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pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

I was called & awakened on Sunday night by a person claiming to be a "fraud detection specialist". She goes on to say "I believe your account has been compromised & $700 has been stolen from your account". Goes on asking several questions about other transactions that I had made in lesser amounts & then asks "so you didn't make an eBay purchase in the amount of $700". I replied so a purchase was made in the amount of $700 & she says yes. I reply no I did not...then I hear her typing on the keyboard & comes back & says "I have closed your account & your cards for your own protection". Then goes onto tell me that I needed to get in touch with pay-pal to reactivate my account, change passwords & "TRY TO GET MY MONEY BACK"
So I drag myself out of bed & go to my computer to log into my account to see the damage. Guess what? The $700 charge is my Ebay bill for the month!
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Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

in reply to May 25, 2009 6:02:56 AM
I forgot to mention we are a small company & generate around $300,000 a year on that card & account that was cancelled.
What a hassel to have to wait for another card in the snail mail & not tot mention the hoops you are made to jump through to get & the time on the phone.
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Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

in reply to May 26, 2009 3:35:33 PM
I figured no one from eBay would touch this thread. I would be dissapointed in myself/company if it happened to me.
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Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

in reply to May 28, 2009 8:01:35 AM
PayPal, is this the worlds biggest scam ?
PayPal, Is this the worlds biggest scam?

Recently, I have been involved in a few dealings with payPal, a company that I thought was the most reputable company around to process money, or at least that was what I thought.

My wife opened up a paypal account, and within a few weeks was asked for her social security number( supposedly to verify her identity) they claimed it was a random request. several weeks later her account was frozen, unable to withdraw funds, make purchases , send payments ect. no reason given, but what ever money she had would be held for 6 months( the money in her paypal account was her own from bank transfers) she is real, nothing bad or unusual about her, it was her true identity ect. We argued with them but they just laughed at us, claimed they could do what ever they wanted to, they were not regulated by any agencies.

I then opened up one myself, and had 6 outhers do the same thing, all legetimate people, one was a police officer, an accountant, and the others just regular Joes. they put money into their paypal account and again within a few weeks got the same requests for ss numbers and again all accounts were frozen, funds held for 6 months no ability to buy or pay for anything (with their own money) all received the same notification this is just a random request, meaning not everyone is required to provide this info, it is just pick out at random. What is the odd that all 8 of us were picked out at random, all had the same requests all had their accounts frozen and all had their own money held for 6 months.

1st why would you need to provide a social security number in order to buy an item you are paying for with your own money. They are not providing you with any credit, if you do not have enough mnoey in your paypal account they debit it from your bank account( which they have already verified when you open the paypal account along with your address ect. so a social securty number is really not necessary. how would you feel if you wnet to the grocery store and were required to provide you social security number in order to make a purchase( same thing here)

This PayPal, seems to have the right to do anything they want, useing their user agreement as their basis for their fraudes. They are not regulated by the banking industry, or state or federal baking authorities ect, yet they issue debit cards, do ACH drafts, provide credit and Banking transactions yet no one seems to regulate them and they do what they want whenever they want with your money and laugh when you complain. I went online and googled paypal complains and here is just a sample of the thousands of horror storys about paypal and guess who Ebay( their parent partner in crime) They have decided that combined they are so powerful and so imbedded in our lives that they are beyond regulation and the Law, and no one is big enough or powerful enough to stop them( is this true) is the american and world markets afraid of this giant? Why are they not regulated,

During my wife’s battle with cancer in 2006, she wrote a journal to me in secret. After she died in December 2006, I responded to her writings and published them together as a book. About 5 weeks ago, book finally in hand, I created a website aimed at helping people write their own stories about loved ones they had lost as a way of helping them through their grief journeys. On the site, I made my book available as an example of what could be done. Purchases could be made using PayPal. As I was giving copies away to the people we had known together, I had no idea if others would find their way to the site and order the book or not, but I wanted it to be available to people in need.

When I received no orders for the book in 5 weeks, I asked my brother to use the site to test the process. He subsequently placed an order, his PayPal account was charged, but I did not receive notice to ship the book nor receive payment from PayPal. In researching the problem, I discovered that the email used ‘behind the scenes’ on the website was missing one letter from the domain name. After fixing the error on the site, I called PayPal to determine how I could get a list of the transactions that had been affected. I was told they were not able to provide me with this information as it was not possible for their systems to query for such errors. They were able, however, to verify that the user id/domain name combination was not a valid PayPal account so no one else would be receiving these orders. Any affected buyers would simply have to wait for 30 days, after which time their accounts would be credited for an unclaimed purchase and they would presumably know to contact me in some other way to order the book at that time.

I think this is an unacceptable response. PayPal knows this happens, and gets to keep they funds interest free for the 30 days. They have no self interest in changing their systems or processes to do the right thing. Meanwhile, people suffering their own losses are waiting for help that never comes.

Jeremy of Manalapan, NJ April 23, 2009

I sold $350 worth of silver eagles to the above individual through Pay Pal. The items were sent with delivery confirmation. The above individual contacted Pay Pal stating he never received the items, and my account was subsequently deducted the $350. I was never contacted by the above individual regarding any problem. I contacted the post office and they stated the item was delivered as confirmed by their tracking code. I contacted the above individual and he stated through his e-mails through E-Bay, that he did indeed receive the items. I thought that this issue would be resolved. However, to my dismay, the above individual is not attempting to resolve the issue with Pay Pal, and Pay Pal states it is out of their hands. I would like to know why they have the right to deduct the money from my account, and not look into this issue any further. The e-mails that he sent to me through E-Bay confirm he did indeed receive the items.

