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Five Things I’ve Learned from My eBay Meetup Group

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Remember our post on how to find your eBay people? We talked about the importance of working with other sellers, and then identified where they tend to congregate—both virtually and in person.

Now we’re taking it a step further. We asked three prominent eBay-related Meetup group leaders from across the country to share the best things they’ve learned from regularly hobnobbing with other sellers. Here’s what they had to say: 

Alan and Sherry G. (eBay ID: MyLittleGeneralStore) have been selling on eBay for almost fifteen years. And they’ve always found time to socialize with their fellow sellers. In their roles as co-organizers of The Bay Area eBay and Ecommerce Sellers Meetup Group, they’ve picked up some priceless nuggets of selling wisdom, and helped thousands of sellers find their way. Here are five major takeaways from their years at the co-helm:

  1. Our way is not the only right way to get things done. Being open to other ideas has saved us a lot of time and money. Because, you don’t know what you don’t know.
  1. Human interaction is very important. We’re behind the computer a lot, and that can feel a bit robotic. So Meetups give us a healthy dose of human interaction, and a chance to really connect with like-minded people.
  1. Other sellers are great sources of encouragement, both when things are challenging and when they’re going really well. We have our own support group.
  1. We share best practices for running a business, not just for listing items and shipping packages. We’re all running small businesses, so we learn a lot about the tools of the trade.
  1. We’ve even learned about new wholesale inventory sources. Usually sourcing is not a topic eBay sellers share with one another, but we like to have guest speakers who introduce us to all sorts of selling opportunities.

Louise and Gene S. (eBay ID: HerbsCraftsGifts) are also eBay veterans. These two run not one, but two Meetup groups: The Colorado Springs eBay & Ecommerce Online Sellers Group, and The Albuquerque eBay & Online Sellers Meetup Group. Why two groups, almost three hundred miles apart? They’re that dedicated (also, they try to visit their grandchildren once a month in New Mexico). Here’s what they get from mingling with other sellers in two cities:

  1. It’s very important to spend time with people who speak our language—one that other friends and family oftentimes don’t understand. These people get us, and we don’t have to explain what we do—only better ways to get it done.
  1. Listening to different perspectives helps us make intelligent decisions. We get to see all sides of selling on eBay: How new people are doing it, and how seasoned sellers run their businesses. Then we decide what’s best for ours.
  1. Together we can solve problems. If we run into an issue, or if sellers in our groups do, collectively we can either solve the issue or at least find out where to go for the answer. We’re a powerful collective.
  1. Meetups are a great place to share supplies. Our members bring in excess packing materials, and boxes that they don’t plan to use. It’s a good way to recycle, and reduce waste.
  1. We’ve found friends in our groups that we’d trust to take over in an emergency. How many people can say that? Like people who we’d trust with our passwords, who will likely be life-long friends.


Robbin L. (eBay ID: BeadShine) is a selling dynamo. Somehow she finds time to run the New England eBay and eCommerce Sellers Group, and help lead the Atlanta eBay and eCommerce Sellers Group. Here’s what she’s taken away from years of fraternizing with like-minded folks in her eBay Meetup groups:

  1. If you want to grow your business, this is the way to do it. Every seller brings their own toolbox of knowledge with them. And together we can’t help but grow and get better.
  1. I’ve learned that the only constant is change. eCommerce, not just eBay, is changing all the time. So I’ve learned that you have to try new things to keep up.
  1. New sellers bring fresh, new ideas. These groups aren’t just for veteran sellers. We encourage new sellers to participate as well. We all learn from one another.
  1. The most serious sellers are at almost every meeting. They know, kind of like listening to eBay Radio, that they’ll learn something new that will impact their business, every time.
  1. We have a bond that’s like family. We look forward to seeing each other every month. We mentor one another. We travel to meet new people, and even go to events and conferences together.
When it comes to the benefits of meeting sellers like yourself, we’ve only skimmed the surface. If you’re ready, get out there and experience a Meetup for yourself, click here to find a group near you.

And for those of you who have been faithful eBay Meetup group members for years, chime in with five things you’ve learned in the comments below.

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Where there are ebay sellers, there are new ideas. We are always looking for ways to improve our business practices, streamline the details, find new sources of inventory and reach new customers. We enjoy meeting people anyway and ebay meet-ups are the best.