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What do I do if my buyer asks me to ship to a different address?

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While a buyer is expected to ensure their address is correct at checkout, we understand that sometimes mistakes happen. Though eBay does not expect you to ship to an address other than the one provided at the time of purchase, there are options and protections available if you decide to help your customer resolve a situation like this.


If the item has already been shipped when a customer messages you, consider contacting your courier to request the package be returned to you or be rerouted to the buyer’s alternate address. If the item has not been shipped yet, we recommend cancelling the transaction and having the buyer repurchase with an updated address.


As long as delivery confirmation to the buyer's address is provided, a seller is eligible for protection when an item not received request is opened through the eBay Money Back Guarantee. This can be either the address given at checkout, or the address provided via messages on eBay. Be sure to communicate with your buyer through eBay messaging as you work out a resolution so we're able to review the details should we be asked to step in.