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Item sold, seller disputed, and has now relisted item using my description and photos.


I recently sold an item. Buyer contacted me after they received and said that the item was "not as described." I ended up giving a 25% refund on the item. Now, I see the item is relisted, for more than she purchased it for, and is using my exact description and exact photos. 


If she had claimed the item was not as described, how can see then sell it using my exact words/photos? Clear that she scammed me into a refund. Anything I can do regarding this? 

Answers (5)

Answers (5)

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For the record I never do a Partial I do return for refund.
Many are great buyers, many just try to work the system , If I know my item was as described I don't play that game .

Same buyer that left the Negative?

You can & I would use report the buyer & say refunded 25% now selling using my description & pictures

ebay needs to be made aware of buyers who abuse the system

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You could purchase it and file a SNAD case. No, just kidding. Do not do that. You can report to ebay your photos are being used. However, I don't think they do much about that. Just put them on your blocked bidder list.


@emjcampagna11 why did you give them a refund if you described it correctly?


@emjcampagna11  Unless I have absolutely no doubt about the issues I simply tell them to prcess a return for a full refund ... in a case like yours that may have called thier bluff.  They would of course process the SNAD and you pay return shipping but at least you get the item out of their dishonest hands.  They probably do that on a regular basis so reproting them is a good thing.


Pick return for refund. Too many scammers out there doing just this sort of thing.