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How do I place my store on vacation?

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Verified Blogger
Last Edited 04:01:38 PM

You can place your store on vacation to display a message to potential buyers that you are away. You can also choose to hide your fixed price listings if you would like. Keep in mind that since this does not affect auction-style listings, these will need to be ended manually before your vacation begins. If you decide not to hide your fixed price listings, be sure that you adjust your stated handling time so your buyer is given an accurate expectation for shipment and delivery. This will also ensure that you do not have any late shipment defects recorded.


To turn on your Store vacation settings:


  1. Click the Messages tab in My eBay.
  2. Select Change settings.
  3. In the Store vacation settings section, select Turn ON.
  4. If you'd like to hide your fixed price listings from eBay search results and Store pages and block buyers from buying the items in these listings while you're away, select Hide and block purchases from my fixed price listings. (This doesn't affect your auction-style listings.)
  5. If you'd like buyers to see the date you'll be back and ready to ship items, select Display a return date, and enter the date in the box provided.
  6. In the Message to display on your storefront section, edit the default text displayed in the textbox if you'd like to customize it.
  7. Click Apply.

If you do not have a store and are planning a vacation, you will need to manually end your fixed priced listings and any auctions that are scheduled to end during your time away. Once you return, you can relist your items. 


Be aware that potential customers may have questions for you while you are away, so you should set up an out of office reply to let them know when you will return.