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Buyer is trying to return a item that was listed with no refunds allowed


I sold a near perfect condition iPhone that was previously used by my family. It was sold to help raise money for a local resident in need. The phone is fully functional and works great, I tested it thoroughly since I work on cellphones and computers for a living. I shipped the item out and I saw the item arrived. Sure enough after Christmas, the customer opens a return case for "changed mind" saying they received new iPhones for Christmas and wanted to return the 6S. I politely explained I couldn't accept returns, I told her I had given the money raised to the local resident and could not get it back so I closed the case and refused the refund. A day later she messages me and tells me the touch ID was not working and would be contacting ebay resolution center to get a refund. I know for a fact the home button was working since I activated the phone prior to selling it to her and go through all the steps to test each function. 


Is there anything I can do to protect my funds and feedback?

Answers (2)

Answers (2)


"Is there anything I can do to protect my funds and feedback?"


If the buyer opens a case for Item Not As Described the answer is no.

See the eBay Money Back Guarantee on your listing.

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That is disheartening to hear that a customer can lie to return any item on eBay.


Re: Buyer is trying to return a item that was listed with...

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@transfusionsbSorry it happened but it is simply retail sales. The Buyer is blind to your situation or what you may or may not have done with the money. Stating you don't accept returns is meaningless as Buyers have ways around that ... they can force the return by processing s SNAD claim. So at the end of the day your best path is to advise them to process the return, get the phone back (hopefully the one you sent) and try and resell it. The Buyer can als process a claim through PayPal up to 180 days after the purchase.  If the Buyer succeeds with eBay and you refused the refund your account may get a strike for an unresolved claim.

Again, very sorry this happened ...

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