Eddie of Edgewater Park, NJ April 18, 2009
Towards the end of February I sold a pair of Boots to a woman on Ebay for a $100. In my ebay terms, I clearly stated a 3 day refund/exchange policy refund/exchange honored within the timeframe of 3 days if the boot is damaged only. After 5 days from when the buyer received boots, she granted me a positive feedback stating comfortable boots, great deal thanks!. About a a week and 1/2 later the buyer sends me a complaint stating the sz 9 boot doesn’t fit like her usual sz 9 footware and that both inner soles came out the boots. She advised that the soles did not come out the boots until the 1st time she wore them, which was after the warranty period. These were brand new boots and my wife thoroughly inspected these boots before shipping. The boots proved to be sound externally/internally.

The 3 day exchange/refund period was for the buyer to inspect the boots by wearing them not for the boots to remain idle in her closet. I declined the exchange/refund because the buyer did not honor the terms established. The buyer filed a dispute against me with paypal, stating did not receive item as described. I have no control over how people wear their clothes. This is the reason why I chose a 3 day warranty. This is more than enough time to determine the quality of the footware if they’re worn. About 2 weeks later, paypal released my account and granted the buyer the $100 refund.

When I asked the bases of their decision, they said, their paypal user agreement over rides any Ebay terms established between the buyer and seller. I went straight to the executive level to have this matter investigated. I sent the president Mr. S. Thompson, Senior agent Mrs. B. Beutler e-mails staing my grief. Mr. Thompson never replied to my e-mail but his senior agent Mrs. Beutler responded by stating this is our final decision and it will not be over turned. These people (paypal) refuse to give their last names. I had to do research to get Mrs. Beutlers last name.

I also spoke to an executive agent Jenni over the phone who refused to furnish her last name, she was extremely rude and non-professional in dealing with issue. I have learned my lesson, I will never use Paypal again. It’s a payment vehicle that many people use for money transfer security, they will not see the negative side of this company until something negative happens. My paypal account will be closed by the end of the week.

I’m currently unemployed. My wife and I was using Ebay to sell items to supplement our income. Ebay had my account on hold because the fees weren’t paid. The money that paypal refunded back to the buyer was intended for the ebay fees. I had to use my credit card to pay the fees which put us in a deeper negative situation. I cannot take the chance to sell anything on ebay if Paypal has this ridiculous policy overiding ebay established terms.

Michelle Stonebraker/welsh of Morgantown, WV April 16, 2009
Paypal has frozen my funds for a laptop that I had recently sold. The buyer has recieved it but I still haven’t recieved my funds.

I needed the money to pay my bills. now I have shut-off noticies and I’m pregant with added stress.

Hiep of Seattle, WA April 11, 2009
Paypal took away my seller money without investigation. That’s went against their Seller Protection Policy.

Debbie of Chicago, IL March 21, 2009
I have been a perfect seller on Ebay for over 10 years with perfect feedback over 2500. Despite doing everything by the book, I recently had a buyer do a chargeback through his credit card provider. This chump got his item and left me positive feedback for the item! I have delivery confirmation that shows he got the item. Now he claims he didn’t make the purchase. I am out the money for the item (Versace) plus the shipping, plus I no longer have the item.

Isn’t it up to Paypal to verify its buyers just like they have to verify the sellers? This guy is no longer on Ebay and I feel like he is pulling a scam. Since Paypal took the money from my account, I am now in the negative, which I’m sure they’ll raid my bank account next. I NEED this money to keep my lights and heat on! I also have to ship out items with this money! This seems totally unfair and not in the best interests of the sellers. Screening buyers is their job, not mine!

The burden of proof should fall on them. They say it will take up to 30 days or more to resolve this. From what I’m hearing from other sellers who’ve fallen to this new scam, is that I may lose in this situation. I am guilty until proven innocent. Meanwhile, paypal has my money and collects interest on it. In many cases, they do not fight the chargebacks unless it is worth their while. I am furious! Somewhere in the fine print of legaleaze they can do this.

economic damage = me not having money to pay vital utilities!

John of Cleburne, TX March 13, 2009
I sold an antique fountain pen on eB ay last week for $455. Although I have 100% positive percent feedback for the past five years, PayPal decided this was a risky transaction and has placed my money on hold for 21 days in case the buyer wants to file a protest or dispute. The only way the funds will be released earlier is if the buyer gets around to posting positive feedback about the transaction or if PayPal can verify deliver — and the only way that can happen is if you elect to use PayPal to purchase a shipping label. Otherwise, they have no method of tracking delivery. In the interim, I’m stuck for the $441 left after PayPal deducts is $13 fee for screwing with my transaction.

Everyone should refuse to ship on a PayPal payment (and explain precisely why to the purchaser) until funds have been released to your account. That’s the way I handle it when someone sends me a personal check — and apparently, PayPal no longer provides a speed or convenience edge if the transaction is larger than $100 and/or you haven’t been selling at a sufficient rate to ipress them. I’m only taking checks from here on out.

Kim Russell Harris of Huntingdon, TN February 18, 2009
I sold some vintage toys on ebay. Ebay makes you accept paypal as payment. Once the auctions had ended and I was paid, they put a hold on my account until items had been shipped and recieved by the buyers. Then they were suppose to release my account. After I had shipped the items and provided the USPS tracking numbers they completely locked my account down because a relative has unresolved issues with his account. They also asked for my proof of address and to verify my bank account. I sent faxed them a copy of my bank account agreement and a copy of my Tennessee Drivers License both with my address. But they say this not enough.

