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How to Ship Using Flat Rate Boxes


Hello All,

I have sold and shipped a few items before but how do I do this using a flat rate box? Do I have to write the ship-to address and my won address on the box?

And how would I get tracking for the package?


For now, I have been printing the label Ebay provides once a payment has been made for the item and I attach it to a plain brown box.


If someone could explain the process of how to ship using a flat rate box that'd be great.


Happy New Year!

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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You would still use the label that eBay provides.  On the label preparation page there is a drop-down menu where you can choose whichever flat-rate box you're using (small, medium, or large).


Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 3.27.43 PM.png


Flat Rate Boxes have a single, fixed price regardless of destination and weight (as long as it doesn't exceed a certain weight).


So as long as it fits in the box, you pay the same price regardless of weight or destination. You can buy postage through eBay; just pick the correct service option in the drop-down menu before you confirm your purchase.


There are three different sizes of Priority Mail Flat Rate Box: Small, Medium and Large. And the Medium box comes in two different shapes, one longer and flatter than the other.

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@athverboys  Make sure you read @partial*eclipse 's reply ... there is a nice chart.  What you need to do BEFORE you list your item is figure out which Flat Rate box it will ship in.  If you pick a small one when you list the buyer pays the small box rate but when you go to ship you find it does not fit the small but needs the Medium then YOU pay more to have it shipped.

Flat rate is fine but keep in mind they (USPS) are basically charging the highest amount for a coast to coast shipment so the folks in the state adjacent to you will pay more than if you used Calculated shipping and Parcel Select or Priority Mail.

The advantage for Flat rate is the box is free until you ship in it, then the amount for THAT Flat Rate box is charged when you print the label in eBay.

You can either pick up FREE Flat Rate boxes at the Post Office and take a few home or order them online at  But keep this in mind, you can NOT use those Free boxes for anything else and cover up the USPS printing on them.


Re: How to Ship Using Flat Rate Boxes

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"you can NOT use those Free boxes for anything else and cover up the USPS printing on them"   Nor can you fold them inside out.  The post office is hip to that trick and you'd get caught.  Never mind, I just looked at one; the inside has Priority Mail printed all over it.  I don't know when they started doing that, the inside used to be plain.  Oh well, I said they were wise to the trick.

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