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Good is great! See how charity can accelerate your business

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To be human is to know the power of giving: making a difference for the benefit of others does leave you feeling better about yourself; the warmth in one’s own heart after contributing to a greater good is real. And on top of the human benefits, the act of giving back can have a positive impact to one’s business, as well.

In 2011, Columbia University published a study investigating the impact of charitable giving  for sellers within the eBay marketplace*, and these facts were among the study’s findings:

  • Charity listings sell better. Charity listings were shown to have a higher sell-through rate, compared to non-charitable listings**.

  • Charity listings sell for more money. Items listed for charity sold for an average of 4% higher than the same item listed without a charitable donation.

  • Charity makes customers happy. A measure called the Net Promoter Score (NPS) is used by many companies to track a customer’s likelihood to recommend a product or business. When surveyed, NPS is +14 points higher from buyers of items that donate to charity, compared to buyers who purchased items that didn’t contribute to charity. Buyers with higher NPS are less likely to complain or leave negative feedback.
Giving back when you sell on eBay has other tangible benefits to sellers as well:

  • Tax Credits. You’ll receive the tax credit for your donations made on eBay since all donations you make go to registered 501c(3) organizations.

  • Fee Credits. When your listings sell, eBay will credit back your final value fees to the extent you donate: the more you donate, the more of your fees are credited.
Good for your soul, your selling, and your bottom line—sounds pretty good, right?

So what are you waiting for? Find and add your favorite charity today – this will make it easy to donate to them whenever you sell. Then, consider selling items you don’t have a need for anymore, donating even 10% of your proceeds to your favorite charity. Watch a short animation that shows how selling for charity works too. You’ll be part of a growing community within eBay that has raised over $650,000,000 benefitting tens of thousands of charities. Interested in more details on how the eBay for Charity program can help you support causes that matter to you? Details are here.

* “Charity as a substitute for reputation: Evidence from an online marketplace”, July 2011, Elfenbein, Fisman and McManus. The study was based on a data set including the universe of eBay Giving Works auctions between January 2004 and March 2008.

**Across all sellers in the sample, having a charity listing was associated with a 10.1 percentage point higher probability of sale.