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eBay Guaranteed Delivery Resources & Guides

eBay Guaranteed Delivery Resources & Guides

Community Team
Community Team
Last Edited 05:01:36 PM by Staff

With the buyer launch beginning this month, and holiday season around the corner, we want to set you up for success. We have created several resources for you to maximize your listing eligibility and expose your inventory to more buyers.


Keep checking this post as it’s updated with new content based your most frequently asked topics.


Resource List:

  1. To quickly get you set up, please download our comprehensive enrollment guide here. It contains information on eligibility, listing requirements, and how to set up your listings based on the version you’ve selected.
  2. For more on rate tables: 
           a. Download the guide
           b. Watch the overview video
  3. For the most common questions, watch this Q&A video.
  4. For general information of Guaranteed Delivery, visit the homepage.

If you still have questions, eBay staff will be monitoring the boards and replying to threads Monday through Friday, 9-5 PST, throughout September.


As always, thank you for selling on eBay. 

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