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Happy Holidays and Thank You from eBay!

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Happy holidays to you and your loved ones, eBay sellers!


It’s been an action-packed year and we have a few things we’d like to acknowledge before it draws to a close.


First, without you, there is no us.


We want you to really feel that.


Whether you’re a hobby seller, an always-on entrepreneur, or a large merchant, you are what makes our marketplace unique.


You provide the incredible and unique merchandise that our 165 million buyers come to eBay for – and you helped us cross the one billion live listings mark this summer. A huge accomplishment for us all.


You put in the extra effort to make your customers happy and coming back for more.


And – you – in an unparalleled way, help your peers find their way by sharing your experience, knowledge, and advice in the eBay community.


That’s why we wanted to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude and stress just how much we appreciate you.



And, if we haven’t already met you at an event like eBay OPEN, commemorated you via the SHINE Awards, highlighted your business for Small Business Saturday, or shared your story with the world via the eBay for Business blog, we look forward to doing more with you in 2017. We’ve got a whole new year of success ahead of us – and we want you to be a part of it.


So, thank you. Thank you for being passionate, relentless, and dedicated.


We’ll continue to innovate and incorporate new technologies that both streamline the way you do business and the way modern buyers shop.


And, we’ll work tirelessly to drive traffic and create demand for your items. You don’t have to worry about the break-neck pace at which ecommerce changes. We’ll take care of that. You just do you.


From our eBay family to yours – season’s greetings and a big THANK YOU for helping to make eBay the world’s most exciting, dynamic, and human shopping destination. We couldn’t do it without you.


We’ll see you in 2017!

by mr_lincoln · Rockstar

@hal_lawton Thank you and You're Welcome Hal.  Very nice post! Though many businesses have gotten away from it, in my world we say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Mr. L



by vintagecraze50 · Guide

To all the wonderful customer reps who have helped us throughout the years. For the opportunity to grow our own business here and watch it prosper. It has been a pleasure to be part of this community and to watch it change over the years to what it is now. We are so blessed to be able to be a part of it all and look foreward to more exciting new innovations. Happy Holidays to all and Ebay. We could not have done it without you.

by tony438 · Explorer

To All Ebay departments,

I just wanted to thank everyone of you for almost instantly taking care of 

my return and refund problem.  Happy Holidays to everyone at Ebay. You all are great. Thanks again.



Thank you for the kind wishes, Hal. At my house, we are looking forward to a Merry Christmas, but I know not everyone celebrates. So, here's Wishing Everyone at eBay & on eBay a Joyous, Prosperous, Meaningful Holiday Season from Texas! 


Thank you and Happy Holidays to all of the eBay employees that always answer our calls asking for assitance,  you guys make selling a lot easier!!!!


 Thank you to all eBay Employees and the new leadership team.  Since eBay Open, I have seen such a wonderful increase in the interaction from eBay Inc. to the seller community.  I feel appreciated by the amount of help and guidance and CHEERS that have come our way whether on Facebook, the Community Section, eBay Radio, importance of Meetup groups and so much more.  I am having fun selling on eBay.  Let's keep this upward mobility going in the coming new year and for years to come because it is only TOGETHER that we can make eBay the plase to find "New, Unique and everything inbetween". 

Dear Hal,

I couldn't agree with you more.

"First, without you, there is know us."
Funny, I've said the same thing too many times to count when speaking with Ebay's phone support staff, in the many attempts to get a speedy resolution in fixing errors appearing on my listings as a result of server overloads, technical glitches, and/or common site experiments ebay often explores. For example: re-formatting the "Create a listing" Page.


I really feel appreciated after realizing, I've just spent 2 1/2 hours on the phone with Ebay to get help with fixing these errors & the only thing that happened was getting leg locked.  


I really feel how much Ebay cares for me as a top rated client when Charged full price for my store but my 200 listings have missing photographs randomley, and finding out this within 24 hrs of the item ending.


Oh,  latest, is reading oon Ebay's community board the several promotional invites, invites I could have reallly used as explained above, but ebay must have forgotten about me or may be another glitch happened and I disappeared off of Ebay's invite list.

by megs0918 · Adventurer

Happy Holidays to Buyers, surely this was not meant for Sellers.... As we mean nothing to eBay...   EX: I was told in a conversation I RECORDED (I live in a one-party consent state) , by the highest ebay Rep. I could get on the phone yesterday,  that the eBay Return policy really does not exist unless the buyer admits they broke the item in an eBay message. I opened a case on a buyer, who returned an item for other reasons, it was returned destroyed, in unmarked packaging, no Fragile labels like the 20 I had on my package. I asked the rep. and, again, I quote Colton , I asked "So a buyer could purchase a $5000 diamond ring and then return a gumball machine ring and there is nothing eBay can do???" He answered "That is correct!" This is fraud, period. And Sellers here have no rights whatsoever. Happy Friggin' Holidays!!! 

by gozoomy · Adventurer

Thank you, Hal. You make us feel so special. It is truly a pleasure working with you. 

