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How do you report a seller for bid rigging.  I was in a price war with one other buyer for an item.  The last raise did me in, I clicked on the other buyer: they were a new buyer an had only bid on one thing (the item I was bidding on).  Fast forward to after the Auction, I get a second chance notice to buy the item for the price of the next raise: meaning the other buyer (obviously fake) didnt purchase.  THis is wrong and EBAY should remove this seller.  I do I go about letting the powers that be know about this seller?

Answers (4)

Answers (4)


Quite a few buyers believe something wrong is going on when a brand new bidder joins in on an auction that another bidder loses.  Many new members sign up with ebay in order to bid on something they just found.  You started your ebay career with 0 feedback.


Being offered a SCO doesn't mean the high bidder backed out.  Not knowing what the item is, the seller may have a duplicate.  I don't often run auctions any more, but when I did, I would send a SCO if I had a duplicate.


You need to change your bidding strategy to avoid this.  Determine your highest price and bid that amount as late in the auction as possible, regardless of what others are bidding.  If you win, great.  If you lose, well, someone else was willing to pay more than you.


No evidence whatsoever of any wrongdoing here.


First, you do not have to buy on a SCO if you don't want to.


Second, You have no idea if the high bidder then backed out or if the seller had another one of the same item to sell.


Be kind of silly for a seller to run the price up and have to pay the final value fee (the selling commission) on the chance you might pay him for the second chance offer. Very few sco's are ever purchased. A seller could lose a lot of money making gambles that risky. Even if you did buy the SCO, the seller would be paying eBay a double fee, one for the fake sale and one for the sale to you.




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You are being too suspicious - Message the seller and ask them what transpired.

There is nothing to Report - but if you want the item at the price you bid - BUY IT

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Nothing to report.One incident is proof of nothing

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