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Celebrating Small Businesses & Entrepreneurship on eBay

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One of the best parts of my job is hearing the amazing stories of our eBay sellers. I’m constantly inspired by the dedication, passion, and enthusiasm of our seller community. Our sellers come from all walks of life – they are entrepreneurs who have turned great ideas into successful businesses and helped make eBay into the vibrant marketplace it is today.


Last year, to recognize the role sellers play in powering our marketplace, we launched the first annual SHINE awards for Small Business. From a single mom who built a multi-million dollar motorcycle parts and accessories business, to the community resource center that started selling online to expand the number of people it could serve, we received thousands of inspiring entries from eBay sellers across the nation who shared their small business stories and told us how eBay helped them pursue their dreams. With the help of our community, we named five category winners and one grand prize winner that truly exemplified what it means to grow a best-in-class business on eBay.


RW18_050117_Social_BlogBody_620x400.jpg2016 SHINE Awards Grand Prize Winner Laurie Wong .


This year, with support of its sponsor, the United States Postal Service®, we’re excited to continue the tradition and launch the 2017 SHINE Awards for Small Business at the start of National Small Business Week. We’re looking for shining examples from our community that have a passion for selling on eBay. If you’re a U.S. eBay seller, you can enter to become eBay’s Small Business of the Year. You could win $10,000, a VIP trip to eBay’s OPEN seller celebration, a 1-year Anchor Store subscription and much more!


This year we’re looking for rockstar sellers in the following categories:

  • Rising Star: A small business owner new to selling on the eBay platform (joined within the last 24 months) or with significant positive growth in the past 12 months.
  • Global Business: A small business that sells a portion of their inventory on eBay internationally.
  • Minority or Woman-Owned: A female small business owner or a small business owner from a racial or ethnic minority group including: Native American or American Indian, Alaska Native, Asian Pacific American, Black or African American, Hispanic or Latino, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, Asian-Indian and Subcontinent Asian Americans, Middle Eastern & North African or Arab-American.
  • Charitable Business: A small business or organization that leverages the eBay for Charity program to donate a portion of their profit to charity.
  • Young Entrepreneur: A person between the ages of 19-35 that owns or has a major role in the business operations of a small business selling on eBay.


Applications will be accepted May 1 – May 19. Starting June 26, we’ll be asking you, our community of sellers, to vote on who most inspires you and help us determine the most deserving winners among the 15 finalists. Finally, we’ll all celebrate our winners in style at this year’s eBay OPEN!


Ready to share your story and win big? Head over to ebay.com/shineawards to learn more about the eBay SHINE Awards for Small Business, read tips for drafting a successful submission and enter the contest.


We can’t wait to read your success stories and once again celebrate our incredible community.


I'm so excited for the kick-off of the 2017 eBay SHINE Awards for Small Business!  I'm looking forward to learning about this year's finalists and casting my votes for the next group of amazing eBay sellers!

by *coins · Rockstar

Hi, Hal @hal_lawton. I have a quick question for you...I am 18, but have been selling with help from my parents for over 5 years. Just started my own account a while ago (less than 24 months ago), so would I be considered a 'rising star'? I see that the young entropenuer category is for people 19+ only. Just would like some ideas from you. This sounds really fun! Thanks.


by Executive

@*coins Absolutely! Jump on in. Inspiring.

by kindologie · Adventurer

Am I eligible to enter if I've been selling for only 3 months? In the drop down menu the shortest period of time states 1-2 years. Thank you in advance =D


Where do you see the seller stories?

Any news about this years Ebay Open?  I know the dates but that's about it.  Trying to plan my summer travel around the conference.

by *coins · Rockstar


Wouldn't you go under the 'rising star' category?

It says: Rising Star: A small business owner new to selling on the eBay platform (joined within the last 24 months) or with significant positive growth in the past 12 months.

by vintagecraze50 · Guide

It would be nice to see a   SMALL seller win in one of these categories this year. Last years some of the winners were folks who had some established business outside of Ebay, as well as selling on Ebay. How about choosing some more folks who cannot afford to have a brick and mortar business AND an Ebay business, and devote 100 percent of their time building this business exclusively on Ebay.

by violet*owl · Guide



I think it would be nice for a small seller to be showcased as a category winner as well. 


The question is, I wonder how many "small" sellers actually hear about the SHINE Awards.   Does every seller get notified so they have a chance to enter? 


If I recall, I didn't get an email about it last year.  I only heard about the SHINE Awards through the community discussion forums, and not until June when it was voting time.



by violet*owl · Guide



Congrats on your win, Tanya!  Your story was very inspiring! Smiley Happy


Glad to see you in the Community forums.  Hope you'll continue to pop in and join the discussions every now and then.