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Enter the #ShipShipHooray Sweepstakes For a Chance to Win $25k in Prizes

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Verified Blogger
Last Edited 01:30:38 PM


If you’re a successful eBay seller, you’re probably already offering expedited shipping, free shipping, and fast handling, and using eBay labels. You know that doing so helps you attract more buyers, increase sales, and take your shipping game to the next level.


Now, following these shipping best practices can not only lead to more selling success, it can also help you win a grand prize worth $25k.


That’s right. Enter the #ShipShipHooray sweepstakes by participating in weekly shipping challenges, and you could win a branding and advertising makeover valued at $25k, as well as weekly prizes such a shipping station worktable and $500 in eBay-branded shipping supplies


Every week for four weeks starting today, January 15, we’ll announce a new challenge, such as offering free shipping on at least one new or active listing. Tackle each shipping challenge for a chance at a weekly prize. Complete three out of four challenges and you’ll have a shot at the grand prize: a branding and advertising makeover valued at $25k!


Here’s How It Works:

  1. Go to the #ShipShipHooray page and register with your name, email address, and seller ID.
  2. Every week, there will be a new challenge and a weekly prize. Complete the challenge by the end of day on Sunday to be entered to win that week’s prize. You can see the weekly challenges here.
  3. If you complete three out of the four challenges by Sunday, February 11, you’ll be entered to win the grand prize, a branding and advertising makeover worth $25,000!


The Grand Prize includes:

  • A trip to San Francisco
  • A consultation with the eBay shipping team and a branding agency
  • An expert redesign of your eBay store and logo, plus custom banner ads
  • $15,000 in digital advertising on eBay


Are you up for the challenge? Head to the #ShipShipHooray page for more details, and to enter the sweepstakes!


by 1st-oliveoyl · Guide

Pick me! Pick me! 

This sounds like an exciting sweepstakes with exciting prizes!!!

Pick me! Pick me! 

by vintagecraze50 · Guide

Whoa! Now that's a challenge that is worth the effort! 

Challenge accepted ! 


Looking forward to the next few weeks!


is this a legit contest? the link to the site is NOT an ebay page.  it's a eprize.com.  can you confirm it's a real ebay contest before i actually enter? I have not received anything from ebay regarding this contest.. 

by *coins · Rockstar

This seemed a little confusing to me, but I think that I have it figured out now.

Looks interresting.


@mystuffonearth- yes, it is a real eBay contest by the way.

I love challenges... lets do this!

by mod-designs4u · Scout

I'd rather see the 25k spent on Ebay advertising so ALL sellers win. Is there really a problem with sellers not shipping products in an expeditious manner? The "free shipping" gimmick is, of course, calculated in the asking price of products by normal sellers. I can't figure out how some Chinese companies can sell something for .18 cents USD with free shipping to the U.S. and stay in business (could be a cheesy marketing strategy or even politically motivated because they're not making any money on these deals). All of the feedback and star ratings, as it relates to timely shipping,  suggests that there's not a "problem" so why is Ebay spending resources on such a on a trivial contest? The problem is that Ebay has lost much of its customer base to Amazon and ETSY so why don't you guys spend the time and money attracting more customers for your Ebay sellers?   

News Team
News Team

Hi @mystuffonearth - I'm an eBay employee and can confirm that even though the link is not an eBay page, this is a legitimate eBay sweepstakes. We simply contract with a sweepstakes provider, eprize, and they host the content on their servers. Good catch and glad you are careful about that stuff. Good luck! ~Audrey

by Community Team | Updated
Community Team
Community Team

This is a great program! 

by *coins · Rockstar


Um...it says Community Teamnext to your name. How then are you nor an eBay employee?

by *madison · Rockstar

@*coins  What are you talking about ? Audrey said she is an ebay employee.

Rising Star

Wow, some people need to brush up on their reading and comprehension skills.

How fun! Come see Prof_Who_Collectibles for NEW shipping discounts! 

by *coins · Rockstar

My apologies, I misread Andries’ post. Also, that was a typo in my post. I meant to say ‘not’ instead of ‘Nor’. Spellcheck didn’t catch that because nor is a word. I do know how to spell and type - my finger just slipped one key.



by *coins · Rockstar

Quick question...I accepted the chalange and put free shipping on a few items because it says ONE OR MORE LISTINGS.

It just says "chalange accepted." Is this what it should say? I thought that it would say "challange completed" or something like that.

See my screenshot:shipshiphooray.PNG




by jawb_gear · Enthusiast

Would have been nice to get the notification BEFORE it began ....not AFTER week #1 has already been completed and half way through week#2  REALLY?  and we have to complete 3 of 4  so I guess I am disqualified before I even enter!

by ebuycdn · Thrill-Seeker

I love the idea of eBay sponsored listing challenges. The name is pretty cute. Good job person that thought it up!


I also would like to know if "Challenge accepted" means "completed".

News Team
News Team

Hi @ebuycdn and @*coins - Yes. When you commit to doing the challenge, you'll get the Challenge Accepted screen like you see above.  We can tell on the backend if you have completed the challenge by looking at your listings. We'll confirm that the winner has indeed completed the challenge before naming them the winner. Hope that makes sense? Thx!


@jawb_gear, you can still complete previous week's challenges retroactively to qualify for the Grand Prize, although you would not qualify for previous week's prizes (as they would already be awarded).  Smiley Happy 




Why is there  never  a winner's  list  posted!  Just  went to Hello world and  NOTHING