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How to Report Counterfeit Items and Customs Violators on eBay


Hi All,


I bought some auto parts from an eBay seller. They were described as genuine Denso parts Made in Japan. When the package arrived it contained individual packages that were labeled as Made in China. When I questioned the seller, I was told to open the packages, and the right items will be there. I opened one (of the 8), and found upon close examination that the item is not genuine Denso part while it has stampings and printed labels "Made in Japan," it is mismatching some of the characteristics of genuine Denso parts. I am in the process of corroborating this with folks who are knowledgeable.


Two concerns:

(1) The seller is violating probably Chinese as well as US Customs regulations by importing an item labeled as Made in Japan in an opaque pouch labeled Made in China.

(2). The items are most likely counterfeit.


I would like to know how to report these violations on eBay. eBay has this page:

but when I click on "report listings that offer counterfeit items or replicas," it goes to a dead page

that says "We are not able to process your message now. Please contact eBay Customer Service."


Is there a way to bring this matter to the attention of eBay without starting a case for refund with eBay? 


Please let me know. Thanks in advance.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)


Forget that idea, you are over-thinking the issue. If you received an item that is not as described, you simply go to the resolution center and open an "item not described" case. That's it. Don't try being the ebay police, you cannot save the world, my friend.


@vijayw09  Was the return address Japan or China?  You may wind up having to call eBay to report your findings. 


Re: How to Report Counterfeit Items and Customs Violators...

in reply to Dec 22, 2017 8:02:14 PM
Thanks, Lincoln for the pointer. This seller ships from the US, but apparently has a Chinese eBay registration. As I suspected, counterfeit auto parts manufacturing is a big industry in China, as seen from the web article: I will try to contact FBI IPR unit and Toyota USA before contacting eBay. eBay is flooded with these counterfeits; too bad that it's not working to purge those items and sellers.
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Re: How to Report Counterfeit Items and Customs Violators...

in reply to Dec 25, 2017 10:47:28 AM
Last Edited 10:50:40 AM

>>  ... too bad that it's not working to purge those items and sellers. <<



What evidence do you have that eBay isn't doing anything?   Just pointing out sellers that are violating eBay policy doesn't mean that eBay isn't doing what it can to stop it.  Just because we have crime doesn't mean law enforcement isn't working to stop it.

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