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Why is EXPLORER 11 keeping my E-Bay payment account from talking with PayPAL? Neither will answer.


When EXPLORER 11 installed on my computer as a regular update, I was no longer able to pay for my winning bids because EXPLORER would stop and give me an error that it had encountered and error and had stopped working.  Neither PayPal or E-bay will answer my question and I am frustrated.  MICROSOFT claims that EXPLORER 11 should not have made any changes to stop the interaction between PayPAL and E-BAY although I do not believe that and EXPLORER 10 worked just fine.  Does anyone have any answers to this problem?

Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Easy-IE10 worked so go back to that.

First you may want to check and see if your running IE11 in compatabilty mode and if so take it out and see if it works-if not go back to IE10 and if you need help with that call Microsoft back.


I was lucky in that I'm using WIN7 so it came with IE9 installed and IE10 was just an update-very easy to go back to IE9 which I use not in compatability mode and works just fine-good luck.


There is also a way to 'hide' the updates too. Since I have IE10 blocked I don't have to worry about getting IE11 automatically updated either.


Microsoft did it for me tho so I can't explain how-you can try googling their help pages or give them a call-good luck.


same thing happened to me a few weeks back (I made a post on it here in the Answer Center) - ebay was working fine on my laptop but I  got an "regular" update to E11 and eBay just stopped working (windows 7 on that laptop) - I rolled back to E10 and all was fine no problems and I didn't change anything else but that rollback - and I did not use compatibility mode - I gave that laptop to my daughter so I can't say what happens now

nufces09 - Mary

Interesting, you might want to check to see if there are any Java Updates.  That may help out.