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How do I purchase a vehicle on eBay?

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Verified Blogger
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eBay Motors is a great place to look for the vehicle of your dreams. Below you will find steps to find the perfect fit for you:


Most importantly, be sure to review our eBay Motors Security Center for common red flags when buying a vehicle online such as: listings found on third party marketplaces such as Craigslist or AutoTrader claiming to be transactions from or facilitated by eBay; vehicles not available for inspection until after payment; requests to pay with iTunes Gift Cards or instant money transfers; and messages sent to your personal email account that do not appear in your eBay Messages. We do offer Vehicle Purchase Protection for qualifying eBay Motors purchases, but aren't able to protect you for transactions on third party sites.


In the event that you receive any suspicious emails, forward these to Check out our top 5 tips for staying safe and if you have any concerns at all, contact Customer Service.