They now want invoices where from where I purchased the items I sold or proof of inventory as they call it and my disturbutors name and address. I tried to explain to them that all these items were over 50 year old vintage toys that had been purchased at yard sales and fleamarkets and there was no invoices from where I purchased them. I also ask that wasn’t the buyer recieving them wasn’t proof enough of inventory. All buyers have recieved the items they purchased and left positive feedback saying they were happy with the purchase.

They are holding my account because of a relative’s account which I have no control over and I believe this is against the law. It is no where in my user’s agreement that I would be liable for someone else’s account. They are holding close to $500.00 of mine and I also had to pay for the shipping out of my pocket. I was going to start selling on ebay because times are hard here and the extra money would help alot, but it seems I am getting the shaft here.

Holding close to $500 of mine plus I paid for the shipping which was over a $100 out of my pocket thinking that they would release my money like they told me in the beginning they would. I need that money to help pay bills and feed my family. Thanks you,

Irene of Dumfries, BC February 12, 2009
i sold my gold bracelet 2 days ago i have had pos feed back from the buyer who is daw2540 who is a lovly lady but paypal has not releast my cash it says i need to waight till i get feed back which i have had. it is sill in pending

Mary of Tyler, TX February 6, 2009
We have used Paypal for over eight years for our home-based business. In July 2008, we sold our product to a man in Nevada for over $3000. We delivered the product and have the buyer’s signature as having received the product. In October 2008, Paypal informed us they were going to refund the buyer the amount of the sale, even though we had proof of receipt. We tried without success to reach the buyer.We never received any request from him for a return or refund. We have contacted Paypal by phone and email many times to get this resolved. We were assured that our personal bank account would never be touched, however on two occasions this is exactly what happened.

We supplied Paypal with all the written documentation requested and were told via email that our account was restored and by phone that Paypal Seller Protection would cover us, not to worry. However, we soon learned this would not happen. We have now been turned over to a collection agency, even though Paypal Executive Escalations tells us they are conducting more research to see if this man actually received the product (for which we have proof from the shipping company.) The buyer has the property and now his bank has the money.

We have filed a complaint with the white collar crime division and multiple complaints with the Better Business Bureaus and ETrust, to no avail. For a company the size of Paypal, it seems an easy thing to cover this under the Seller Protection plan. I am shocked and dismayed at the incredible emotional battle this has been and the lack of power we as small business people have. I am not even able to cancel this account. I have removed PayPal completely from my website and will be happy to share my experience with others. Someone needs to sue Paypal for this type of treatment.

We have been turned over to a collection agency. We have endured emotional and psychological distress.This company has abused their power.

Alex of Des Moines, WA February 3, 2009
On August 26, 2008 I sold a pair of shoes for $395 on an online message board. I received the payment through Paypal, and sent the shoes via USPS with delivery confirmation which were then delivered on August 28, 2008. Another flawless transaction, or so I thought. Two months later on October 28, 2008 I get an email from Paypal stating that the buyer has issued an Unauthorized Payment Chargeback Claim. Paypal asks for proof of shipping which I was able to show with the delivery confirmation number (Please see the attached page for more details regarding the transaction).

The next day Paypal emails me again and says that there is nothing they can do, and asks me to pay back the $395 plus another $10 fee for the Chargeback Settlement in which they did absolutely nothing in protecting me as a seller. In addition, this could not have been unauthorized because the buyer knew what he was doing by writing, “payment sent I await the shoes. Thank You” in the payment.

Now my account sits at negative $405 and the seller never returned the shoes. I called Paypal and was told that according to the User Agreement, items over $250 must have Signature Confirmation in order to be protected as a seller. Despite this detail, I followed every other step by sending to the confirmed address provided and using deliver confirmation. Paypal serves as the middle man for the buyer and seller. They charge me to use their services, and now, when their services fail, I suffer from it.

How was I to know that the buyer would be a scammer? I am currently a college student and I cannot pay the $405. Do I have to pay Paypal? What can I do? Who can I report this to? Who is at fault, me, the buyer, or our good friend Paypal?

Adrian of Kelana Jaya, OTHER February 2, 2009
I sold a product on ebay. The product was an iPhone. Client made a chargeback on me. Paypal contacted me to inform me of this matter through email. I responded immediately by providing paypal the tracking number that the item has already been shipped. I did not hear from paypal after that. It took some time then i decided to contact paypal to see the situation with the case. Paypal replied that they may take 15 days to investigate the matter.

Approx on the 17 day Paypal got back to me that the chargeback was successful adn my account showed a negative amount. Reason being that I am not protected by paypal ’seller protection’. In this case what was the investigation about? It is not about us being an honest seller and promptly responding paypal with all the prove needed i.i shipping information. What paypal wanted to investigate is how they could wipe their hand clean of this case. They just want to put the blame on the seller.

There are a few ironic parts to this case as well i’d like to point out:- 1. On paypal page they claim that we must respond ASAP – paypal them self took forever to respond to my concerns. 2. Paypal through their email states this We want to help you but we’re not able to respond directly to emails sent to this address – this statement is plain BS if you asked me. I tried contacting paypal through other channels even on Ebay but cant seem to reach them. It seems that this is a dodgy company or at least a company with horrible customer service. Final word proceed with Paypal with caution. Even you might have the right documents to prove your case, Paypal will neglect it to preserve its best interest. I have all the emails and i challenge Paypal to refute this.

