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10 Holiday Shipping and Packing Tips to Delight your Buyers

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News Team
News Team
Last Edited 11:08:05 AM


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I hear from sellers all the time that holiday is their favorite time of year. Sure, you’re working like crazy, putting in 12+ hour days, laundry is piling up, and your crock pot is doing overtime. But you’re also providing joy by selling items that make personal, meaningful, and special gifts for your customers. And, the way your item is packaged and how fast it's delivered are crucial factors for buyer satisfaction.


So we’re here, along with the packing and shipping experts at FedEx, to share our best tips for making sure your items arrive on-time and in great shape.


  1. Know your dates. Shipping carriers experience huge surges in volume for the Holidays. Be sure you know two things:


  1. Pack like a champ. It’s better to over-pack a fragile item than to under-pack it. Two important rules of thumb for fragiles:
    • There should be at least two inches of packing between the item and the walls of the box or container.
    • Use the shake test – if you shake your sealed box and can feel or hear movement, repack your fragile item with more padding.


  1. Don't "ship air."Minimize the empty space in the container. For example, if you ship gift baskets, consider choosing a basket without a handle; it will take up less space.


  1. Don’t send a mystery. Always include something in the box to indicate what the item is, where it was purchased, and the cost. eBay provides the option for sellers to print out a packing slip that contains all this information. Many buyers save these packing slips for their records, and we know that they appreciate it when you include them. Go a step further by signing a handwritten “Thank You!” on the packing slip to show your appreciation.


  1. Make it pretty. This year, eBay is offering two easy ways to make your packages look great and inspire joy:


  1. Get help. If your business spikes during the holidays, one of the easiest ways to scale up is to hire some help for packing and shipping. Once properly trained, even part-time help can take care of packing and shipping, freeing you up to focus on listings, customer service, and marketing.


  1. Don't assume the original package is sufficient. If you purchase items for redistribution, they might arrive in packaging that isn’t sufficient enough to withstand the rigors of shipping. Even if the item comes in its own box, you might want to ship it inside of another plain box. You’ll want the extra protection and, if shipping to a gift recipient, you don’t want to spoil the surprise.


  1. Think about the “unboxing” experience. Pack up your item, and then pretend you are the buyer opening it. If you received this package, would you be happy with the packing and packaging? If not, you may want to rethink it. Remember the eBay shipping mantra: Never ship anything you would not be happy to receive. 


  1. Offer shipping upgrades for domestic and international shipping. As you know, delivery speed for gift givers is crucial during the holidays. Buyers are willing to pay extra for fast shipping options to make sure they get their item in time. Get familiar with FedEx shipping options and add them to your listings.


  1. Commit to the shortest handling time you can handle. Handling time – the period of time, chosen by the seller, between when an item is paid for and when it is scanned by your shipping carrier upon receipt—is a crucial factor that can help you win the sale. During the holidays, it’s even more important, as buyers want reassurance that their item is entering the mail stream on time. The shorter, the better when it comes to handling time, so re-evaluate and adjust if possible. Whether you shorten yours or not, the crucial thing is to commit to a handling time, especially during the holidays, that you can consistently meet.


Bonus tip: Get $5 off a FedEx Ground shipment of $15 or more*. Simply print the coupon and bring it to your local FedEx Office to redeem.



What tips would you add? If you’re an experienced holiday seller, what other packing and shipping tips would you offer to other sellers? Let us know in the comments.



*$5 off $15

$15 minimum transportation purchase required. Maximum discount $5.00. Excludes FedEx International Ground® service. Offer valid at participating FedEx staffed locations for shipments paid for by 12/28/16. Discount applies to transportation charges only. One coupon per customer, per visit, per shipment. Offer valid at time of purchase only; coupon has no cash value and may not be discounted or credited toward past or future purchases. FedEx Ground® services eligible for the $5.00 discount: FedEx Ground, FedEx Home Delivery®. Offer only valid on FedEx® Retail Rates; cash, check or credit card payment types only. Can be combined with current FedEx Office packing services coupon. Cannot be used for shipments billed to a FedEx account number. Offer void where prohibited or restricted by law. Offer not valid at FedEx Authorized ShipCenter® locations or FedEx ShipSite® locations at OfficeMax and OfficeDepot. Products, services and hours may vary by location. Valid in the U.S. only. © 2016 FedEx. All rights reserved.



Good to read this.


My recommendation is do not use FedEx. They destroy your items, do not honor the insurance you pay extra for, and do not respond to requests for explanation.  Their customer service to eBay sellers is horrible.  I will not use their services.  

As far as packing fragile items I took advantage of videos and recommendations posted online about packing and I rarely have breakage.  

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