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File Exchange Error: A Return Policy must be specified (or something similar)


I keep getting an error that a return policy must be specified in my upload file. I added a return policy under AdditionalDetails but that did not resolve it. I am unable to find a specific RETURN POLICY cell. Where do I specify the return policy in file exchange?


Thank you!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi @topqualityfromme2u


See page 101 of the new Advanced Instructions (June 2015). Here is the text for the field ReturnProfileName -


To use a return business policy in a listing, you must first opt in to Business policies for your eBay
account and then specify the return options for each policy in your Site Preferences. For more
information, see Manage Business policies.
The ReturnProfileName field specifies which return business policy to use in the listing. Since policy
name values are case-sensitive, be sure to enter the policy name exactly as it appears in Site
Preferences on My eBay.

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