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identification of stamps

identification of stamps


help identifying stamps in my possession and their value and also my corresponding mail with stamps value.


I have done so much research, stopped in to local coin and stamp appraisal dealers and I'm still not getting any answers! Anybody that really knows about stamps and their value, are pretty much beating around the bush about some of my items that I have in my possession. So if anyone can help me, I will post one picture of a stamp and you can tell me if it's worth anything... until somebody replies to this, I'm only posting the one picture but I do have a giant bag full full full of so many stamps that I don't even know what to do with LOL. I've literally spent hours and hours and hours trying to figure this out on my own but if someone's out there, and could help me. I would greatly appreciate it!

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Re: identification of stamps

Re: identification of stamps

in reply to Apr 4, 2018 10:28:32 AM

The "2 Cents 2" Washington underwent a remarkable thirty-four renditions between February 1912 and May 1921. It is referred to as "2 Cents 2" because the previous two-cent denomination, the Washington of the Third Bureau Issue, displayed the denomination at the bottom of the stamp as "Two Cents." A variety of papers, coils, watermarks, and perforations differentiate the varieties. Engravers also used a wide variety of fonts for the "2 Cents 2" Washington over the course of its many printings.

The World War I American Expeditionary Forces Booklet Pane used the "2 Cents 2" Washington design for its two-cent denomination. This denomination is the most rare booklet pane of all United States stamps.

The "Two Cent" Washington most often paid the two-cent domestic first-class rate. Patrons also commonly combined it other denominations to fulfill large weight and foreign destination rates. By the time the last "Two Cent" Washington stamps were sold, more than 73 billion had been issued.



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