Have a great holiday!!


by 4536tiger · Adventurer

Thank you eBay for making this market place what it is.  Over the years I've sold things that I never thought was possible.  I've listed things just to see what would happen and remarkably it would sell for more than I ever imagined.  I've had nothing but great service when calling the help desk in resolving issues.  I've also found great deals that have saved me bunches of money compared to going to the store or ordering from the dealer.  I look forward to continuing to buy and sell on eBay.  Merry Christmas and Happy and Prosperous New Year to all!.


by keilys · Adventurer

Thanks for nothing Hal, and the rest of the E-Bay staff.  Your clueless customer support team has made this the worst Christmas selling season I have had in 12 years on E-Bay.  No one ever follows through with any promises made to clean up the mess your staff made to start with.   3 weeks of dealing with incompent and rude staff.  Cheers

by *coins · Rockstar

Even though every other page I visit is not responding, thank you. Merry Christmas, eBay.

by pennipete · Adventurer

Merry Holidays and thanks for all you do!

Rising Star

 Thanks to Hal Lawton and all the other great folks at ebay. 

I havent done much this year for many reasons including some health stuff However I plan to make 2017 a great year. With a little help from all my ebay friends. ;-) 


Happy Holidays Hal and Laura...Karen from the FB zoo ; )holidays.jpg  Brings yummies for everyone . 

by walnutcreekhome · Scout

Thank you Hal, and thanks to all of the wonderful people at eBay I've been fortunate enough to cyber-meet in 2016, my 10th year selling on eBay.


eBay is not perfect, but show me one site that is! Problems? Yes. But eBay has proven to me, over and over again, that it's becoming all about solutions, as well, and I'm looking forward to even more in 2017!


eBay has had its difficult days, but when JD left and Devin Wenig took over, eBay became an entirely new place where we can finally grow our business. Not only did a lot of the bad policies end, but for the first time since JD took over, I felt like I mattered. Even the CS reps had an entirely different outlook! I felt appreciated, even though I'm not an uber seller, and I hadn't felt that way in years.


So thank you, eBay! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to everyone involved, from top management to the caring CSRs, from the folks at GSP to those in Social Marketing, from the sellers so willing to provide positive guidance to the brand new buyers who make every day fun, and to everyone inbetween. God Bless Us Every One!

by ebetsy · Rockstar

Thank you for thanking us...and thank you along with all of eBay's executives and employees for making eBay an ever-better place to sell and buy. Here's to a happy and prosperous 2017!

Yes, Happy Holidays to:


The "smartest people in the world" over in the VERO dept. You know the ones that make money from verowatch.com, bravoeye.com and nrginternational - who allow listings to be taken down for no reason. Oops - I should say ESPECIALLY when US trade laws state the opposite of the claimed infraction, and the source for the takedown is WIKIPEDIA!


To the former CEO of eBay, who with his $23million golden parachute, (money gotten, "borrowed" from SELLERS whos listings were hidden, through faulty returns and other eBay gotchas) who promptly went over to the TWIN copany Paypal to make that one "better" too (hello 180 day claims against sellers).


To the hordes of NON US cs staff (cant we find jobs for US citizens FIRST?) most of whom (while nice people) cant really speak english well, dont know eBays own rules, and have ZERO authority to actually help.


To the lawyers on eBays BOD - the ones who figured out that with a quasi illegal shrinkwrap license, you could swindle sellers out of their basic rights and the most common and basic rules of commerce (dude - you agreed we could not show your listings, FORCE ourselves into every part of the sale, tell buyers they can keep your merchandise AND take money from you ad hoc.


To the TWIN company Paypal - the ones with whom you have a legal contract with (you pay THEM not eBay for the merchant services) yet eBays rules override your own.


To the people who stock the soda machines on the 3rd floor for putting Mountain Dew Red in it this time.


