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While you establish a successful eBay sales history…

While you establish a successful eBay sales history…


I’m sure some of you have had this same issue, but I just got caught up in this after several months of selling and buying on eBay.  I joined eBay on November 5, 2012 and opened my first of two stores.  Never once had a negative feedback or any complaints whatsoever from any buyers.  I started with the Basic Store subscription and last Tuesday decided to bump up to the Premium Store subscription in order to increase my inventory and thereby my sales.  Lo and behold the very next day, I discovered the following message across my Paypal account header: “While you establish a successful eBay sales history, you may not have access to your money for up to 21 days. You may get it sooner, but it may take longer if your buyer reports a problem with the sale.”


All of the sudden, the money from my sales are being withheld by eBay/Paypal even though I have had no complaints or issues with any buyer of my merchandise.  My second store had only been opened three weeks but sales have been pretty good.  My husband has been a seller on eBay Motors for more than 8 years and suggested that I call customer service to see what the reason was for this sudden change in my account.


When I contacted customer service, the first question I asked the person that I spoke to was if the change in my account status was due to the change in store subscription.  “Oh no” she said. “Your account was selected at random for this hold status and this is just part of eBay policy.”  I was flabbergasted that eBay would decide suddenly that I was some sort of risk even though I had not a complaint or return since I opened my store. I was on the phone for 45 minutes trying to understand why the sudden change.  I even waited to speak to a supervisor only to hear the same ignorant reasons given to me by the first customer service rep.  “This is a long standing eBay policy.”  “This has nothing to do with the change in your store subscription.” “Your account was flagged at random.” And so on and so on…


When I asked how they expected me to continue to operate my business when they have placed a hold on the funds received for MY merchandise, they just didn’t seem to get it.  Not only that, when I asked them why they expected me to ship my merchandise when I might not receive payment for up to 21 days or longer if the buyer is dissatisfied, I was once again told nothing except that this is eBay policy.  The U.S. economy is so bad at this point that everyone’s sales are down.  We all need the funds from our sales to pay for shipping/packing materials and to purchase more merchandise.  I also suspect that eBay has found a way to put the monies withheld from the sellers into some sort of interest bearing account in order to make more income off of the money while new sellers are still trying to get their feet wet.


I could understand withholding funds for a seller who is taking advantage of buyers, but why penalize a new store owner when they are just getting things started.  It is as if they would prefer that I move my business elsewhere which is exactly what I told them I may do before all is said and done. And after that 45 minute phone call, I still had no satisfaction for the situation.


Message to eBay – You need to be more supportive of your sellers.  You also need to stop penalizing sellers with good feedback and no complaints.   Without your sellers there would be no buyers, and eBay would not exist!

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Re: While you establish a successful eBay sales history…

Re: While you establish a successful eBay sales history…

in reply to May 15, 2013 7:29:14 PM

If you fuss at Paypal then it is Ebay's fault, but if you fuss at Ebay then it is a Paypal policy.

Interest on these funds is there primary revenue stream.

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Re: While you establish a successful eBay sales history…

Re: While you establish a successful eBay sales history…

in reply to May 17, 2013 8:44:05 PM

Welcome to the great EBAY RIP-OFF! They act like they are God. I have been selling on ebay for some years now and have a premium store. It was $49.99 until last month. Now if I want that price I have to commit to a year. Every time I call ebay, their representatives are nice, but can't do anything for me. Calling the support center is a bunch of BS. It's all a front to steal our money. Shipping fees, holding accounts for no reason, etc. all these things are a way for Ebay to rip us as seller off. You say, you haven't received bad feedback yet. Wait until some "moron"buyer threatens you with neg. feedback unless you do what they want. or a buyer just doesn't like your comments. Maybe the buyer changed his mind. the list goes on and on. Ebay is for the buyer and the seller gets screwed. Ebay only has the back of the buyer, not the seller. When ever Ebay send me a notice about some great new program, I always read the fine print and discover the Ebay has burnt us sellers again. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF EBAY. I got my 1st neg. in 2 years because the buyer failed to read the description. So the buyer wins, the seller loses. That's the Ebay way. hope you can work it out, but from my dealings with them, I don't think you can. Try   .

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Re: While you establish a successful eBay sales history…

Re: While you establish a successful eBay sales history…

in reply to Dec 3, 2013 2:42:50 PM
Rising Star
Last Edited 02:45:06 PM

I have the same problem, I have 100% positive feedback 2 years old, I contacted eBay and they told me to contact paypal for them the problem is when I contacted paypal said that the problem is from ebay, do not get it . who deals with money off for 21 days anyway?

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