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member-to-member policy violation - charged fee. So how do buyers make informed decision?


We got charged an off-ebay transaction fee as we provided a contact phone number to a member so we could arrange for them to view and hear a piano we had for sale.


The sale didn't go through, but we still got hit with the large transaction fee as the auto-bots picked up the member-to-member contact.  


1) How are buyers able to make informed purchases if we can't share contact information so that they can view the item prior to purchase?


2) I'm still struggling to have ebay refund the transaction fee, but I'm not having any luck explaining the situation.  Anyone had success in having transaction fees after member-to-member contact refunded?




Re: member-to-member policy violation - charged fee. So how do buyers make informed decision?

in reply to Apr 20, 2018 11:40:59 AM
Somethime I thinik not just auto-bots watch the email but a live person watch the email. I don't want buyer give me their email but they still do. What can seller do? Please keep our posted on if you can get your fee back. Maybe you can dispute the charge with your credit card.
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Answers (1)


@kidhazy  Bring this up on the Weekly Chat (Wednesdays at 4 PM EST) or loop one of the eBay Support team members in to your thread.  There are times when Seller and Buyer need to be in contact to make an informed decision, a piano in my mind would be one of those.  If you do happen to speak with eBay again point out that eBay actually refers to a Seller and Buyer as "Trading Partners" which implies 2 people working together to "enhance the buying experience" (again an eBay phrase). Not sure if any of that will help but that IS in fact the way eBay refers to Sellers and Buyers ...

I sincerely hope you can get them to see reason and have the FVFs dropped.