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Anything to do with the Beatles
KISS Krazy
If you are a KISS fan and/or a kollector of memorabilia related to the band, this group is for you!
I sell a lot of items here and make ebay good money. My problem(s) is(are) why do they have to be soooo into my stuff i.e. effecting my ratings when my customers don't have a problem with me? (they; customers; ask me to hold items but ebay penalizes me for not shipping within the time limit). ABSOLUTELY HATE! their new feed back board, and NOW their still trying to change things up that involves them MORE in my business. I signed up so I could have a guide to help me NOT something that dictates how I do things. My Customers should have the right to rate my performance NOT ebay, which knows little to nothing about what we (me and my patrons) deal in. Just wondering if anyone else feels put upon or is it just me?