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A Thanksgiving Poem from eBay

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As we prepare to gather around our tables this Thanksgiving, we here at eBay are most thankful for our amazing community of sellers. Watch the video below for a special message from all of us to all of you.



A Thanksgiving Poem


It’s that time of the year to give thanks and relax. 

Reflect on our partnership, your success, and give back,

There are no other entrepreneurs that are quite like you,

Your dedication and tenacity, we appreciate, too.


Selling is in your DNA—there are margins on your mind.

We know you’re always on the lookout for that next sourcing find.

You’re working late on your laptop, kids tucked into bed,

We are always here to help with what you need to get ahead.  


We’re a community of partners working closely in tandem,

Brought together by selling—and eBay’s fandom.

It’s your voices on our channels that make us all shine bright,

Creating a dialogue that’s educational, meaningful, and right.


Whether you just started listing or have sold for many years,

You are part of our lively, creative, club with millions of peers.

So, grab your rainbow wigs – yeah, that’s how we celebrate –

Because you’re our heart and soul. You make eBay great.


So, be sure to take a break on this national Holiday,

Because it’s sellers, like you, who are the backbone of eBay.  

You’ve done your best work—you deserve the respect.

As partners, we’ll conquer whatever comes next.


Your dedication has wowed us—there’s not enough we can say.

Happy Thanksgiving, sellers, from your biggest fans: eBay.

by ebetsy · Rockstar

Both staff and execs at eBay

Had thanks that they wanted to say

Which they expressed to their sellers —

Such marvelous fellers! — 

In this video they published today.


Thanks back atcha, eBay!!!

by vintagecraze50 · Guide

All of us sellers have a lot to be thankful for in being a part of Ebay. I am thankful for the opportunity this website gives me for greater flexibility and freedom. I am grateful that this website welcomes most anyone who would like the opportunity to sell. Grateful for the folks I have been able to connect with here in this community. All the customer service reps that have been there when I had questions, doubts, or just needed some clarification. Going on almost 15 years here and still  here because, there is no place on the internet like Ebay and thank you for your partnership. 

by merchua49 · Adventurer

Thanks to the whole eBay team for their patience to help us all sellers including those who do not speak perfectly English. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

Gracias a todo el team de eBay por su paciencia para ayudarnos a todos los vendedores incluyendo los que no hablamos perfectamente él Inglés. Feliz día de Gracias

by 07marshr · Adventurer

Good job Ebay.  We all need to remember to say thank you!


I wish happy Thanksgiving to my fellow sellers especially considering how much we have had to endure in the name of change for change's sake this year.  I give thanks we are all still here.


But this concept of Ebay being my "partner"????  I don't believe it for a minute, in fact my experience has often been quite the opposite.  I really wish they would stop using that word in their blog posts and messages. True partners care about whether or not their changes are wreaking destruction to your income left and right meanwhile telling me it's for my own good. I am of course, referring the twin destruction modes of 1) the forced changeover to Ebay's product catalog via upc's and the subsequent constant misdirection via the appearance of xxxx new and used items from xxxx$$$ appearing right in search results (even though my item may offer additonal benefits or features, no one will see it), and 2) the poor performance of the new search system. Search is so random in it's results ( or are it's poor results occurring on purpose?) that when I'm looking to buy something, if I perform the same search with the same keywords in the search box 4 or 5 different times, I get 4 or 5 different sets of ads in response. It's become more difficult to buy, with more clicks and more searching to get close to what I want to buy. I give up in frustration and go to my local store or head to one of the other internet sites.  Obviously for a seller, researching comparable sales and listings to determine how much to ask and where to sell an item has become almost impossible on Ebay because each time I check I get a different set of results. Even worse, Ebay truly seems to no longer care if small sellers can make a living on this site.


This is the worst pre holiday season I have experienced in the last 4 to 5 years. If 40 percent of all shoppers complete their holiday shopping online within the month of November, and we're almost to Black Friday, then this will be my worst year financially hands down since I started doing this full time.


Ebay is my partner?  Oh you sweet summer child., your naivete is showing.

Ummm There once was an old lady that lived in a shoe?


There once was a girl from Nantucket ... oh wait thats a limerick


Good grief


Peronally, Im at a loss at the whole "partner and we are gratefull to you" thing ..... its kind of an oxymoron ...


Partners dont hide your listings

Partners believe you when a buyer tries to rip you off

Partners put your listings FIRST over the Chinese rip off artists

Partners dont let VERO run amok

Partners LOWER your fees, not raise them

Partners dont "borrow" your pictures

Partners dont force you to take back returns

Partners die fabricate relationships with the merchant processor to hurt you again

Partners dont put paid listings in or around YOUR listing

Partners dont try new ideas during the 4th quarter

Partners dont charge you to go to an event they create specifically for you

Partners dont bad mouth you and say you arent (a) reliable (source of income FOR THEM)

Partners INVEST money in shipping options to help you (GD delivery)

Partners LISTEN to their OTHER parnters

Partners hire people who can communicate with them in ENGLISH


With all that and more ... Im perplexed at eBays view on what a partner really is ... all I know is that a "Partner" wouldnt do the above things.


I guess its more "we are just a venue" ... when they really mean (and tell the SEC) that they are a managed marketplace that can do what they want when ever they want to you (via the TOS).





Thank you Katie!  Thank you eBay!  New at selling, hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!  So thankful for all of the great buyers and sellers, everyone is so nice!  Sincerely, CodyandSummersShack ^..^ ^..~

by goodballcards · Guide

happy day to all.  really dont want to take a break but were out of listings so what the heck lets take a nap Smiley Happy  best luck to everybody tomorrow.  Are there any buyer sales starting up today?  Dont remember seeing anything

by lx-talon · Rockstar

Hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving.  A few years ago, I left 

Amazon to sell on Ebay instead. Through hard work and persistence, managed to become a TRS+ seller. For that, I am Thankful to ebay.

by frenchys1 · Adventurer

Thank You for Your Support on this past holiday. I was starting to give up but then I heard your message TODAY. I use to be a much better Seller before my life turned in to too many hard sad times & let downs. But now after my life has been hard & unfair, its GOOD PEOPLE like you that make a person realize there is still help & hope out there.

by oleko8788 · Rising Star
Rising Star

hello EBAY and all my ebay's friend! Thx for freedom and independens!