My paypal account was frozen pending investigation for more than 15 days. My paypal account shows a negative balance in which paypal ask me to settle. Lost of business and more importantly lost of my faith on the online business specifically EBAY and PAYPAL.

Wai of Lexington, KY January 29, 2009
Paypal is holding my funds of $6335 for security reasons , they says. i sold 5 platinum coins on ebay and i had about $300 of my own money that i transfered from my own bank. Although i have provided them with all the tracking information and four out five coins have been recieved, they wont give me any explanation they just said its for security reasons, the agents from paypal are very rude to customers and they really disrespect us.i paid $220 ebay fees, almost $200 paypal fees and paid $107 for shipping with full insurnce.and i have sent out all 5 coins and it shows that 4 of them have been recieved and 1 is at the postoffice waiting for the buyer to pick up.Everytime i call each agent give me different information and try to twist things around, is it legal at all, is there anything i can do by law. thank you

James of Woolwich Twp, NJ January 24, 2009
We advertised a LCD projector on Craigs List. An email from a buyer named Joyce Maxwell from Joyce Maxwell inc stated that she was interested and would like to provide payment via PayPal. I created a PayPal account. I checked my PayPal account 1 day after I opened the account and there was a pending payment for the $800 that represented the sale price of the projector. Given this pending payment, I assumed that it was safe to send the item to Joyce Maxwell’s associate in Nigeria. The cost of shipping the projector to Nigeria was $115. Joyce Maxwell requested the shipping info via a phishing email under the name shipping@paypal.

I entered the shipping info, but Joyce Maxwell never released the payment. I called PayPal and they stated I had been scammed and although this happens very often, PayPal was not responsible. Shortly after, more service@paypal emails were received asking for us to refund an overpayment of $500 by Western Union, which we did not do.

Our projector is en route to Nigeria (value $1000). $115 in USPS shipping to Nigeria. No reimbursed payment was received.

Delbert of Roanoke, VA January 23, 2009
Pay pal placed a hold on 1209.33 of my money from items I sold on E-Bay. They send me a e-mail and explain that I must provide proof of sale from the items I sold like I am a criminal. This is a privacy issue as far as I am concerned. I have a right to protect how I earn my money and not give away my trade secrets. Pay Pal is only a accounting buisness not a Bank ,Lawfirm,or Police Department. They are not licenced to even make money off intrest from sales.

The Attorney General needs to look into these matters 1- What the percentage is of how many accounts are placed on hold 180 days. 2- What happens to the funds when this is done. A- Do they move these funds on the market to make a profit? B- Do they move these funds in a escrow account? If the funds are moved are they obligated to pay intrest for the funds that are locked out from their customers?

I recived a final letter from them that said they will no longer do buisness with me does that not terminate my account and on demand they must return my money from items I sold. I have letters from all my buyers and every item I sold they were all very satisfied with the items I sold them. any chargebacks that could be filed is pass the date sold that could be filed even if that was not the case. would not matter because pay pal does not pay for the chargebacks because they are not a bank.

They stole 1200.00 from me I am a disabled vet on low income. these items I sold with pay pal was to help me with my income. I sold them because I needed the money. They are in California and I am in Virginia. Hard to fight all them miles do you agree?

William of Southbury, CT January 22, 2009
Paypal has put a limitation on my account and they are holding $672 of my own money. They say that there is a security risk with my account and cannot verify information. They say I need to verify information with them, but do not list how or why they need this. They do not list any reason for the freeze.

Obviously I am out $672, but it is much more than that. The transaction I collected the money from included professional high-end radios and I am also out that asset and I had a problem with the buyer and had to refund $150 of my own money. Currently with the fees, ebay fees, paypal holding my money and the refund I am out around $1,000 of my own money. During a tough economic time, I am a college student can can no longer afford even essentials.

Jason of Van Nuys, CA December 21, 2008
I have been an Ebay /Paypal customer since 2001 with a perfect record. I have 299 Positive feedback with ZERO negatives. My PayPal record is flawless as well. In Oct 2008, I sold a Nokia N95 to a buyer in the Netherlands (my first international sale). On Nov 4, he files a claim of non-receipt. PayPal immediately puts my account into a negative status of $424.58. It took three weeks for the Nokia to arrive. The buyer had the tracking number since the day I mailed it in October so he knew that the delay was because of Customs in the Netherlands. The item actually arrived on the next day after he filed the complaint on Nov 5. I received notification of this claim on Nov 5, checked the shipping status and discovered that the item had actually arrived.

I contacted PayPal with the USPS tracking # and informed them that the buyer had incorrectly filed a claim. The item had indeed arrived. PayPal delayed in responding to me for several days. They said that they need to investigate. Not sure what this means. From the suspension of my account on Nov 5, they said they would have an answer by Nov 25. I sent repeated emails to PayPal saying the claim is false and they should remove the negative $$$ status on my account so I could continue to buy on EBay as I purchase electronics to run my business. I said that the buyer has too much power and they should not freeze my account without hearing both sides. They did not comply.

On Nov 19, the buyer cancels the non-receipt claim and files a new claim saying that the item he received is not what he bought. PayPal opens a new claim on Nov 19 and promises to complete the investigation by Dec 5. I periodically check the status of my PayPal account and now they say the investigation will be completed by January 18, 2009. This entire experience has been ridiculous. The buyer has no credibility and too much power. He is tap-dancing all over my account and I find it appalling that a buyer can just freeze someones account at their own whim. There are always a few bad seeds on the Internet and I had the misfortune of crossing paths with [one].

