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how do i block a seller from contacting me?


i have a seller keep harassing me through ebay messages.  how do i block the seller from contacting me?

Answers (4)

Answers (4)


wow, just got back from my BBL! lol!! Do you ever try to contact your sellers to trying and resolve problems before leaving the red donut?? Holy cow, looks like maybe you are really p---sing some people off on ebay!!! Do you realize what you are doing to someones life by just slamming them??About 20 percent of the feedback you have left is negative,maybe you need to stop creating an enemy list by thinking before destroyng someone, 2 negative feedbacks to 2 dfferent sellers in one day, and the common denometer is???????????? I would not want to be you!


As stated, report or ignore them.


In the future try communicating with your sellers first instead of slamming their FB. Your problem with sellers contacting you will probably stop.







You don't, you can't, but you can ignore them, you can delete them unread, and when you stop replying they will stop too.

A bully has to have a victim, stop being one.

Oh, and you can also click on the {report} link right there in the message.


If it is through eMail, the just set the block to throw it in the trash instead of your inbox.



In order to succeed, you have to learn the rules of the game
and then play it better than anyone else.

Einstein learned it from me.

You can't block the Seller but I just took a look at the feedback you leave and you should be more concerned with Sellers blocking you.  Smiley Indifferent