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Buyer's Abuse Return Policy, Seller's Suffer & Ebay Profits!

Have recently had a number of Buyer's who have abused the Ebay Return Policy!

By checking "not as described" they have avoided the  Restocking Fee and saddle us with the Return Shipping.

As a Seller with 100% Positive Feedback... perfect packaging, same day and free shipping we were stunned by their lack of support!!!

To quote Tyler in the Appeal Department, "that's the price of doing business, just block the Buyer in the future."


Great idea, now the Buyer will create a new account and do it again with the full support of Ebay whose fees are paid by the Seller.

Truly disappointed as our foray into Ebay was due to a job loss not for kicks & giggles!

Will probably have to charge shipping soon and increase prices to cover our loss which will not effect our Ebay fees but result in lower sales.

Hopefully Ebay will take the time to review and value a Seller before they rush to judgement & support Buyer's who misuse their policies?

Re: Buyer's Abuse Return Policy, Seller's Suffer & Ebay Profits!

in reply to Aug 18, 2015 4:59:09 PM
Appreciate your response and do agree that the Ebay Rep Tyler gave the scripted response with absolutely no regard for the issue or the good sense to offer a viable solution.
Hope to eventually see Ebay be more Seller friendly but not too optimistic that it will occur soon!!!

Re: Buyer's Abuse Return Policy, Seller's Suffer & Ebay Profits!

in reply to Aug 18, 2015 7:32:53 PM
They keep promising to move in that direction. We've seen some baby steps with certain reps recently.

Re: Buyer's Abuse Return Policy, Seller's Suffer & Ebay Profits!

in reply to Aug 22, 2015 5:53:55 PM
After much thought we decided to take Ebays advice... "that's the price of doing business" and decided to give up on our free shipping after seven years.
Although we know Ebay is still getting a slice of the shipping pie at least our monthly shipping bill will go down.
Also Ebay could save even more money if they just layoff everyone in the Appeals Dept and leave a robo message;
"Sorry Top Rated Seller but we automatically favor the Buyer but please know that we do continue to value your outstanding service!"
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Re: Buyer's Abuse Return Policy, Seller's Suffer & Ebay Profits!

in reply to Jan 11, 2016 3:34:40 PM
I thought I was the only one dealt with the same thing. The same guy told me exact same thing and I questioned him if he had sold or had his own business. He got no clue about self employed or be your own boss. These guys only have the mind of an employee just to go to work 9-5 and just make the abusive buyers happy. They think seller are making a lot of profits and selling junks to people. I sold a laptop in October and the buyer contacted me about issue with device after 4 weeks claiming that battery is not working. I offered to ship it back for warranty repair or may be replacement but buyer refused to ship back and claimed as Apple store said HDD is causing it. So I offered another SSD and shipped to the buyer and requested documents for repair and the damaged HDD to be return to me.
The buyer requested partial refund at first but when I refused partial refund and offered to check the device, opened claim as "item not as described". Luckily the claims closed on my favor because after 45 days of usage and monkey around the buyer claimed as item not as described.
The fraud goes on on Paypal and the Paypal employees were worse than eBay!!!! They honored the paperworks from an unknown person described about the device and rejected the documents from "Apple"!!!!!!!! After all the deal, I found out I had the payment and I do not have anything for Paypal to deduct.
So I made $1500 plus I get the laptop back that I can still sell for about $800.
At least I can tell you guys that I made a good amount o money from these guys no matter what they do. So,don't feel bad about the matter because i to something from them.
I am not going to regret about it even eBay and Paypal ban me for life. I will not pay any penny on the Paypal balance either. So at least I gained $$$$$$$$ from what they ripped you guys.
It is called Karma!!!!!!!!!!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Sorry this happened to you--this is definitely a problem that eBay is grappling with. Make sure that you report all buyers who abuse the return policy; no matter what. eBay will find in the seller's favor if there is a pattern of abuse (and I don't think it has to be a very long string of SNAD cases). eBay also has a record of multiple i.d.'s under a single buyer's name. 

I would call again and see if another rep will actually look into this latest buyer's history and not give the rote "cost of doing business" response. It does make a difference which rep the fickle finger of fate gives you. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous buyers and sellers out there, and the rest of us get caught in the crossfire. The eBay model really depends on good faith on both sides. I hope that instances like this are very far and few between for you going forward. As a seller, I feel your pain.

Answers (9)

Answers (9)


I totally agree!!!  I had a buyer return an item UNOPENED under "not as described" and she even had the nerve to tape the return label over my origional label.  her reason under not as described was that I sent it in a package too SMALL for her liking.  ebay allowed her to process this request, and I spent over 3 hours, 6 calls to NO AVAIL!!! i got NO SUPPORT FROM EBAY!!  This isnt the first time this has happened to me, and it has hurt my selling record.  If ebay checked my feedback, they would see over 200 buyer satisfaction of 100%  I too am raising my shipping rates.  Before I only charged the ACTUAL costs of shipping until i realized ebay was charging me 40 cents on 4.00 shipping, when other sellers only pay 1.00 when they charge 10.00 shipping on SMALL, LIGHT items!!  my percentage of loss is so much greater!!  they profit 9.00, and I LOSE MONEY!!  not a good system for controlling shipping costs.  It has made me decide to also charge unfair shipping in order to break even. 