I have been a very active buyer on EBay since 2001 and I have never been the cause of any issues whatsoever. I feel, my rights as a consumer have not been recognized or honored. This is peak buying season and PayPal has committed a major disservice to me and my ability to pay people using PayPal which is widely recognized as the de facto payment system. Moreover, my account remains in a frozen negative $$$ status and I have no power. I fear this will look bad on my credit and also my reputation in the online community.

I work very hard to maintain my reputation and PayPal, through their [poor] customer service and their inability to take care of me, is singlehandedly responsible for losing me as a customer of EBay and PayPal. I have requested for PayPal to cancel my account and they refuse to answer. I told them that is they take money from me, I will fight it. I hope this is useful information for you.

Scott of Ormond Beach, FL December 20, 2008
I sold a set of heads on ebay. Customer complained so I told him to return the heads for a full refund.He sent the heads UPS ( another mistake) and they apparently dropped them off at my house ( no signature). When I informed him that the heads did not get delivered to me he filed a dispute with PAYPAL stating that the item was not as described. They of course took my money back. Custmoer then filed a claim with UPS. So now Paypal has my rent money for January help up, the customer has two claims filed ( paypal and UPS). Paypals policy is very clear that items over 250.00 require signature. Paypal just keeps running me around. They claim that they will decide the claim by Jan 15th. Tell the people that I owe money to that story.

I do not have the heads( 599.00) I have paid for the original shipping of 39.00. Paypal has frozen my account. Can’t pay bills. PAYPAL DOES NOT CARE ONE BIT.

Richard of Fresno, CA December 4, 2008
I bought a thermostat on EBay and found that it was defective. (It registered the room temp. 5 degrees hotter than it actually was.) I asked the seller to send me another one but he refused and wanted me to return the one I bought first. I told him that the weather was hot and that my air conditioner would not work without the thermostat. I contacted Paypal and filed a complaint with them. A period of a month went by and I received notice that they had ruled in favor of the buyer. I told them then that if they had ruled in my favor, why did I not get a refund or credit to my Visa card. They essentially never answered my questions but told me via an email that my case was now closed. They have been very sparse in answering emails and have provided false information when they have responded.

They allowed the seller to keep my money. He has both the defective thermostat that I mailed back to him and the $35 I have spent on the product and what it cost me to mail the package back to him.

Danielle of Anderson, SC December 2, 2008
Paypal is holding my money even after delivery confirmation and positive feedback was left for me.

I can’t buy my little sister her christmas now.

Jason of Coral Springs, FL November 24, 2008
I was the seller in an Ebay transaction. The buyer didn’t respond to any emails inquiring about payment (I gave him approx. 2 weeks) so I opened a dispute with Ebay. The dispute got the buyer to pay for the items and he paid with PayPal. About a week or two later the buyer then opened a dispute with PayPal saying the items shipped were not as described. He said one of the items was damaged. The items were in the condition as described in the auction listing and there was absolutely no damage.

In my response to PayPal I went on to explain that if there was damage it had to have occurred during shipment. (I actually don’t even think there was damage to begin with – that the buyer has buyer’s remorse and was attempting to get what he wanted but at a less than agreed-on price.)

Also know that the buyer declined insurance. I thought that the purpose of insurance was to protect against lost or damaged goods. So basically I think the buyer used the not-as-described claim to get around the fact that he didn’t purchase insurance and/or to pay at a lower price. I’ll re-state that I don’t think there’s damage but at this point I think he’d purposefully damage the item to now provide evidence if it was required.

I disputed the claim with PayPal by which the buyer wanted a refund for some of the original purchase price. PayPal sided with the buyer and I did not get an explanation as to how they came to their decision. How does this impact me? PayPal says the buyer was entitled to a full refund and now I’m going to get back a damaged item – an item that was not damaged when I shipped it.

PayPal says the refund stipulation is that the buyer ship the item back in its original condition but that is literally impossible because there was no damage when shipped. All said, and I’ll go back to the point that I had to open an Ebay dispute to get the buyer to pay, the buyer was able to work the system to get out of paying and I’m stuck with something damaged.

Dave of Sicklerville, NJ November 15, 2008
Paypal has struck again. After selling an item on ebay paypal decided to HOLD the funds. Since im not a merchant and im leary of internet scams, i never keep money in my PayPal account. When i went to ship, i could not due to lack of funds in that account. They have the extreme power to just come in and SEIZE my money?

I have 100% positive feedback with Ebay and amd a Premier acct holder with paypal. Now- I just dont know. I used BUY IT NOW so i paid money to get my payment immediately…guess what..i cant touch it. ebay and paypal…are just TOO BIG like the others. [They] too are not recession proof. enough of this gets around…maybe [they] will start releasing peoples money.

cant ship item immediately…positive feedback will go away..

Roberto of Ansonia, CT November 10, 2008
I sold some items on Ebay to try bridge a gap between the sale and my next pay check from my employer I just needed to pay some creditor to avoid having any action taken against me but now I’m in a heap of trouble because PayPal has a new policy that prevent from accessing funds for well over 2 business week how can I make my ends meet when all these so called safe transaction make more difficult to access funds

I have some utility company threating to shut off service

Jeremiah of Greenwich, CT October 24, 2008
Here is a good one about the company Paypal, which you are forced to use if you sell on ebay. I sold a card to a person in Hawaii. The buyer claims he never received the card. So the buyer logged a complaint with paypal. Paypal proceeded to take 133.00 out of my acount and hold it until i could prove that i shipped the card. I sent paypal all the information along with a photo copy of the shipping reciept from the post office. I sent the card priority mail. The buyer did not pay for insurance or delivery confirmation.

