTry sourcing in off season to make the most of discounted prices.

Keep pace with tech

Tech companies are launching gadgets at the speed of light. Use this to your benefit by tracking the latest mobile phones, tablets, laptops and Bluetooth devices. When new gadgets are launched in the market, old ones get cheaper. That’s when savvy shoppers buy previous models - your cue to bulk buy accessories for older models to service their needs.


The all-season items

Think weddings, baby showers, bachelor parties, and prom nights. If you are selling themed items or decorations for these occasions, the whole year is your buying calendar. Just look for discounts at online wholesale sites or offline stores and use your creativity to stock up the best.


Not sure where to source from?

Retail arbitrage is an obvious choice. Major retailers also liquidate their shelf-pulls, overstock and out-of-season goods in bulk at great discounts directly to third-parties, via bulk marketplaces or through channels like bulq.com and other liquidation sites. There, you can buy inventory like holiday decorations, last season’s clothing, or the previous year’s electronics.


Have you tried sourcing off-season for your business? Or, do you plan to do it anytime soon? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


This post is written based on the expertise of our content partner. BULQ is a wholesale supplier for sellers looking for brand-name overstock, returns, and closeout inventory from Fortune 500 retailers. Source everything from Electronics to Home & Garden, from Apparel to Health, and much more--all covered by the BULQ manifest guarantee. By offering inventory in a variety of conditions and lot sizes, BULQ wholesale lots can fit every budget and type of seller. Visit BULQ for more information.

by r.c.p.b · Thrill-Seeker

Definitely my next step and goal.  I first need to get this listing to go a lot quicker to handle a bulk of items.  Great article.  I will check out Bulq.


Just an FYI - you have a typo in the article: "Make sure you asses the opportunity cost of holding the off-season inventory. "


Assess has two S at the end.


New potential supplier


by lisa9069 · Adventurer

i do not recommend Bulq.com. i used to love trying to find bargains on there. i just ordered my first shipment a few weeks ago and it was totally misrepresented. they said that i would get a case of something and only got 1 and the prices where way off. i thought maybe there was another package coming. i contacted them and they just said sorry that you were disatisfied. they even have a satisfaction guarantee and i don't usually complain about too much . but this was at least a 50% price difference.

News Team
News Team

Thank you @upscale_shop! We fixed the error. 


@audrey_tracy- Glad to be of help Smiley Happy


@lisa9069- I looked at their manifestos, and the bulk items seem to have a mix of unrelated merchandise. For example, a package of Women's clothing will have only about 30% women's clothing, then some men's clothing, some shopes, some "general merchandise', some accessories . . . too many variables. I'm also concerned about "uninspected returns" as that could mean just about anything from dirty to torn, to mislabled, to  . . .

In the end, their prices seem to hover at around $10 per item (shipped) which would be fine for quality upscale merchandise that can be resold at $25-30. However, when considering shipping cost the seller pays (provided you sell with free shipping), eBay and Paypal fees, there is no room for error or broken merchandise.

by colleefalve_5 · Adventurer | Updated


Hey there - I'm Colleen and I'm on the BULQ team. Thanks for checking us out! We completely understand concerns you might have purchasing Uninspected Returns - not all sellers are suited for this condition. We offer a variety of conditions from Brand New to Salvage merchandise so you can make smart purchasing decisions.

On BULQ.com, we do not have a standard per item cost, as this price will vary based on the condition, category, and number of units per lot. We know that sometimes you don't find the perfect lot right away, so we created the ability to set inventory notifications when sign up for your (free) BULQ.com account. Simply select your product preferences on your BULQ profile page and opt in to receive inventory notifications whenever new lots arrive. Choose as many preferred conditions, categories, and lot sizes as you like. You can update your preferences and opt in or out of notifications at any time and new lots are listed to the site every day at 11 AM and 2PM ET.


@lisa9069 Hey there - I'm Colleen and I'm on the BULQ team.


Thanks for giving us the opportunity to clarify Origianl Retail prices and out 98% accuracy guarantee. We designed the site to be as up front as possible, and we put lot and shipping prices right up front so there are never any surprise or hidden charges that differ from what you see at the checkout page. When you say that a price is "off" are you referring to the "Original Retail Price"? As we let you know on the site, this data point refers to the estimated listed price when the product was first released to market and may not necessarily represent prevailing offers in current marketplaces. If you find that the quantity and condition of what you received did not match the manifest, please reach out to us asap so we can help you take advantage of our claims process.

by lisa9069 · Adventurer

Hi Colleen,

i did go through the process of filing a claim and was told that it was less than 2% off so that they are sorry but they could not do anything. i am not new to this so i know what i am looking at when i look at an invoice. it was totally misrepresented and i was really bothered because i sent the spreadsheet with the numbers and took a picture of the items and everything. i was looking forward to working with Bulq.com on a regular basis and was very disappointed that it worked out this way. i am very forgiving of a little variance but this was ridiculous. i never would have ordered that shipment if i knew what i was getting. i would have even been ok to pay more than what i would have paid at the store if i was using the items myself . i would have let it go and just wrote it off as a live and learn experience, but i am buying to resell and i even allowed for worst case scenerio on the prices like i always do. i don't expect to sell at retail.

thanks for reaching out to me.





Thanks for following up. I've looked into your case with our Customer Care team and it appears that there may have been a misunderstanding in your case. We will be reaching out to your shortly to straighten this up. I'm so sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you and look forward to the opportunity to make this right.

by lisa9069 · Adventurer

Hi colleen. Ok.Thank you for takimg the time to review my case




Hi Coleen, and Thank you for responding to me earlier.


I do understand that you offer a variety of items in a variety of conditions from Brand new to salvage. When I looked, I did not find anything that appeared as a sound business investment, however, that might change in the future. I would be more apt to purchase if there were items in one specific category instead of a mix of unrelated merchandise (like I stated in my first post - women's clothing, men';s clothing, shoes, et cetera) all bundled together into one shipment.


Yes, I know you do not have a set price per items - I was only using an example of the listing I had seen when I checked the site.



by menscave7 · Adventurer

Nice article, however what are the other bulk item business out there that you have experience with?  Thank you.  Currently I go to big box discount stores and buy clearance items.  Its tedious going to half of dozen of them to build up an inventory of perhaps a have dozen items for one listing.