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I recently made a purchase and it was delivered promptly.  I did so as a guest and several days afterward I opened an eBay account.  The problem is that I have to way to go in and  give the seller an outstanding review.  It won't let me because I have an account.  I can't sign out of my account and go back in as a guest to give the seller a rating because I did not recieve a confirmation by email.


Any suggestions?  

Thank you!

Answers (3)

Answers (3)


Hi @bren2408


Feedback can only be left from a registered account, which you say you didn't have when you made your first purchase. 


You can send the seller a nice email telling them how much you enjoy your item.  Perhaps you will buy another item from this outstanding seller ... and be able to leave feedback on that one.


@bren2408  Interesting problem ... you can certainly use eBay Messaging and send the Seller a message that with the eBay account you are having issues leaving Feedback ... they'll understand.  As far as Buying as a Guest below is in the Help Pages:


You can purchase Buy It Now items without having an eBay account by using guest checkout. If you want to bid on or sell items or leave feedback for sellers, you'll need to register an account.

When buying as a guest, you can:

  • View order details
  • Track the package
  • Email the seller
  • Return the item
  • Let us know you didn't receive the item

To view your order details and track the item, you'll need to open your order confirmation email and select View Order Details.

If you didn't receive the item, or it doesn't match the listing description, you're covered by the eBay Money Back Guarantee.

Learn more:


When you buy as a guest you cannot leave feedback , you bought before you created your account , let it go .

Now that you have an account you may leave feedback for your future purchases .