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Ebay is a JOKE...

Rising Star

Ebay is a JOKE..Its unbeleiveable howEbay allows a buyer to purchase a practically brand new item from a seller..Then keep it for a good amount of time,use it,and/or destroy it, then decide to file a fraudulent claim,stating the item was fake or not as described. Then after the honest seller responds,and provides all documents and photos to support the facts,while the scamming buyer isnt required to submit anything to support his false claims.then the seller escalates the claim,thinking that Ebay will see the scam this buyer is pulling ,how is it that the case is found in the buyers favor ?...Then Ebay refunds the buyer and advises the buyer to return the item to the seller..Then the seller appeals the decision and once again the scam artist buyer wins again,...Now here it is 2+ weeks later and still the buyer has the item that was supposeably fake,,and refuses to return it...So,im not only now without the practically brand new phone I sold this buyer,but I'm out the money that was mine for selling the item...Ebay IS A JOKE..this is showing people the perfect way to successfully get away with being a scam artist and being allowed to get away with basically stealing from the sellers of Ebay...And ALL the thanks goes to Ebay...Ebay dont care about their sellers,and its a shame..I would NEVER recommend ebay again in my life to anyone...Ebay is the one who rips people off,because they allow the dishonest,scamming people get away with filing false fraudulent claims....

Accepted Solutions (2)

Accepted Solutions (2)

EBay flips a coin to decide cases

Heads the buyer wins

Tails the seller loses




This is called the 'free shopping' concept.

Answers (8)

Answers (8)


NEVER....EVER escalate a case that was filed by the buyer. Bots are programmed to automatically close them in favor of the buyer when a seller escalates a case. It is NOT your case to escalate, but the buyer's.


If you run into something like this again, call ebay customer support and ask them to check your case and explain in person TO A PERSON what is going on. eBay is basically a computer program that has a few peiople involved to help. Use them, NOT the bots.


there are 2 sides of the story here, buyer and seller...... but ebay does stack the cards in favor of buyer.. Ebay treats sellers like a supplier, nothing more. 99.99% ebay will throw sellers under the bus with it's motto "take the bullet for us" ...LOL... Ebay only answers to shareholders and will do anything to squeeze sellers for more revenue no matter.. Problem with this, is the seller base has been eroding for years... Ebay..mottoa ... build it for they will come (buyers) at the expense of sellers (which they are leaving) and we at ebay claim we are just a e-commerce site no more... please sell here.....


Four different buyers left you negative feedback in the last several weeks.  That's more than 20% of your sales.   I don't want to sound mean, but have you considered that you might not be cut out for selling ... especially if you can only see what the buyers and eBay are doing wrong?  Actually, I think that eBay will be taking the choice away from you shortly.     Smiley Frustrated


Ebay really is a joke. When will they realise. Buyer biased, excessive fees. Useless


The Community seems like it's a BOT located in India.



I'll never Sell on eBay again.


The Seller has lost all his Rights.  Why even call it bidding?  

the buyer has the right to refuse ANY auction he won, 


Ebay is a great place for breeding dishonesty. Some scammers probably make a decent amount of money by cheating honest sellers because they know ebay will help them steal. 

Does not the buyer risk something here too? Presumably there is a limit to how much scamming a registered buyer can do. As a seller does not your negative feedback count against the buyer or have those days gone?


Oh I agree in those circumstances it's a shame. 

Apparently you're forgetting there are two sides to every story and a lot of sellers shipping used or previously returned items they advertised as new, or used items they described as functional but weren't, etc.  In the end everyone wants to make a buck, so there will never be not enough sellers- so ebay is geared toward keeping buyers happy. 

I also think you'd be overstating the problem, how many people have time to waste buying things just to turn around and return them, usually at their own expense?  Sure it happens but statistically probably not often.