To the majority of eBay managers and rule makers - the ones who allow sellers to be stolen from 24/7


To the "top level CS agents" who ignore eBays own rules on the rules for Items Returns


Of course theres MANY MANY more - but last but not least - to the current CEO - who promised (in vain) to try and "reconnect" with his sellers ... and said so with a straight face !  Beyond the lack of a reconnection, ominous returns rules, the allowance of daily fraud and theft from buyers and of course the "lowest fees ever" or some such nonesense - with %3 growth, hey its been a BANNER YEAR in San Jose.


"Do you know the way to San Jose"?


Someone did - even way back when ....


"Dreams turn into dust and blow away
And there you are without a friend
You pack your car and ride away"

by b86fiero · Guide

Wishing all ebay staff, sellers and buyers peace and happiness during this season of sharing and caring.


Bonnie Jo




Merry Christmas everyone !!




Well I close out the year with the worst sales in 13 years - first time in 13 years eBay/paypal won't be automatically reporting my sales directly to IRS (yes - that means I made LESS than $20,000 this year - again worst sales on record since 2003).  Ever since I've let eBay go as my primary source of income, nothing but good things has happened elsewhere. Fortunately, I am not behold to eBay anymore, I have a full time job working in sales at a major motion picture studio with lots of fun perks and last year I scored an inventory of vintage 1930's movie lobby cards which ended up realizing nearly $50,000.  This year I've scored an even larger inventory of vintage lobby cards and 1930's - 1960's movie posters. All will be sold NOT through eBay but through Heritage auctions and is estimated to do very nicely this coming March.  I was a loyal eBay seller for many many years - building my business almost exclusively on eBay - starting with a few thousand in sales back in 1997 and growing to six figures only to be thrown to the streets and kicked under the carpet despite doing everything I could to maintain professional standards to all my customers.  Last year was the beginning of the end of my eBay story and for that I'm grateful and happy to offer my wishes to all to have Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a general Happy Holidays and New Year to all.  May you all find your happiness in whatever you do.  

by stockjedi · Scout | Updated

Thanks for nothing eBay. Thanks to your greedy executives this has been the worst Christmas for me and my family. Been on eBay since 1999 and selling with other accounts for 10+ years. Went from selling $500-1000 a day, 100% feedback, more products listed than ever, better pics and description than the competition and our sales are down to...$20 a day since Dec 1st. After months of this up and downs and the usual pathethic excuses ("our systems look fine") you have finally figured out how to kill small businesses and ruin people's lives, congrats! How much is the CEO getting for his Christmas bonus?? $20million? $10million? We will move on but I truly hope that there is karma and eventually this worthless "market place" goes under for good. Trust me you will never be Amazon, even in your wildest dreams.To all the small eBay sellers, wish you a Merry Christmas and best of luck getting ripped-off by eBay and its executives in 2017!



Nice post..but it would be nice to give us sellers a break from your updates with new rules and punishments that go rectroactive 12 months. A bit unethical.




Thanks to you and the rest of the ebay team for realizing again that we, the seller are your customers/clients. We are the ones paying the fees and providing the revenue to ebay. 


We rely on ebay to provide a safe and prosperous platform for us to do what we know how to do the best, provide excellent customer service and product for the wide range of ebay buyers. 


The past year has given me hope again that we can return to the ebay "wonder years" of the 90's and early 2000's. One where sellers enjoy selling on ebay and have the support and confidence from the ebay team that we can be sucessful in our own individual way. 


And especially to you, Hal, it's nice to know that you are living the ebay seller experience by selling on ebay yourself. Thankfully, you are not holding the six shooter, toy or not, (inside pun) to our heads with things you think we should be doing. 


Happy holidays and a productive 2017 to everyone!



Cheers to the New Year filled with prosperity, an abundance of sales and little to no seller/buyer issues. I hope everyone surpasses their goals and make some serious green in 2017!!!! 



by bumbaloo · Adventurer

Ebay treates this buyer unfairly, I am done.

by bumbaloo · Adventurer

no speaky much English but script say I cannot help you, so sorry buyer.


Thanks to you and the rest of the ebay team for realizing again that we, the seller are your customers/clients. We are the ones paying the fees and providing the revenue to ebay."


by mr_lincoln · Rockstar

Hal, A little Christmas Poem for you and The Team:


‘Twas the week before Christmas

And all through the site

Not a Buyer was bidding

Not even a Snipe


The Listings were live

Just waiting for Views

In hopes of some orders

Maybe by twos!


The children were nestled

All safe in their beds

While visions of LegoTM sets

Danced in their heads


And ma in her kerchief

And I in my cap,

Had just settled down

For a long winters nap


When out on the Boards

There arose such a clatter

I sprang from my bed

To see what was the matter

I couldn’t believe it,

The legends WERE true

The newest OP was

The Mega-Ma-Roo!”