Reporting doesnt help.  I too am selling out of necessity, not fun.  I have sold almost everything I own that I can feasibly ship.  And buyers dont care if I have to "eat" the shipping to and return shipping.  Ebay NEEDS to hold the BUYER responsible for RETURN shipping!!!That way, the buyer understands that they cannot return an item just because it didnt fit them or because they didnt like the way it looked on them.  Even AMAZON CHARGES RETURN SHIPPING TO THE BUYER!!  ebay sellers cant afford to pay for shipping AND return shipping on items selling for less than $20.00.  AND to top it off, ebay charges us the 10% on shipping labels.  I am LOSING MONEY selling on ebay!!  of the $600.00 I earned, $349.00 was invoiced to me by ebay.  HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!!

once my listings have expired, I will probably stop selling because its just not worth it.   OH, and by the way I have purchased HUNDREDS of itms from ebay and NEVER RETURNED ONE ITEM!!  i figured i made my decision and I need to honor it.  not true for most other buyers I gurss!


Re: Buyer's Abuse Return Policy, Seller's Suffer & Ebay P...

in reply to Sep 15, 2015 11:41:09 AM
Ditto! I agree with bukaus9 that if Buyers had to pay for return shipping on SNAD, there would be no abuse of the MBG.

Case in point: A couple of months ago I had a buyer report a SNAD for an item based on an odor that didn't exist (yep, they lied to get the SNAD). It was relisted and purchased by a buyer who absolutely loved it.

If this is going to be the cost of doing business on ebay, I will only be able to sell items that are inexpensive and weigh less than 13 oz. Or cancel all purchases that would need to be shipped to zones 5-9 which exceed DIM (I've been paying these excess shipping costs for the buyer already). As for raising the shipping costs, I recently received a question from a Buyer asking why my shipping on a particular item was so expensive ($6.00). They discovered I was charging .10 LESS than actual shipping costs ($6.10). I didn't hear back from them after that. I think ebay should only charge fees on shipping costs that exceed actual shipping, since they have that data.

Sadly, I have some lovely big ticket items I was going to sell here, and have been stalling on doing so because I can't afford to do business the ebay way!

Re: Buyer's Abuse Return Policy, Seller's Suffer & Ebay P...

in reply to Sep 20, 2015 8:42:12 PM
Agree with both of the posts in response to our original comments.
Things will only get worse in 2016 when they make their policies even more Buyer friendly.
Still working on an exit plan if possible to avoid these ridiculous fees without the support outstanding Sellers deserve from Ebay!!!

Sellers beware of a lgarcia10, I just lost over 300 dollars because of her... I sold a lot of Littlest Pet Shop Pets that had no marker or pen marks cause I checked each one and she opened a case as item not described, saying they were damaged, so I accepted the return to hopefully get my items back and I knew they were fine so I was hoping to get these back and resell them. I paid over 21 dollars shipping for her to send them back to me, she sent about ten or so wrapped in a paper towel in a small box that weighed less then 13 oz. I was supposed to get 225 back and I got ten pets that were never mine and they had pen all over and damage. she is getting a full refund and I am out my pets and money because ebay protects buyers and does not even give sellers a chance to present a case. This woman stole from me and I just want to warn others and hope that it never happens to them.


I don't know why eBay still has their Buyer's Abuse Policy out there in writing.  It no longer exists.  I, too, have just been taken by a seller with no recourse.  The seller asked me to me to take the stones out of a pair of earrings and sell them the stones.  I told them I could not sell only the stones.  The buyer then bought the earrings.


They received the earrings and then later initiated a return stating they "just didn't like them." I received the earrings back and one was damaged/broken on one side. I believe they unsuccessfully tried to remove the stones and then could not so they returned the earrings. I have asked them to split the loss with me (eBay rep encouraged me to contact the buyer) and all I got was a nasty email back. 


Ebay policy says that buyers cannot return items they have damaged but when I called eBay, I was told that the policy had changed. There is NO RECOURSE if you accept a return you might get anything back in the mail or nothing at all.  So be aware, my loss was small and I will never put anything of real value on eBay because rip offs are run amuck and eBay does not care.  I even had the email asking me to remove the stones and photographic evidence that the earrings were ruined.  It didn't matter. 

Selling on eBay is so disheartening.   I encourage everyone to write on "Tell us what you think" and tell them what you thik about this issue.  Maybe it will help????  Who knows...Sigh. 


