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Why was I charged more on my invoice for a FedEx label than the original estimate?

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Verified Blogger

If you see a charge for a FedEx label that is different from the initial quote, the package type, dimensions or weight provided when the label was created may have differed from what FedEx received. There are also sometimes additional fees that may be assessed based on factors such as delivery location or size. You can review the actual cost by following the steps below:


To view on your Shipping Labels page:

  1. Go to Shipping Labels in Sell, Selling Manager or Seller Hub
  2. Change the date range to 60 days and search by Buyer ID, Tracking Number, or Item Number
  3. Once the search is complete, you can click on the Label Cost and view the shipment details

To view on your Seller Invoice:

  1. Go to My eBay > Account > Summary
  2. Choose the invoice for the date the label was purchased, and select Go
  3. Once on the invoice, you can use CTRL+F to find the Tracking Number or Item Number
  4. Dimensions will not show on the invoice, so you may need to go to (see steps below)

To view on the FedEx site:

  1.      Go to
  2.      Select your location
  3.      Input the tracking number and select Track
  4.      The package details will be displayed near the bottom of the page

If you believe that charges are being incorrectly calculated and you printed your label on, contact Customer Service, and we may be able to submit a dispute on your behalf.