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Stamp Insider for July–August 2017 Online

Stamp Insider for July–August 2017 Online


Stamp Insider for July–August 2017


The July–August 2017 issue of the Stamp Insider, journal of the Federation of New York Philatelic Societies, is online and available for free download in PDF format or viewing online with page turning. It is available in both PDF and HTML5-friendly format at:


The cover story by David S. Ball, newly appointee executive director of the Spellman Museum of Stamps and Postal History, is “Ike Received First Letter from Space.” It focusses on the 1960s Corona/Discoverer spy satellite program that replaced U-2 surveillance during the Cold War.


The featured video shows the recovery of a capsule containing surveillance film parachuted from a satellite and recovered in mid air by a C119 Flying Boxcar.


“Stamps Honored Grenfell Twice” by George McGowan examines the establishment of the Grenfell mission by Sit Wilfred Grenfell, who brought health care to Newfoundland in the late 19th century, 

Steve Swain shows how oil companies promoted their businesses by issuing cinderella stamps and albums during the Great Depression.


In his Great Britain Up Close column, Michael Dodd provides an in-depth look at “General Anniversaries in 1970.


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