Re: Buyer's Abuse Return Policy, Seller's Suffer & Ebay P...

in reply to May 2, 2017 12:05:11 AM
I don't believe that is true. If the buyer returns an item and it is not in the condition that they received it in, there is recourse. Be warned that sometimes you will call and speak to a rep who is very green. When you hear them telling you things that don't make any logical sense, then you need to escalate the situation. In my experience when you escalate you are likely to get someone who actually does know what they are talking about.

I think we've all been taken by a buyer who uses and abuses the system.  For those of you who haven't been around ebay all that long, many years ago ebay was much more seller friendly.  Most cases were decided in favor of the seller back then.  Buyers complained constantly and ebay suddenly became very buyer biased.  I think they forgot that without sellers, buyers won't have any reason to be on ebay.  I just had a guy who got a robot from me, claimed it didn't work and sent it back for repair or replacement (which I agreed to under my warranty of the product)  When it arrived, I took it out of the box and turned it on.  It worked perfectly, no malfunctions whatsoever.  I told the buyer who then decided he'd explain to me how to do what I do becuase he's been using these products for 15 years......and the robots aren't even 15 years old.  Ebay closed the case he opened instantly in his favor without any input from me.  He did this simply to avoid the restocking fee and I'm out $19 shipping as such.  The only way we will get ebay back into the center where they actually judge each case on a single basis is to fire back the same way buyers did back in the day.  eBay makes its money off of the sellers, not the buyers.  If the sellers pull back and cut sales, ebay loses profit.  Shareholders see lost profits and that makes companies act.


Re: Buyer's Abuse Return Policy, Seller's Suffer & Ebay P...

in reply to May 1, 2017 11:16:33 AM
Last Edited 11:20:13 AM

ebay could have and should have taken a stance when it was a frenzy of sellers abusing the policy. Them doing nothing for so long caused an awful experience or more that has not been forgotten. Now they want to side with the buyers and let them run all over the sellers. I sell broken items on ebay only. AS IS PARTS. Thats where ebay is going. Broken **bleep** crapp (Ebay thinks its a bad word I guess) and crapppy china stuff that breaks. Good Job Ebay!

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This is exactly what just happened to me!  The buyer checked that the item was not as described and even took it one step further by claiming the items were damaged.  I asked for photos and was sent photos that did not show any damage!  This buyer knew exactly how to manipulate to get what he wanted which was either his money back because her changed his mind, or for me to sell him the items cheaper than his offer because at one point he was willing to accept half of his purchase price back.  I have never felt so violated and taken advantage of before.  It dismays me to actually experience the lows some people will sink to, but I am confident that karma will take care of my buyer.  THANKS ebay for supporting your sellers.  I will not make this mistake again......done with ebay....buying and selling.  Soooooo disasppointed.

I sold fully functioning iphone 6, never had an issue before. Buyer had the phone for several days then claimed it was not working. The phone had a glass screen protector fitted when sent. She claimed this was broken and replaced it. (Mmmmm) more like she dropped the phone and then replaced it.  Anyhow she then claimed not as described and not working paypal did the usual money grab. But i stop the bank recall.  Phone was returned now intermitent fault and the bottom right screen has issues and the screen protector fitted on the home button. Challenged seller whom stated she changed the protector to return it the same way it was sent.  Not damaged on arrival if this is true, tampered eith the phone. Ebay opened case and final decision in there favour without even messaging me. Bad news ebay!!!!!! Your sacked!  Going to take matter to court oaypal and ebay have been blocked on my bank account. They lost a 100% rated seller and i will be claiming losses including postsgr and my time and travel sorting this out. The implied protection is two way not just on buyers!!!! Did not sign up to this disgraceful decision making tool. 

This just happened to us also, buyer bought large quantity of merchandise, Make-up, claimed that  some were damaged and leaking, lieing becouse i pack things so well a huricane couldnt damage it, ebay sided with her, then she returned damaged merchandise that we didnt even sell her!! sold a 3000.00 neil lane ring a couple years ago, thank God that they didnt return a 5cent

cracker jack ring becouse as far as ebay is concerned they would get away with it, we are livid right now over this ebay  return loophole, never thought this would happen but there are thieves everywhere!!  good luck, oh and by the way shes selling my stolen merchandise on a separate e-store !!! unreal


I think once you accept the return from the buyer and it turns out the buyer was lying, ebay is not going to punish the buyer.  The best they will do is send them a warning email.  

What you should do before you accept the return is find out exactly what happened.  You should request the buyer send you a photo of the item they received to make sure there is an understanding of what happened on both sides.  If the claim is truly fraudulent the buyer sends you a photo and wow surprise the item in the photo looks just like the listing photo.  Now you have undeniable photographic evidence that the buyer is lying.  It would be very difficult for ebay to decide the case against you in a situation like that if the buyer chooses to escalate.  In my experience they rarely do because they know it's over.  

You can also offer a deal to the buyer if the claim if legitimate, for example, would it make sense to offer a partial refund to the buyer and let them keep the item?  Or send a replacement item to them?  


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