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Ebay shows payment was made for an item I sold now Pay pal is saying buyers bank denied payment?

Last Edited 02:04:03 PM

Traying to open a dispute on Ebay. They say my item sold and delivered has been paid for, but Pay Pal says buyers bank denies payment. What am I suppoesed to do?

Answers (3)

Answers (3)


Sounds like you ignored instructions and shipped before the payment cleared, nothing eBay or PayPal can do about that.


I don't understand your question.  Did you ship the item without confirming payment in PayPal first?

I am not an eBay employee. I'm a US eBay Community Volunteer.

it seems pretty clear that you shipped before the buyers payment cleared.

what you are supposed to do is WAIT until you are notified of CLEARED payment before shipping.


what you can still do is contact the buyer to let them know that their payment did not go through.

then calmly ask if they are happy with their purchase, and if they would resubmit payment.