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Why don't my buyers leave feedback?

Rising Star

Whenever I make a sale I always include a packing slip with the order and have a note on it to please leave me Positive Feedback at ebay.  My buyers usually do not leave me positive feedback unless I specifically write them a message and contact them directly to please leave me some positive feedback.  Why must i always remind them of this? why cant they just go ahead and do it like the seller that has to leave feedback for the buyer?  I think ebay should remind the buyers to give the feedback as soon as they receive their orders.  It should not be up to the seller to do this over and over and over again!  My buyers seem to always be happy with their purchase. So they need to leave feedback!

Answers (9)

Answers (9)

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I hope your persistent requesting feedback doesn't backfire on you, like it did this seller.

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Asking or reminding buyers to leave them feedback is a recipe for disaster. As long as your buyers are happy with their purchase is all that should matter. You made money, that's what it's all about. 


To some reasponders here it gets very tiresome to have to explain that feedback always has been and always will be OPTIONAL not manditory , meanig nobody "has to" leave any .


I am just happy they bought something, and then I move on. You cant spend feedback !!!!!


It has always been the case that a minority of buyers leave feedback. There's no point in stressing over it because it is what it always has been, is now and will always be.


Sellers are not required to leave feedback for buyers. Buyers are not required to leave feedback for sellers. Nobody has to leave feedback for anyone else, and I have no idea where you got that notion.


In all seriousness, are you selling for money or for compliments? The longer you're in the selling game, the more you learn that the less you hear from buyers the better, because when they're happy they don't bug you. No news is good news. And you come to understand that obssessing over feedback is ridiculous and a waste of time and energy that is better devoted to sourcing product, polishing listings and packing and shipping — the actual meat and potatoes of being a seller. Be content with that, bank your money and move on to the next sale.


To which I might add, just as a point of comparison, if you think that selling on eBay is hard in terms of getting positive feedback, try being an independent author who needs positive reviews to help spread the word. Even among people who like your work, only the tiniest fraction will help you out by posting a positive review somewhere. Makes getting feedback on eBay look like a love-fest by comparison.



1. I think asking for Feedback is not the right approach

2. I think the Feedback system in its current form needs to be canned and replaced.  It is unbalanced whereby Sellers can ONLY leave Positive FB for Buyers yet Buyers can leave 3 types ... therefore, it is an unfair system.

3. We're not Selling Feedback here although eBay allows the unbalanced system so Buyers can threaten Sellers with negative FB even if they do not mention Feedback ... they have ways of implying Neg FB if their demands are not met ... that ... is ... wrong ... a-mundo.

4. As a Seller Ileave FB while the label is printing out, then I don't have to do anything else ... 55 - 60% of Buyers leave FB in return.

Never, never, never bother your buyers with follow-up notes, emails, phone calls, etc BEGGING for feedback.  It is unprofessional, as well as unethical.  Imagine if every retailer from whom you make purchases bothered you with follow-up notes, emails, phone calls, etc,  begging YOU for feedback.  (Yes -- I am aware that some retailers do that very thing; but, fortunately, they are in the minority.)  And some of your buyers may actually accuse you of STALKING them, if you beg more than once.


You can't eat or spend feedback.  It won't keep you warm on a cold January night, and it won't keep you dry during an April downpour.  It has nearly as much value as the handshake from a politician, or the smile on the face of a salesman.  Feedback may give you a momentary warm feeling -- but so will wetting your pants.  


If you get positive feedback, that's great.  But if you don't, don't wake up the hornets.




The most important feedback is found in your paypal account under funds received--sometime you can actually spend.