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Five Ways to Improve Your Returns Process. Sponsored by USPS®.

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Let’s face it, nobody likes returns. But they are a part of life in e-commerce, and having an efficient way to process them lets you spend more time on the money-making aspects of your business: sourcing, listing, and marketing.


In this sponsored post, we turned to the USPS® for their take on how to establish a smooth returns process. Here’s what they had to say.


  • Tip #1: Don’t treat returns as an afterthought. Being unprepared for returns can wreak havoc on your business, flooding warehouses with products waiting to be sorted. An inefficient system not only slows operations, but it can also cost a company money by allowing products to depreciate or perish. Take the action to process returns or return requests as soon as you can. That way, your buyers get prompt customer service and you can get that item relisted ASAP.


  • Tip #2: Dedicate a space for returns in your warehouse, and implement a three-bin system. Label your bins “Return to Supplier”, “Restock”, and “Discard”. By using these three sorting bins for returned merchandise, your warehouse can begin routing the packages in the right direction.


  • Tip #3: Integrate items from the “Restock” bin back into the stocking process. Check your bins frequently to ensure that items ready to be restocked are placed back into the listing process and made available for purchase.


  • Tip #4: Keep high-priority and fast-selling items in a buffer zone. If you believe returned items will sell again quickly, keep them near your shipping area. That way, you won’t spend time moving them to their original storage location, allowing them to be picked for resale more quickly.


  • Tip #5: Ensure your packaging is sturdy enough to travel back safely. If you intend for your customers to use the original packaging when returning their purchase, make sure it can handle the wear. Invest in thicker cardboard boxes and tear-proof poly mailers to prevent issues down the line.

To summarize, every returns process presents opportunities for improvement. By introducing new efficiencies, your business can streamline its operations so you can focus on what’s important: making sales.


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Great article, thank you!

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