I stumbled, I stammered

I fell to the Floor …

His Feedback count

Was a Million and Four!


I said “Oh dear Mega,

What can I learn?

I have products to sell

And a Scammer to BURN!”


The Smurfs were all nervous

As the “Mega” Thread grew

They all feared the legend

Of “The Mega-Ma-Roo


He taught us his lessons

And wisdom did share,

To ALWAYS be honest

And exceedingly FAIR!


We sat in stunned silence

As he ended his Post

He wished us success

In Selling the most


We switched to our listings

And orders we had!

21 Buy Nows,

That isn’t half bad!


The last thing he said

As we turned out the light

“Good Selling to ALL and


by mjdlsd · Adventurer



Cut out the announcements that Ebay bucks are improved. The reality is that you are cutting the rebate from 2% to 1%. Call it what it is and give credit for their ability to evaluate if they want to continue to buy on ebay or move to the other options. Quit the spin!


All I want from eBay for Christmas is my selling ability back.  I lost it due to my inexperience with a pre-sale that more or less took me out.  The pre-sale failure was the result of a vendor becoming unable to fulfill an order I was relying on.  I had 100% feedback rating that's how good I tried to be.


I learned from eBay that there are many there that are cold, rule masters.  Maybe one day that Christmas spirit will turn me back into a proud eBay seller.   


A Very Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year to all of you who help us to become better sellers.  Your friendliness and support mean a lot as a seller.



        Joyce Tyo 

by hpnuts · Adventurer

Ebay is terrible, I got scammed by a buyer for 2150, after a long process I not only got back a different unit that doesn't work, ebay will not give me back 250 of final value fee.  A terrible christmas gift from ebay.  I can't stand ebay anymore!

by showbren55 · Adventurer

Thank You for giving me a platform to sell on. At first it was just for fun and to see what collectibles I could sell, but now that I have had to retire from my profession, because of health reasons, ebay is my means of being able to buy some extras in life.

So Happy Holidays to all the ebay team members. May all your dreams come true!


SB55 Shoppe


Happy Holidays and Best Wishes to all eBayers. May the New Year be your best ever!  :-)


Whoa ... 


" just got off the phone with the New Improved Wonderful CS dept" - Im sure you mean the new US based, english speaking, EMPOWERED CS dept. Funny cause the rest of us get offshore, non english speaking ones - ones who dont know "eBay rules", the ones who are told to NEVER believe sellers, the ones who say "Im sorry take the loss (what ever it is) , the ones who cant follow eBays own returns rules. LUCKY YOU that you got special treatment@!


"In one phone call I got 2 negatives removed, 3 cases closed in my favor, a transaction defect removed"  VERY KEWL. Wanna know what I got? I got listings removed because VERO (with their hidden name bravoeye.com) cant apparently read plain english case law, believed a manufacturer who used WIKIPEDIA as a law reference, AND went against THEIR OWN Trust & Safety Dept (I've got the old emails) where THEY told me how to list the items! Since Im a seller on eBay since 1998, I got another gift - a DEFECT...... wanna know why? 'cause my buyer couldnt print out the return label. COULDNT. eBay (with those MARVELOUS CS agents you just spoke of) told me numerous times - ITS NOT YOUR FAULT (it wasnt). Guess what? IT BECAME my fault! (just 'cause).


If you have the time - Ive got a HUNDRED stories - want a few "brick returns stories" or are they of no interest at the present moment?


"In the past year or so ...

 - CS call wait times have decreased drastically - how many times do you need to call them anyway?
- We can acutually select the amount we are refunding a buyer - unless the number you are looking for is ZERO - right?
Unless Im wrong (and they said this to the court in France in teh VItton case) - THEY (eBay) is "JUST A VENUE". That they claim they ARENT now means nothing. Either they lied THEN or now?
Besides - did you agree to them being your partner? I know I didnt. I have a legal LLC in NY - I own all the shares, eBay owns NONE - who gave THEM voting power?
Unless its different where you are - if you pay for a service - YOU get to decide the issues - NOT a 3rd party. You pay Paypal for merchant services, yet if something goes wrong - Paypal listens to eBay and NOT you. Who paid what and what for?
Returns? Who asked eBay to mix in at all. Go Google eBays BOD and executives - go look at their VAST retail experience - NOT.
GO buy a 55" LED TV at Bestbuy and try and go return a 22" tube tv - see what happens. On eBay you get told "too bad" - not in the real world.
Your "friends" use the TOS/UA to deprive you of your rights and hand you losses at will - is that "reconnecting with your sellers?
I could go on and on - but I wont - since Ive said it already ....
Just wait till your first overseas buyers claims SNAD and you have to pay to ship back (something thats NOT SNAD) from far away, OR sell a cell phone (like that guy did) and get back something else (all while being told to take it in the shorts for eBay since they dont believe sellers when an issue arrises). Just wait to you get VEROd by anoverzealous company and eBay pretends they know nothing (which they dont).
This is a box moving business. One that alot of people live on. The reason that eBays reputation is what it is (besides money grabs like %10 on shipping which they have nothing to do with) how they deal with issues. 2016 is the same as 2015 and will be the same as 2017 unless major changes occur.



