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Seller cannot be contacted


Following a purchase 8/5 of an item in which the listing specified an additional shipping charge to my address, I received notification that I would have to pay shipping to complete the purchase.  This was after payment (without shipping) was transferred to the seller.  I have requested a shipping quote several times with no response from the seller.  This included messages through eBay and via eMail to the seller.  I then sent a request (yesterday) to the seller to cancel the purchase, but again, there has been no response.  I have wasted 2 days trying to get a reply.


I wasn't sure how to reply to Sunny's question, but I suppose returning to my original inquiry will work.  Item number is 282597336957.  I saw no specified shipping costs on the listing, nor means to calculate them.

Thanks for your assistance Sunny.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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@glennls2, The listing clearly shows free shipping:

Free shipping
United States
Economy Shipping

You are not required to pay any more than was shown in the listing. Message the seller and let them know this. Let them know that you expect to receive your item quickly.


If you don't receive the item by the last estimated delivery date open a case:

Resolution Center:
This was in the listing. Did you read it?
eBay Money Back Guarantee:


Use "Comments" to post.

I am not an eBay employee. I'm a US eBay Community Volunteer.

Re: Seller cannot be contacted

in reply to Aug 13, 2017 5:31:24 AM
I was grateful for the assistance from Sunny. I believe that she saw through the problem with this seller immediately. It became obvious that the seller, already having received payment through Paypal was ignoring my queries to his message that he would not ship unless I paid a shipping charge. This, possibly because the shipping charge was quite high and he imagined that he could keep the payment without shipping the item. He immediately replied after I followed Sunny's advice, offering a "reduced" shipping fee, and eventually cancelled the sale.
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Re: Seller cannot be contacted

in reply to Aug 13, 2017 5:40:53 AM
@glennls2, Thank you for coming back. Did the seller refund?
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