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Received Cease & Desist email about my listing for Maui Jim Sunglasses


I received an email from an Ebay member that told me I was to "cease and desist" in selling a pair of Maui Jim Sunglasses.  I was told I have ten days to remove my listing.  This member has 0 feedbacks and has been a member of Ebay only since March.  


There are thousands of Maui Jim items for sale on Ebay.  Do I need to remove my listing?  Is this something I should be concerned about??

Answers (4)

Answers (4)


Its probably a competitor although it could be Maui Jim and if it is them, they aren't a VERO participant so ignore them. Do a google search for "ebay vero maui jim" to.....and you'll get more info about others who received similar messages/letters. 

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If it were for real, the company would be a VERO member and could have ebay remove the listing. Since they did not, it means they can't. It's just a bluff. Another diploma mill lawyer I suspect.


You do advertise them as "New", will they have a warranty? I ask because this is how they are coming at sellers, there is no warranty and there is no guarantee as to their authenticity. It is reaking havoc on the river and I expect it to hit here soon.

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This is a competitor....ignore it and send it to spoof.