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Cash in on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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Two of the year’s hottest days for sellers—November 28 and December 1—are mere weeks away, only to be followed by accelerated buying from eager (and last-minute) holiday shoppers. Follow these top tips to make the most out of this high-volume season:

  • List your hottest items, and price competitively. Buyers will be comparison shopping across websites and retail stores. To get the sale, make sure to:

o   Have the lowest price

o   Keep a close eye on recent sales activity and pricing for your item, from similar current and completed listings

o   As the season progresses, repeat the above steps often

  • Take advantage of this USPS holiday offer on eBay labels, then pass the savings along to your buyers. From now through December 31, all sellers will pay USPS Commercial Plus™ pricing—with an average savings of 30%—when purchasing postage and printing labels from eBay labels. See how much you’ll save via this offer, then adjust your item prices as appropriate.  
  • Let your buyer make a deal—add Best Offer for FREE. Add Best Offer for FREE to your fixed price listings. Buyers are often willing to pay an amount just below your original asking price.
  • Give your buyer the option to secure the item now—add Buy It Now for FREE. Most holiday shoppers don’t like to wait, so be sure to add Buy It Now to your auction-style listings to appeal to those who want to secure their gift purchase ASAP.
  • Apply an extended holiday returns policy to your eligible listings. If you’re a Top Rated Seller, you could save an extra 5% on final value fees!  Gift-givers want to make sure their loved ones love their items, so offering a generous returns policy is a great way to capture buyer attention and close more sales. And Top Rated Sellers get a bonus 5% discount on final value fees—along with their current 20% Top Rated Plus discount—on all eligible Top Rated Plus listings sold from now through December 31 that offer extended holiday returns.
As always, thanks for reading, and for selling on eBay.


Jeremy Hainline
Senior Editor,
eBay Customer Marketing


does this still apply in 2017

by onye_chin · Adventurer

Lol! this is just theory based on my observation on Black Friday 2017. Lets see what happens on Cyber Monday