It took three weeks and Paypal ruled against me. They said because i had no tracking number of proof of shipping (which i 100% do) there is nothing they can do for me. Talk about having $133.00 stolen from you with reason or explanation. There must me something that i can do. This company can not just feel free to go into my account and take money that does not belong to them. More over, make a ruling based on facts that are false. Plus – this specific buyer has claimed in the past that he has not recieved high dollar cards from other buyers. I have been stolen from and i think something should be done.

I am out the card that i sold and i am now out $133.00. In these harsh economic times – losing – having $133 stolen from me is not a good thing. What can i do?

April of Lincoln, CA October 11, 2008
I had a buyer claim that the item bought was defective. A claim was filed with Pay Pal. Pay Pal has now suspended $175. out of my Pay Pal account. Since there was not an money in the account, I suspect they will withdraw money from my back.

The buyer filing a bogus complaint is a win win situation for Pay Pal. Where is the seller protection? I suspect $175 will be taken out of my account and returned to the buyer.

Patricia S. Dumas of Fair Haven, NJ October 7, 2008
someone hacked my paypal acct and tried to withdraw money from my checking acct. There was hardly any money in that acct, and Paypal paid them anyway! This seller was from the uk and the buyer was listed as being from VA, but, on researching ebay, he was actually from the uk. Now I have a negative balance with Paypal which they say I owe them. I know they will ruin my credit if this happens.. all because a scammer got into my paypal– all with different names and addresses than my own.

I never received a warning from paypal that this item was going to a different address than mine; nor did I receive a you have made a payment email from Paypal. All the names of the seller and the buyer on my paypal page were totally unknown to me. My claim was denied very quickly from Paypal with no recourse.

Many many hours on phone and email with Paypal..had to get new credit card and bank acct. Lots of sleepless nights and worry.

Cindy of Alvin, TX October 4, 2008
I am so upset with Pay Pal. I recently was selling an item and was going to ask the buyer (from another state) to deposit in my checking account through a bank near him. Someone said, Pay Pal will have your money to you same day. I signed up for pay pal and have not seen my money since. They are making it nearly impossible to obtain my money.

Phone calls seem to go in circles. After 25 minutes on this latest call, the customer service rep told me exactly what I told her in the first one minute on the call. Everything they tell me is you have to wait anther 3-5 business days. Well, that’s a week. So far we are up to 3 weeks before it MIGHT be resolved and I MIGHT have my money. I would like interest on my money they are using during this time. When I asked who can I contact to complain, they said go to their contact us link. Well, that’s a bunch of garbage too. It allows you to ask a question. Nothing more.

Economical consequences???? I’m now overdrawn in my checking account because Pay Pal funds did not hit. Pay Pal should have to re-imburse me.

R.e. Groover of Long Beach, CA October 1, 2008
I set up 2 different Payment Processors (Propay and Moneybookers) but many buyers don’t like using anything but Paypal. I kept on refunding all the sales payments I made through Ebay that wound up paying through Paypal, and only wound up with angry buyers when I sent an invoice from Propay or Moneybookers, ending up with negative feedback. But the worst is, now I cannot even request a refund to the buyer from my Paypal account. Yet Paypal continues to accept payments from my buyers, then holds on to the funds. Obviously, no buyer is going to pay me twice through 2 different payment processors. It’s just a nightmare!

In a 3 days I had sold close to $10,000. worth of merchandise a net profit for 3 days of over $4,000. I completely lost that income and my reputation was destroyed on Ebay.

Sharon of Stanhope, NJ September 30, 2008
They make it impossible for you to withdraw money from your paypal account. They keep you on hold forever if you call (20 minutes or more); they can’t help you when you do call. Their live chat is useless online; I have been trying for 2 weeks to link my credit card and verify my bank account with paypal in order to withdraw money above my limit of $500.00. They can give me $500 in the form of a check, but they charge a handling fee. Not fair….

I have had to wait over two weeks to get some of my money. They are requiring too much red tape for people to verify their identity and take too long to correspond back to their clients. They need more phone help and better live chat online assistance.

Larry of Holbrook, AZ September 24, 2008
I manage a Vacation Rental Property. Since I have had a PayPal merchant account for 8 years I decided to use PayPal to receive electronic payments for deposits and advance payments of rent. An individual made a $1000.00 payment via PayPal for the deposit and advance payment of rent. PayPal received the funds the next day from his checking account. PayPal then placed a hold on the funds, stating they were investigating the transaction for possible fraud. After 10 days I started asking when they were going to release the funds. After 2 weeks, they reversed the payment without giving any reason. The renter swears he did not do or say anything to cause them to reverse the payment.

PayPal just decided to screw me over because I questioned their actions. I have since come to an arrangement with the renter and he paid me in cash once the funds were back in his account. PayPal had no reason to freeze my account, nor any reason to reverse the payment other than the fact that I questioned their actions. I have requested that my PayPal account be canceled and I will never again trust or use PayPal.

Lost use of my PayPal account for over 2 weeks and I must find a real financial institution to process credit cards and electronic payments as I can no longer trust PayPal to perform this critical function do to their proven unreliability.

Alisa L Guillory of Lake Charles, LA September 7, 2008
i sent a item to a [man] mexico. he claimed that he did not get the item, so i did a tracking number. my paypal account is frozen, and if i sell anything on ebay, they will take that money to deal with the negative balance in my account. they will not restore the account until the [man] receives the item. i cannot ship any item out cause paypal have made my account minus. i have talked to them a bunch of times, but have gotten nothing.

