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how do I get paid for item sold


after auction,how do i get paid??i have a pay pal acct.

Answers (4)

Answers (4)


Did you link your PayPal to your eBay account?


Also, try sending your buyer an invoice. Go to My eBay > Sold (on the left panel) > Actions (on the right) drop-down menu > Send Invoice.



There's a Site Map below every page. You'll find the answer to most of your questions there.


If your buyer has paid,it will be in your PP account,but funds are held until confirmed delivery.

Ship only when PP says it is safe to do so.

After the item shows as delivered, your funds will be released in about 3 days.

In the event your buyer does not pay,visit the Resolution center (page bottom).


You would see a blue dollar sign. Click on Print Shipping Label. If you see PAID and OK to Ship, ship the item....You can check your paypal account to see if it has, indeed, been paid, as well.


Never ship till paypal says PAID and OK to Ship. There are sellers who come here, asking when they will get paid now that their buyer has the item (because the seller shipped w/o payment clearing). Not smart. There'd be no real incentive for a buyer to pay, after the fact.


Good thing you came and asked!


They will send payment to your PayPal account, PayPal will send you an email telling you it is received and it is OK to ship, when you then click on print label it will be filled with all the information to ship the package to. For this to happen your paypal and ebay accounts must be linked so the can communicate with each other. 


Once paid, ship promptly.


In over 10,000 sales on my selling ID I have never, ever sent an invoice.

There is no need to send an invoice when you list your item for sale correctly.

And never email or message about 'where's my payment?' or 'are you gonna pay?'.


If after a few days you remain unpaid, you can file a complaint about it with ebay by clicking on the resolution center link at the bottom of the page.  I would wait four days, I personally wait eight.

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