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precio de envio

Last Edited 06:36:16 PM hawk_s

Hola buenas tardes.


     Disculpen alguien podria responder por que el precio de envio supera el precio del producto ? Considero que es ilogico, puesto que el valor del costo del producto debe contener todo ello, ahora independiente que sea un envio internacional parece que el vendedor no lo tomo en cuenta. Cuando entramos a navegar en una pagina de tienda virtual buscamos ofertas y hoy en dia la empresas competitivas manejan muy sutilmente el costo de envio adicional.




Atentamente .Smiley Happy



Answers (2)

Answers (2)


Cost of shipping has no relation to item price. 

If you see an item and you think the cost is too high, then don't bid.


YOu are in Ebay USA. Sellers can NOT add the cost of international shipping to the starting price. The sellers here are NOT competitive companies that can roll the shipping price of an item into the sale price.  Shipping has gotten expensive in the USA and elsewhere. I am in NY.  A 2 lb package can range in price from 5 dollars to 11 dollars depending on my buyers zipcode.


When you bid, if you do NOT like the shipping price, you do NOT bid.  Also I see that you are listed in teh USA. Why don't you write in English?  


Now if you want your item shipped internationally, that is very expensive and in 2 weeks, the price is going to go up again.  Sellers have to pay Ebay 10% in fees on the shipping costs too. Of course, if the seller is intelligent, this fee is also rolled into the price or the shipping. 


IF you are a foreign bidder and the sellers use the Global shipping program, then you have to pay whatever the invoice states. That also includes broker fees, duties, etc.  The seller cannot change that total.


Shipping is expensive.   Sellers need to pay for insurance sometimes and often that fee is rolled into the shipping/selling price.  It is not rare for the shipping to cost more than the item.   Shipping is based on the weight of the item and the distance travelled and NOT the value of the item.