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Cash in on Valentine’s Day

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Happy Monday, sellers!

As I’d mentioned a while back, another high-volume shopping season is mere weeks away, so now’s the time to gear up for Valentine’s Day 2014!

As always, great inventory is key, so if you haven’t already, start sourcing items ASAP in these top gift categories:

Once your inventory is sorted out, maximize your listings’ visual appeal to inspire purchases and help buyers feel confident in their choices. When purchasing gifts for loved ones, buyers want to feel great—some even to the point of bragging—about their choices, so make sure your listings are irresistible to the eye. Be sure to:

  • Take high-resolution pictures—lots of them! You get up to 12 photos per listing FREE (excluding Motors vehicles).
  • Use a plain, uncluttered backdrop to draw attention to your item.
  • Fill the frame with the item—this is key for mobile!
  • Capture all angles and details (blemishes as well, if you are selling used items).
For even more great photo tips, visit the Seller Information Center.

Bonus mobile tip: Avoid using HTML and embedding pictures in the body of your listings, as they can render poorly when viewed on mobile devices.

Supercharge a gift-giver’s confidence level by offering a great returns policy. Especially when it comes to gift items, shoppers are more likely to pull the trigger on an item if they know that they can return it within a reasonable time frame. Plus, eBay hassle-free returns makes handling any return you might get a snap, thanks to one-click refunds, easy-to-print shipping labels, and automatically-credited final value fees.

Finally, to capture those last-minute Valentine’s Day sales, get the eBay Fast ‘N Free logo on your listings. Nobody wants to be empty-handed in front of a loved one on February 14, and free expedited shipping is the best way to grab sales from last-minute gift shoppers. The eBay Fast ‘N Free logo lets buyers know at a glance that your item will get to their doorstep within 4 business days.

Having the Fast ‘N Free logo on your listing can deliver a lift in sales of up to 11%†, and when you offer free expedited shipping plus same-day or 1-day handling on a listing, the Fast ‘N Free logo will be seen on your listing by all US buyers—guaranteed!

To see which of your listings qualify, review the Fast ‘N Free report in your Seller Dashboard, then check out these tips to help maximize the appearance of the Fast ‘N Free logo on listings. And remember: when offering free expedited shipping isn’t possible, you can still see a significant boost in Valentine’s Day sales by changing to faster shipping service and reducing handling time.

Have a tip or two of your own you’d like to share? You can post them in the comments section below, or shoot them my way at eBayForBusinessBlog@eBay.com.

Have a wonderful week, and happy selling!


Jeremy Hainline
Senior Editor,
eBay Marketplaces Marketing 

†Percentage calculated is based on sales of listings that converted to Fast 'N Free. Individual seller results may vary.  Percentage increase in sales depends on, among other things, item price, inventory, shipping cost, shipping speed offered, and historical performance of seller. 

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Rising Star

Thank you!! Very helpful and thoughtful of you to post this. (People shoulc take more time to say thank you!)