Thank you Hal - it's been quite a year hasn't it? I'm happy to have come back full time to eBay. We've been thru alot over the years - we got thru the 7 year itch and still stayed together. We're like an old married couple with our ups and downs. Sometimes I love it sometimes I hate it. But I stay and I think next year might just be our best year together. So here's to you and yours as well. As we approach that 20 year mark (for me) I'm looking for that platinium reward.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All Through Out eBay.  My we look forward to a Great Year. Thank you for the nice post ebay. We Look forward to growing Our business This Coming Year. As Many of Us! Cheers Happy Holiday!!!!!!!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Ebay Employees, my fellow Sellers and of course our great Buyers. Special  cheers to Griff and Audrey, your show on Weds may be a bit goofy, but I always pick up valuable tid bits along with a good laugh.

Ebay has come a long way this year in showing Sellers a "kinder and gentler" side of Ebay !! Seller credits for Promoted Items and the $50 quarterly coupons for shipping supplies are appreciated.

Best wishes for a HAPPY, HEALTHY AND WEALTHY 2007 !!!


by tensi60 · Adventurer

tensi60 Thank you Al, as a long time member I go away but always come back home to ebay. It is a place where I am comfortable sitting and selling. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and looking forward to a much prosperous New Year. Thanks!

by tensi60 · Adventurer

Tensi60, Thank you Hal. I am a long time member and is comfortable sitting at the ebay table. You have helped me to shine my hobbby business and for that I am grateful. Have a merry Christmas and a much prospered new year.

by hpt537 · Adventurer

Although I do appreciate the Holiday Greetings and the video, I simply cannot take seriously the theme of how much we sellers are appreciated. "Without you there would be no us" - when are you the Ebay upper management going to learn that is so true. I have been an Ebay seller for almost 18 years so have been there as the company has evolved into what it is today. I am not an employee of Ebay but an Independent Contractor using the Ebay site which is full of policies and practices that are so one sided it is almost funny. Why are you not using a board of long-time Ebay sellers to help create policies - in fact, why are you not going to the field experience on almost every decision that is made. Not once but twice in the last month, I had items automatically removed because it was in the wrong category - give me a break. After over 35,000 transactions, I would think your system would know that it was a mistake. Give me a call out of courtesy and let me fix it. Just yesterday, I had a listing removed for violation of policy - it was a VINTAGE comic character that had been taken off the market many years ago.  I could go on and on but will only say, Ebay is making it harder and harder for those of us who have had a BUSINESS based on Ebay for years to continue. Buyers ARE NOT always right and in today's world there are those who are always trying to scam the system which in their world is extremely easy to do on Ebay. SO Ebay upper management - listen to those of us with experience and truely make this site as great as it once was.

by pagn44 · Adventurer

Happy Holidays to all of you at E Bay!  Thanks for all of your support.  We could not sell without you!

by pakpal · Rising Star
Rising Star

Ebay has become a big part of my life and the business my wife Belinda and I own. In the last 14 years, rarely there has not been a day that went by that I did not spend a few minutes in the community. Ebay is indeed my vitual home! We have a lot of fun and benefited being in the community as a seller. Thank you, eBAY! Keep up the good work!

Brian Liu



7009 S 107 ST



Merry Christmas!!!

we love you too!!

Mary Jane & Jim

by lerchtoys · Adventurer

Ebay does not care at all about the sellers!  You constantly screw with us - constantly add more fees and restrictions against us - always rule against sellers in a dispute - have taken away virtually all protections from us against bad buyers - and I could go on forever!

The only thing that the GREEDY CORPORATE FATCATS care about is profit - at the expense of sellers!

I dare the CEO to reply to this comment!"



Ebay Has come a long was since the early days. Happy holidays to all, Buyers, Sellers & Ebay Staff including the CS phone reps. Many hopes for a Safe & Happy 2017.