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Five Free or Cheap Ways to Market for Holiday Selling

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For some eBay sellers, the holiday season can bring in 75%—or more!—of their annual sales. We’ve already talked about how sellers can start planning ahead for holiday selling when it comes to sourcing inventory. Now is also the time to think ahead to your holiday marketing plan.


Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or a business owner with a small team, there are several inexpensive marketing tactics that can help you get more visibility for your eBay store or listings—and, they’re free or very cheap to implement. Here are five ways you can boost your holiday marketing efforts without much additional expense.


  1. Create your own blog or website.

It’s completely free to set up a basic blog on a site like Wordpress, and services like Wix and SquareSpace make it easy to create your own simple website for a small monthly fee. You can use either platform to brand your business, share news about your items, engage with followers, and link back to your eBay store. Make sure you use keywords related to what you sell (for example: “buy vintage clothing” or “digital cameras”) and submit your site to search engines like Google so that they show up in results for related searches. This will help people find your site, and each person that finds your website is one more potential shopper in your eBay store.

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  1. Showcase your items on YouTube.

More than 1.3 billion people watch YouTube videos every month, which makes the video sharing platform a great way to reach potential buyers. If the items you sell would lend themselves well to a visual demo (especially if your item moves, lights up, or makes a sound), set up a YouTube channel and begin creating videos that showcase them. Check out some of the most popular videos on YouTube for inspiration and ideas on how you can put a creative spin on your videos and make your items stand out.


  1. Leverage social media.

More than 2 billion people use Facebook every month. Instagram has more than 700 million monthly users. And, Pinterest has 200 million monthly users, 87% of whom have purchased a product because of Pinterest. (Check out our blog series on how to use Pinterest here, here, and here). If your store isn’t represented on social media, you could be missing a huge opportunity to reach a different audience that’s not already on eBay.


Decide on which social media channels make the most sense for you—or experiment with a few and see what works best. Start building your following now and you’ll have a dedicated audience to market to during the holiday season.


  1. Comment and share your expertise.

Find out where else your customers gather online, go there, and add your voice of expertise to the discussion. For example, search Facebook to find out if there’s a group of aficionados of a particular item you specialize in, such as model airplanes or rare coins. When someone asks a question you can answer, chime in and offer your advice. Sharing your knowledge positions you as an expert and will lead prospective purchasers to your store (just make sure to keep your promotion low key—the quickest way to get banned from a group is to come off as an unwanted spammer).


You can also cast a wider net on the web. Set up Google Alerts for keywords related to items you sell. You’ll be notified of any news or blog posts about that item. For example, if you specialize in vintage Christian Dior clothing and a popular fashion blogger writes about her love for it, you can comment on the post with a link to your store. Readers of that post—who are also likely interested in vintage Dior—will see it and might click to your store. The blogger might even add a link to your eBay store in the post, driving more potential buyers right to you.


  1. Ask for repeat business.

It’s easy to ask your customers for repeat business, yet many sellers don’t take this small extra step. Little touches, such as beautiful packaging, can make a lasting impression on a buyer. A handwritten thank you note with mention of the related products you sell or an enticement to check back soon—"I add 100 new items to my store every week”—can bring a seller back after their initial purchase.


What methods have you tried to market your eBay store or listings? 


So let me get this straight, you expect sellers to pay eBay 10% in final value fees, 10% of the shipping cost, $0.30 to list and 3% to PayPal AND now you want us to go out and open our own websites etc.. and link back to eBay so we can pay all these fees?

we as sellers are paying these ridiculous fees because it is your job to have traffic come to our listings. not ours!!

i can gaurentee you that no one is going to go though all the effort to open their own website, go on YouTube, visit and give advice on blogs then link back to an eBay listing, they are going to link back to their own website and save themselves a good 18 % of their sale. 


Rising Star

I agree! EBay has become way toooo expensive for the seller.

by jlrhah · Adventurer

we can agree the fees are high, but where else are you getting the kinda traffic it's getting?

I do facebook ads and they boost my sale every time.


Ebay provides me with traffic that I can't get on my own.   I think the fees are reasonable.  You want outrageous fees...try AZ.    You want super low fees, try Bonanza.  Good luck selling anything.  


I'm in the game to make money.  If I can do a few cheap (free) things to send some people my way or to ebay, I will do it.  Even if they don't buy my items, the more traffic ebay has the better.  If all ebay sellers did this think of how many buyers would be on here and how much it would benefit all of us.   Such negativity in the comments!!!!!

by honeyhole101 · Adventurer | Updated

E-commerce is an intense evolving machine...the tasks within the article seem arduous and time-consuming. but if you don't join them you're surely going to lose them........so learn and adapt to change or consider not playing the game....Advice:  Start simple and mold into it...don't  dive in head first....and most important...Have Fun...  take an optimistic approach.  God Bless and Good Luck to all Robot Happy