Christy of Corinth, TX August 28, 2008
I have had the worst experience with using pay pal lately. They hold your money, because they have new policies that state they have that right to hold your money that your customers pay you. What I think is really unfair is how they take their fees out of the money you are paid by the customer and then they hold the funds so you can not with draw or have any access. Ebay takes their fees out of the money as well.

You get very rude treatment when calling pay pal customer service to ask questions about this or you get hung up on. They keep changing their policies on me everytime I call or email them to find out when are they going to release my money. First they told me to pay through pay pal to ship item so I did and they got the confirmation that my customer did receive the item.

Next when I call asking why isn’t my money released yet they say because I haven’t received positive feedback yet. This is very very unfair for the sellers and also let’s not forget ebay is what they are today because of people selling on there and paying all of the ebay and paypal fees. If pay pal holds peoples money they should not be aloud to take their fees out until releasing the funds, because what do they care since they already got paid. NOT TO MENTION THE FACT THEY CHARGE $1.00 everytime you their shgipping through pay pal. There should be another law suit against them because they are not even following their new policies and they make it extremely hard to get in contact with their customer service. When you email them they just send an automated email about their policies.

I have spent alot of time on this,I am very stressed and I am out more on shipping charges then what I charged my customers.

Christy of Corinth, TX August 27, 2008

I have been selling and buying on Ebay for over 1 yr and I use to enjoy doing this plus it helps me so I can stay home with my autistic daughter. I recently sold 3 items on ebay and when I went to withdraw the money from my pay pal account I was declined so I came home logged onto paypal and they decided to hold $115.00 of my money.

I called them several times trying to find out why is my money being held I was hung up on then another customer service rep I could barely understand stated that I had 2 charge backs from 2 customers over 1 month ago and that they have new policies that state when you have a charge back they will hold your money for 21 days or until a positive feedback is left or until you provide proof of delivery of merchandise.

I was furious because they never warned me and I have to pay out of my own pocket to ship items because they are holding my money the customers paid. I went on ebay and paid for shipping through pay pal and sent them the confirmation numbers and tracking info. The merchandise has been delivered to my customers and PAY PAL still comes up with other reasons why they are going to hold my money.

One customer service rep I spoke with flat out told me I have no clue why they are still holding your money. I have seller protection through pay pal so if someone does a charge back on my account it is covered under pay pal seller protection.

Tom of Sacramento, CA August 22, 2008
I am very dissapointed with my paypal service. I dont know what gives them the right to withold my recieved payments and expect me to ship the items! I generally will only ship items once payment has been recieved. I was never told prior to receiving payment that my payments were going to be held. If I would have known this I would have certainly used a more reliable form of payment other than Paypal. I Shipped the items anyway and even after they have been recieved my payments are still being held. I appreciate they are trying to protect buyers interests…. however as a seller I have given up my goods and not recieved payment! I am pretty sure ebay is breaking some form of rule or law and I intend to follow up with this and will be posting my experience on various boards. This is rediculous!

Shalini of Aldie, VA August 22, 2008
They are charging excees postage from me and all other sellers who are completely unware for printing shipping labels on their website once a sale has been made on ebay. They claim to give you discounted shipping while charging us not only extra but also the discount part has been pocketed by them. They blame usps but its not usps. Leave alone the discount, they charge at least 70 cents for the smallest package of once once extra. It multiples with the size of the package. I have personally verified this at the usps website and usps store. The charges for the same weight on usps website and store is same and is lower than what paypal charges us.

I sample checked on 8 items and all cant go wrong had it not been paypal scam. Their corporate veil needs to be lifted. I do want a lawyer to contact me

Millions of sellers on ebay are being cheated by the minute. Millions of sales takes place on ebay and each seller is being cheated on it. Millions/Billions of dollars are being by the minute pocketed by them.

Billie of Midway, TX August 21, 2008
I wish to file a complaint against PAYPAL, INC whose headquarters are in California. I sold two motorcycles via EBAY online and the buyer paid for them through PAYPAL. The buyer came to my home, took delivery of the motorcycles without riding them or even looking them over, took the titles and a paper where I said the motorcycles were sold AS IS, NO WARRANTY and once at home, 1000 miles away in another state, he began trying to get his money back. He tried for a refund from PAYPAL, who refused him. Then he tried for a refund through Ebay’s Vehicle Buyer’s Protection Plan, which refused him. Then he did a charge back on his credit card, which he received despite my protests and evidence there was nothing wrong with the motorcycles and that he had possession of them.

Now he has filed a charge back on his credit card for the Second motorcycle sold to him by us, and meanwhile PAYPAL is doing nothing to solve this dispute, PAYPAL is not standing up for me the Seller, and PAYPAL has let this person steal my motorcycle by allowing him to get a charge back via his credit card, and PAYPAL will probably now allow him to get a second charge back for the second motorcycle.

Now PAYPAL has a negative balance in my account online and wants me to fund it, effectively putting in the money in the account the buyer paid for the motorcycles, which he has for free. This means I would be out my motorcycles and my money for the motorcycles. PAYPAL would have their money, the buyer would have my motorcycles, and I would have had my property stolen. Please look into my case with PAYPAL and force them to protect me, as per their service agreements, against a buyer who is trying to steal from me. Something has to be done about PAYPAL and their buyers who try to steal from sellers on Ebay. Thank you.

