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Happy Holidays from eBay!

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Verified Blogger
Verified Blogger
Last Edited 03:06:45 PM

Happy Holidays, eBay sellers! As 2017 draws to a close, the team at eBay for Business is reflecting on the past year, and looking forward to what’s next.

Christmas Card Picture eFB Team.jpeg

Our vision for eBay for Business has always been to be the place to go for information and inspiration that helps you be the best seller you can be. We want to be your partner, your business coach, and your cheering section—all at once. In the past year, we’ve given you tax tips and advice on branding and shown you how to optimize your listings and attract international buyers.  


We’ve taught you how to make the most of valuable tools like promotions manager, promoted listings and Seller Hub’s Growth tab and Orders tab. We’ve encouraged you to think about sourcing and selling for retail moments, automating tasks, and shipping like a pro. And, we’ve shown you how to get your items seen with structured data, demonstrated why a returns strategy is important, and revealed how you can run promotions like a multi-million-dollar seller.


It’s not been all business, though. We’ve joined you at eBay Open, celebrated our SHINE award winners, suggested some fun songs to listen to while you sell, and (hopefully) gave you a few laughs with our Holiday hustle series. We showed you our appreciation with a Thanksgiving poem, and we brought you the stories of dozens of sellers just like you.


We hope you’ve learned from the content we’ve shared and that you’ve been inspired by your fellow sellers. Thank you for reading, commenting, sharing, and being part of the community.


As we plan for the coming year, we want to hear more from you: how can we best serve your needs? What kind of content do you want to see going forward? Tell us in the comments!

by *coins · Rockstar

Merry Christmas to eBay and to all of the sellers who make eBay what it is! God bless in 2018.


Community Team
Community Team

A great team!

by vintagecraze50 · Guide

This has some one of the best Christmas sales we have had on Ebay. Wonderful buyers who appreciate what we sell and WE SURE APPRECIATE THEM. None of this would have happened without the right guidance from Ebay. We use the fast and free option with automatically approved returns with a 30 day retun policy. We use the banner that Ebay allowed us to use a few years ago and updated it with a beautiful Christmas scene. We know that all the advertising Ebay did this year really helped. Happiest Holidays to all, and may all your selling and buying dreams come true.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Happy Holidays everyone!! Thanks for being part of the eBay community! heart


I'm sorry, but based on what vintagecraze50 stated above, I am very skeptical if that seller really is a true seller that eBay really appreciates.  That person only has 240 positive comments in the past year .  Granted not everyone leaves feedback because I'd sold almost 1000 products this year and only have 444 feedbacks for the year.  But this person must be like me ( one of the "little people") that eBay doesn't help us sell that much....limited to only 50 listings per month and no store.   Also,  the person has nothing for sale (which the comment implies) and there are no statisitics for  criteria as a seller except the Shipping & Handling.


by *coins · Rockstar


Maybe you should learn what a posting id is.

by camafterlife2 · Adventurer | Updated by Moderator

Happy Holidays 

by anula66 · Adventurer

I have been very happy with My sales this year and super impressed with the marketing campaigns. I’ve received incredible customer service from Ebay and have been more informed because of the Ebay for business team. Thank you for all you’ve done to keep me plugging away, selling on eBay. Ebay helped me achieve a “Christmas Miracle” for my niece. I’m humbled to be a part of such a caring community!


Thank you ebay! Appreciate the support , the advertising, and helping with suggestions all year long! All these changes have been very positive. Looking forward to another great selling year in 2018 . 


Happy holidays! It has been a great year, definitely have seen our business grow, and appreciate all the tips we get!

The one thing I would like to see implemented is immediate pay with best offer. I've had several best offers decide not to pay, and that's time product could sell to someone else! If the buyer isn't serious, we can move on. Enjoy your holiday break (if you're getting one), ready to hit it hard 2018!



Happy Holidays! 

I'm new to all this and I'm very appreciative for all I've learned from these posts.  The customer service representatives have also been SO helpful to this newbee.  Thank you. 


Thank you Ebay for an outstanding year!  Very happy with the changes, promoted listings, and the options for running sales.  Looking forward to 2018!  As far as content, I like the stories of different sellers, they are really inspiring so more of that please.  You know what would be cool is to have struggling sellers apply for a store makeover.  Ebay will select a seller and have the experts come in to help get them on the right track with everything from listing, shipping, promotions, inventory storage etc.  You could highlight the changes and show the before and after.   Happy Holidays to you all at eBay for Business

by stevenbug · Adventurer

You can help your core sellers by removing ads at the bottom of the sort page directing customers to other sites,  next, remove all the big box sellers (target, overstock, toysr us, etc) . Last, remove all the cheap China sellers.  They bring down the uniqueness of the eBay platform.  Thank you for letting me comment.   I hope you take these requests to heart.  

by lewis2090 · Adventurer

When selecting a shipping option in “create a new single listing” I was wondering if you could add regional flat rate box A and box B to the drop down list.  I can find it when I print a shipping label, but not when creating a new listing. Thanks.

I can list generic priority mail, but it’s about $5.00 more per item to ship, and would like to pass that $5.00 back to the customer. Plus it would lower my overall item price in searches.

Thank you for restoring the old IPhone 6 Mobile app. I was upset at the November update that did more harm than good. I could not edit a price of am item on my Iphone, because the update would reset the returns days from 60 days down to 14 days, would remove my BIN instant payment check box, and would clear the handling fees. 

I can now use my phone again to make instant price changes.

Worst year ever and Canadian sellers continue to have 0 support and 0 exposure on the site. I went from having a thriving business to doing 3 sales in all of December so far. Ebay has done nothing but destroy my business with their stupid changes and lack of any type of competent support.


Thansk for n uthin@

by iykekris · Adventurer

Merry Christams to you eBay staff. Prosperous New Year


I just started selling items again on eBay after a couple of year break and have become a little hooked. I had a Kenny Chesney tour book that I had for years sitting on a shelf and just sold it for $455!!! Wooohooo!


Hello E-bay! Welcome to 2018!

December 22nd I had a completely new experience. I was robbed. Buying from estate sales, I had a very eclectic houseful of “stuff”. They took a very eclectic lot of stuff out. I was thinking about what a pain tracking stuff being sold on eBay is. I’d like to see a search with notification when something with the description of something stolen from me is listed within 50 or 100 miles from my city. I’m hoping you can join my team a bit more and have something like that. Possibly something the police might be able to use? Mostly me though as they took some family items I’d like back.

might you be able/willing to do something like this? I’d like to see this bottom-feeding SCUM who stole my holiday gifts and opened every card and letter go to jail with no lube! Mostly I’d like some special stuff back.

i understand that listings are your livelihood but when they’re stealing things I would have listed after the holiday you’re losing business too. Plus I’ve had actually been walking around in a daze for a week-unable to really function. These people are awful. Great PR for ebay would make it worthwhile!

thank you, 

Terri Grosse