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What's the best way to ship stamps?

What's the best way to ship stamps?


I have a stamp collection to sell and wondering how you recommend mailing them?


Please let me know how you'd do it in different scenarios. Like with a big sheet of stamps, a book/binder of stamps, a bunch of loose stamps, etc. 


I was thinking to use rigid cardboard mailers, for stamps that are not in binders, and sending by first class mail. How do stamp collectors expect to receive their shipments?


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Re: What's the best way to ship stamps?

Re: What's the best way to ship stamps?

in reply to Sep 19, 2011 7:36:20 AM

It's time you got an answer regarding the shipment of philatelic material.

1. Small quantities of stamps off paper can readily be sent enclosed in an appropriately sized glassine envelope held in place on a cardboard stiffener by a small piece of cellophane tape.  Make sure the tape doesn't touch any of the stamps.  Adjust the sizes of the glassines for larger quantities so that the stamps are not packed too tight or use several smaller glassines.  Stiffen the envelope (ordinary 6¾ envelopes will do) with a card (cards cut from cereal boxes genearally are quite adequate) and mail.  Stamps can also be sent mounted on approval cards (small stock sheets) that fit in envelopes.  The cards should be protected by a glassine envelope as well. 

2.   Covers (envelopes with postal markings like cancels) can readily be mailed by similar strategies.  Enclose the cover in a properly sized glassine and insert in an envelope stiffened with a card.

3.  Sheets:  I won't try to summarize the advice provided on an earlier thread here.  Just use the search above for "shipping" and you'll get a number of links to previous discussions and you can read up on various suggestions for successful shipping of sheets of stamps.

4.  Binders/albums can generally be shipped just like books.  Wrap carefully and pack in a properly sized box with fillers like bubble wrap if necessary, and mail.  They must go parcel post rate not book rate, however.

5.  Whenever possible, USPS is the preferred carrier for philatelic merchandise.

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