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Fashion Week Trends to Source Now to Attract Buyers

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New York Fashion Week has long been one of the main events of the fashion world’s annual calendar. It’s when designers showcase their upcoming fashions, and magazine editors and trendsetters take note of what will hit next season. eBay clothing sellers should take note, too, as what’s seen on the runway will soon be seen on the street, and what’s hot with fashion’s in-crowd will soon be in-demand with eBay shoppers. What that means for sellers: start sourcing these trends now for Fall and Spring success.


We talked with Lydia Mae, an eBay employee and the style blogger behind the fashion inspiration blog Variety Section, for the scoop on what was hot at NYFW, what eBay sellers should source to be ahead of the demand. Here’s what she wrote:


The trends featured were delicate and vibrant, mixed with staples from our fashion past. Lilacs and pinks made an appearance alongside the expected florals, structured shoulders and fanny packs brought us back to the 80s, and denim has us considering a “Canadian tuxedo” for work wear.


Stark white showed its face on the runway, from tank tops to power suits. Polka dots danced down the catwalk, and rainbow stripes took flight in an array of styles. These trends have us excited for Spring, but even with Winter ahead, there are ways to squeeze these styles into a wardrobe now.


The Structured Shoulder


A structured shoulder in Fall shouldn’t be a spooky thought and fashion houses Christian Siriano and Carolina Herrera think so as well. Hard, structured shoulders will be in for Fall and Winter, with jewel-toned velvet blazers and blush suede moto jackets hitting the Fall trend for texture. The style will move into floral colors with a delicate, puff shoulder for Spring. Lace, applique, tulle—these are all great materials for a Spring shoulder.


Millennial Pink


This trend has been slowly creeping into our closets for years, but now is making its official runway debut. Marc Jacob’s featured it proudly on the runway this season and Nike even launched a collection around the color recently. Pale pink blazers, romantic pink coats, and pink crushed velvet dresses are all ways trendsetters may be rocking this style. Look for soft silks that drape forgivingly and structured blazers to wear into Summer. This trend can be found from head to toe in pieces that incorporate it as a subtle surprise or embrace the color completely.


Polka Dots


This classic is a staple for many wardrobes; polka dots have bounced around fashion since the ‘50s. This season, designers from Elizabeth and James to Jason Wu brought this classic back to the runway. Black and white is always a classic, but many trendsetters will look to freshen up this style with bright colors. A polka-dotted purse or clutch is another way shoppers may look to rock this trend. And, many fashionistas will be pairing polka dots with ruffles, another Summer trend we expect to carry over into fall.


The Fanny Pack


Pick up the princess phone—the 80s are calling! The fanny pack is back and designers such as Oscar de la Renta are giving it an updated look. In-style shoppers will ditch the neon colors and go for pattern or texture such as plaid or leopard, quilted leather, and suede. Look for pieces with thinner straps and current structures such as chain straps and metallic fronts. Floral or rainbow stripes will be strong in Spring.


For more news on the latest looks, check out eBay’s Style Stories blog. Tell us in the comments what fashion trends you’re sourcing right now.

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Ok...so now eBay is almost telling everyone this:  eBay is a place to buy in bulk somewhere and then resell it for a profit here on eBay.


Whoaaaa....is THAT what eBay is all about.  Buy it so you can resell it?  So THAT'S what eBay stores are all about?    And they have to actually PAY to have a store to sell it?  Ok, I get it:  they have to pay "rent" to eBay just like you would at a brick & morter store.


This whole concept does NOTHING to the small person who makes their own products and sells them on eBay.  Nor does it help those who are just trying to sell 'stuff' because they've down sized and want to sell a lot of 'stuff'.  Oh, they still can...but only 50 per month.


When is eBay going to start taking care of the small people?  They take our money.  With a store, I would only pay 9% final fees instead of 10%.   Think about it?  Is it worth it to have a store for 10 cents on a $10 item?


Sure you could go on an say there are advantages...but those advantages are for those to are actually running a business of 'buy in bulk and resell individually on eBay'.  And have higher priced items (which eBay is constantly trying me to resell....high demand/higher priced items)


Source Now????  I 'source' all year long by sewing my own products and selling them on ebay.


Like I said, when is eBay going to stop thinking every seller on eBay is buying and reselling just because they have a store.  And if they don't have a store, they aren't worth taking care of.  Well, we ARE important.   In this case:  "ALL Sellers Matter"