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Unfortunately, your payment was declined by your card issuer. ?

Rising Star

Hello All,


I tried using the Paypal to pay an item but this message came up,


"Unfortunately, your payment was declined by your card issuer.
Please use a different credit card or bank account to complete your PayPal Payment."
Mind you I have no trouble using my debit card to pay for 3 different items before I made this purchase. I can pay all the item using my debit card which has been legally binded to my Paypal account. However, for item number 4, I can't seem to be using my debit card at all. What gives?
Paypal Error 5 Jan 2014.png

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

Last Edited 01:11:02 AM

Call your bank since it's a debit card. The number should be on the back of the card.

Many debit cards have daily limits on spending or on where you are buying from.  This is to protect you from a thief getting your card information and cleaning out you bank account.  Contact your bank and find out what your daily limit is and if they have limits on internet purchases in place.


many other people have got the same problem when make paypal payment. paypal usually show the error message like” unfortunately your payment was declined by your card issuer” and they find the way to fix it there:

Source: Paypal error: Unfortunately your payment was declined by your card issuer