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Dad sellers, Tell Us Your Story For a Chance at eBay Swag Bag

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Celebrating Dad sellers on Father's Day.jpgTell us how selling on eBay helped you to be the Dad you always wanted to be.

Modern dads are walking the tightrope when it comes to balancing work and raising kids, while moms normally get all the glory of taking care of the family.


Dads are constantly juggling stressful work, household chores and family time. Having a successful career while being able to bond with the children, is like a dream come true. Some of our dad-preneurs have fulfilled this dream buy selling on eBay. If you are one of these dads, we want to know your story.


What is the DREAM that inspires you every day to keep selling on eBay? How do you ACT every day to keep your title as "Best Dad" and top seller? What do you DEVOTE to eBay, to your family, and to your business that sets you apart from other dads? D-reams, A-ctions, and D-evotion - to us, that stands for "DAD." Tell us how selling on eBay helped you fulfil your dreams and create a life you always wanted.


Here’s how it works:

  • Tell us how selling on eBay helped you to be the Dad you always wanted to be. Share your story and a picture in the comments section below.
  • We will review and select three entries who will stand a chance to get an eBay swag bag.
  • We will accept entries starting June 14, 2017 and close on June 21, 2017. Selected names will be announced soon after that.
by slotter3 · Explorer

i bought something from a seller and it was partial broke. they will give a partial refund if i show proof by sending a picture.how do i send a photo?

by fredbr · Adventurer

I have been selling on eBay for decades, through a marriage, divorce and a new marriage.  When I started on eBay I sold things in small quantity and for not a lot of money.  This allowed me some spare cash but it was really just a hobby. 

 After my divorce I ramped up both my business (antiques) and my eBay presence.  I am pleased to say this allowed me a pretty sizable increase in revenue.  While single, I met a wonderful woman, eventually we married, combining our families.  Her daughter is six now and has been through the "ramping up" stages of this business. 

Ebay has allowed for me to spend time selling when I want to, thus allowing me time to spend with my family when that is convienent for them.      Not all jobs allow for this.  I can load auctions at midnight and actaully release them to the public the next day.  I like things to close at certain times, this can be accomplished through the use of saved listings.  This feature allows me to watch a movie at 6pm and not have to be away.

Ebay has provided additional revenue for the business, but it also has provided my step-duaghter with a job....she tapes the labels on!!!!  She loves taping the labels on the packages and she does so with care.  This is time we spend together, chatting about her day, talking about what is in the package and even more so where it is headed to. 

Being a father, to me, means taking the moments you are given and making them the most memorable possible.  If taping labels on packages allows me time with a six year old, and teaches her some US geography as well I think that is great.

by fredbr · Adventurer

IMG_0105.JPGMore family time



IMG_0014.JPG? Future geography teacher



by original! · Adventurer

Been an eBayer since 1999 but a seller in the past decade.  I have always enjoyed selling on eBay because it allows me to set my own schedule and I also share the items that I used to enjoy with others who would enjoy it now more than me.  Items such as musical instruments and their parts, high end clothing are few of my favorites.

Now that I have boys ages 7 and 2, time management has taken the utmost priority in my life.   I am glad I can still enjoy listing at eBay whenever I can.  I like that eBay is always trying to simplify and update the listing process either online or app. Thank you eBay!IMG_0306.JPGAll a day's work with my boys



by batmite267 · Adventurer

I never win anything but try, try till it happens.


I take my son, preteen, out on Friday's to garage sales. He has already learned how to negotiate and has things that he looks for to list on eBay. We have fun and he is learning. He is also learning all the other aspects and most importantly how to treat people and customers.


This is how your story shows up when I share on Facebook. Can't you change to have the story photo? I've asked to have this fixed before. This time I decided to do a photo of what I see.

Share eBay .jpg

by Staff

@seacoastbargain thanks for bringing this up. We are aware of this issue and our team is working on fixing it. Meanwhile, you may want to try to share text only and deselect the image, while posting on Facebook. Thanks so much for thinking of sharing it in your network.


Well first off, my wife is the eBay seller. She has been selling for quite some time here and there. She was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2016 and has worked through it. I work in the educational field and she is currently doing chemo. She is very tired and sick while she is getting her treatment. This is where I step in. She is currently off work due to her seasonal work ending. We are supplementing our income by selling on eBay. She has shown me the ropes through the years and since I am in education I am on summer holiday. I am now stepping into her shoes and helping her in getting stuff to sell, packaging, and mailing. She is a trooper and together we make a great team. 

by Staff

Thank you very much for your participation. We loved reading your responses here as well as on social media. Selected dad sellers are:





This activity is closed now. Congratulations! 

by Staff

Selected dad sellers - @fredbr , @original! , @my3littlehens


Please send your name, email id, address, and phone number to ebayforbusiness@ebay.com. You eBay swag bags are waiting!

by fredbr · Adventurer

Thanks, message sent