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Attention - Please Read: Important Changes to the Stamps Categories the week of April 7th, 2014

Attention - Please Read: Important Changes to the Stamps Categories the week of April 7th, 2014


eBay Stamps categories will undergo changes the week of April 7th, 2014. Please take a look at the overview on the Spring 2014 category changes page, and specific details on the Stamps page.


Why are these categories changing?

In order to increase cross-border trade with eBay buyers & sellers globally, we’re expanding the category structure in Stamps to include more country-specific categories across every continent.

We’re also making some code changes to facilitate the flow of international business between US buyers and sellers and the eBay communities in Europe and Australia. To that end, many category IDs are changing.


Which category changes will impact sellers?

British Colony vs. Independent Country

The most significant update is in Commonwealth/British Colonies. Here, we’re creating a split between stamps issued by the British Empire for their colonies & territories, and stamps issued from these regions after they became independent states. We’re renaming this section British Colonies & Territories, and moving post-independence stamps to the appropriate Continent section.

For example, India will now have two categories: one in the British Colonial section, and another in the Asia section for stamps created after India declared independence in 1947. These newly-split categories will have the date of transition in the category name, i.e. India (until 1947) and India (1947-Now)

Action Item: if you list in the Commonwealth/British Colonies section, please fill out the Regional Status item specific, to ensure that your items appear in the correct category after the Seller Release.


Expanded country categories

eBay has a worldwide stamp-collecting community, and our new structure reflects the many nations issuing vibrant stamps of interest to collectors around the world. Look for many new country-specific categories in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and completely new sections for Oceania and the ribbean nations.

Action Item: if you currently list international stamps in an Other category, please review the new structure to see if your item is suitable for one of the categories we’re adding. Or, if you fill out the Region item specific, we will move your listing for you.


Specialty Philately

We have created a dedicated section for non-stamp items of interest to collectors such as Cinderellas and Maxi Cards separate from the Topical stamps categories.

Action Item: none; if you list in these categories, we will move your items for you.


Updated Topical Stamps

We’ve made some minor updates to the Topical section.

Flora, Fauna & Nature

  • We’ve renamed Flowers/Plants/Trees to Nature & Plants and moved it to gain more visibility.

Action Item: with the rename comes expanded scope to landscapes, rocks & minerals, and natural events like volcanoes. If you sell stamps with topics from the natural world, please fill out the Topic item specific and consider moving your items into this category.

  • With the removal of the Nature & Plants category from Flora, Fauna & Nature, all that’s left are the animals. So we’ve renamed this section Animal Kingdom.

Action Item: please fill out the expanded Topic item specific to increase visibility to buyers.

Other notable changes to Topical

  • Black Heritage has been renamed to Cultures & Ethnicities to incorporate a worldwide interest in foods, traditions, crafts and costumes from many cultures.

Action Item: please move your items here if you feel the category is a good fit, and fill out the Topic item specific to increase visibility to buyers

  • Europa has been renamed to Europa CEPT and moved to the Europe section, to reflect how our eBay sister sites in Europe classify these items.

Action Item: none; if you list in this category, we will move your items for you.


Which category changes will not impact sellers?

If the category you list in is being combined into a new category with the same name, this is a category ID-only change to facilitate international cross-border trade.

Action Item: none; if you list in these categories, we will move your items for you.


What else is new?

We’re adding item specifics to almost every Stamps category. In the coming weeks, you’ll see recommendations from us to fill out item specifics for your stamp listings.

Action Item: these item specifics are recommended, but not required. In some cases (Region and Regional Status) we will use these details to move listings into more appropriate categories.  Please review the item specifics being offered in the category you list in, and fill out all applicable details. This information will make your listing more visible to local buyers – and if you choose to ship internationally, it will increase your item’s visibility across the globe!


This is an informational post only (We will not be actively monitoring the boards or responding to comments on this topic).  If you do, however, have any questions about these changes or want to ask us a question, please email us directly at




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