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Embracing Multi-Channel: Continuing our journey to make selling simpler

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Jordan Sweetnam

Last year, as we stepped into our own as an independent company, our leadership team laid out our renewed commitment to you, our sellers. We promised then we would make your investment in eBay worth it. That meant – and means now more than ever - offering you a retail standard platform that is consistent and predictable, and protecting you through a set of fair and balanced standards. Next week, we will take an important step forward on standards, and I’ll be back then to give you a glimpse into what’s to come in 2016.

Making your investment in eBay worth it also means providing you with a set of clear and simple tools to scale your business. And for many of you your business today is multi-channel. I’ve heard it time and again from you personally, and I saw it in many of our sellers – and nearly all of your competitors – at NRF last month. In a tech-enabled world where businesses like you have choices on where your inventory should go, we need to operate in a world that acknowledges and embraces that multi-channel environment, and offers more frictionless ways for you to run a scalable, successful business within it.

Today, we are announcing a first small step in a journey to help our sellers – today’s sellers and eBay’s future sellers – run their businesses more efficiently in a multi-channel world. Our partnership with InkFrog provides direct integration for sellers to sync inventory updates across shopping carts and the eBay platform. Many of you are already using integrators like InkFrog to connect your businesses to eBay, but if you’re not (or you’ve tried and failed) – I’d encourage you to take this survey, which includes basic information and contact details, to see if you qualify for our integration and scaling program which includes onboarding and integration support.  

For anyone selling multi-channel you can expect to hear more from us through 2016 as we invest in our APIs, Feeds and direct integrations to make running your business on eBay as efficient an seamless as possible.

We always want to hear your feedback, so send me an email and let me know what you think. And, thank you for selling on eBay.