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Item not as described dispute

Last Edited 05:27:56 PM

Hello eBay community! I am a new eBay seller and I have only sold 3 listings so far. However, this morning I received a message from eBay saying one of my buyer's wanted to return items, and was asking for a full refund, and for me to pay for shipping back since "item was not as described"...


The buyer's note said that "she thought" she could use the "Baby Bottles Favors" she purchased as centerpieces..! I clearly list the size of the bottles as 3 1/2 inches tall (that approx the size of the "middle finger"), I also state these are FAVORS, I don't even mention the word "centerpiece" anywhere in my listing. Buyer clearly didn't read description, or changed her mind. Items were delivered on Sept 15th (about 1 week ago)


Items were as described, and I don't understand how she can claim "Not as described" when that is clearly not the case. I have sent her a message letting her know the same thing I'm posting here...size is listed and items are as described.


What to expect from here? What can I do? Is there a phone number to call eBay and let them know I am not at fault?

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The only way to fight this is to call customer service and have them look at the case notes and the description. And beg the to close the case in your favor. If you win, the buyer can still file with PayPal but they will have to pay return shipping. If I was you, I would call customer service early tomorrow and try to fight thiS. If they won't close the case in your favor, just accept the return otherwise the buyer will ask ebay to step in and if they see that you refused to pay for return shipping they will probably make you refund the buyer and let her keep the item.

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Re: Item not as described dispute

in reply to Sep 25, 2016 3:11:14 PM
@jen_proudleowife Thank you! You are by far the only one with an acceptable advice and not the old "suck it up and move on". However, there is no need to "beg". I already called eBay's customer service and explained to them what was going on, they reviewed the case and closed it in my favor since buyer admitted in her note that items (baby favors) were indeed as described, she just couldn't use them as centerpieces.

If customer wants to file with PayPal that is ok, like I said before I don't mind if they want to return items. I just don't see why I have to pay for return shipping when it was the customer who changed her mind.

Thank you anyhow for trying to help in a polite/nice way, what a difference from the "advice" I got before!. Have a great day! Smiley Happy
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