Lacy of Wentzville, MO July 3, 2008
A customer purchased an item from me and paid me by paypal. She lived in Canada, and ask that I send it to a P.O. box No. in Michigan. She did not want to pay the extra money shipped to her Canadian address. She did not purchase insurance either. I sent her package on 4/5/08. Around a month later I received a letter from the Detroit Bulk Mail Center in Allen Park, Michigan telling me they had found an empty wrapper (it was actually a box) with my address on it. I filled out a long form and sent it to St. Paul, Minnesotas Mail Recovery Center. They said they would try to find out what happened to what was in the package.

I contacted the buyer of my package and let her know what was going on. I even sent her a copy of the letter the post office had sent me along with a copy of the shipping receipt and delivery comfirmation receipt. I told her that it could take a while for the post office to find out something. She didn’t answer for two days. When she did answer, she wanted me to send her money back. I told her that’s not the way it works, that we have to let the post office handle the matter first. She contacted Paypal, and paypal sent me a complaint form with her complaint on it.

They allowed me to tell my side of what happened. They sent me another e-mail and told me to click on their complaint department. They gave me a file number to use when I went to the complaint department. They gave me ten days to work this out. But when I went to communicate with them, I could not. The only thing they allowed me to do to work it out was to give them permission to send her the money back she had sent through them. I would not allow them to do this because I was waiting on a answer from the Post Office. I have sent them numerous e-mails telling them she did not purchase insurance to cover the package.

So Paypal gave her the money back anyway and charged my account which put it in the negative. Now they have turned it over to a collection agency wanting that money which I did not authorize them to send. This is going to run my excellant credit. Can you help and what should I do. The amount is only $41.75 but thats not what bothers me. Its what they did and the way they did it. I don’t feel they did me right.

They are ruining my credit.

Gilda of Winton, NC July 1, 2008
An email address was submitted informing me that a person had made a paypay purchase for an ebay product and pay pal wanted to know if I had authorized it and if not to click onto my paypal account to dispute it and that charged amount would be returned. Everytime I try to log on to the paypal account and dispute the purchase, I can not get through I keep getting an erro message.

Tana of Rancho Cordova, CA June 25, 2008
I have also been noticing the discrepancy in total $ received. However, I go by the total amount shown as received on the email PayPal sends me (this has always been the same amount shown on my account page as well). The discrepancy is near the top of the page where I’m paying for postage.

If the email from PayPal does not show that insurance was paid for, then I do not pay for insurance. This discrepancy shows for Priority Mail, but (as of 6/24/08) not for Media Mail or Parcel Post.

Also on 6/24/08, I called PayPal and asked about this problem; they said it was a known issue and would make sure that my account gets top priority (yeah, right). So pay attention to the emails you receive from PayPal!!! If your customers aren’t actually PAYING for insurance, there’s no reason you should be buying it for them (unless that’s your usual practice, of course).

It’s a major annoyance!

Merial of Grand Prairie, TX June 18, 2008
I sold an item on ebay, used software with license key. After 42 days the customer emailed me to let me know that she can not register it and I told her that the software is used and she can install it and I did not have a returned policy. So she filed a claim with paypal and paypal had her to returned the item and they are going to debit my account.

My complaint is that I didn’t do anything wrong and the customer was able to install my program on her computer and/or copy my disk and return my items. Paypay did not get in touch with me regarding this resolution.

Dena of San Diego, CA June 18, 2008
Discrepancies in total $ received. One screen show shows extra $ was received from the buyer for shipping insurance. Another screen shows a different total $ actually paid by the buyer.

A loss of $2 per shipment…..60 listing per week…..over a $100 per month. I cannot possibly be the only one this is happening to.

Dina of Santa Ana, CA June 17, 2008
I sold a Coach bag and shipped it using Priority Mail international flat rate envelope to Malaysia. I have the receipt showing the post office received it on April the 25th at 5 p.m. He never received it. I went to the post office and they told me there was a huge transportation riot in Malaysia, maybe that was the problem. Paypal decided to reverse the payment. Took all the amount from my account including the fees they charged and did it in a way that I can’t even recover the Ebay fees because it took them exactly 45 days to decide. I am supposed to have expanded seller protection where is it?

I paid for the bag, shipping, Ebays Fees, Paypal fees twice, all a loss out of my pocket with nothing back other than a huge disappointed on the system.

Crystal of Sandston, VA June 9, 2008
I sold an item on Auction terms clearly stated as is and final sale. As per ebay’s tos, bidding implies compliance by the buyer. Buyer decided he wanted to return the item after receipt; I declined. Buyer instigated complaint with Paypal, who didn’t do any research whatsoever and decided to debit my account and give my money to the buyer ($75).

Paypal’s email states that this has left my paypal account $75 in the negative and they intend to debit my personal checking account to retrieve the funds. I wrote them and expressly stated that they are NOT authorized to do so. Their email stated that if they could not retrieve the funds, they will send me to collections and damage my credit.

$90+ loss (including funds taken out of account and given to buyer, cost of shipping and all fees associated, plus loss of functional item).

Shawn of Mableton, GA May 28, 2008
On Ebay I paid $425 for an item titled 16gb iPhone. I received an item in the mail from the seller which was not an iPhone. The item was not an item that Apple iPhone has ever made. The item actually said HiPhone on the back. I sent it back to the seller and filed a claim with (the way to pay for an ebay item). Paypal has decided not to refund my money even though I provided written testimony and I also have pictures to prove it was not an iPhone. Now I’m stuck without an iPhone and less $425.

I have lost my $425 and the shipping costs to send it back with signature confirmation. I never received the as advertised 16gb iPhone.

Greg of Concord, NH March 15, 2008
I sold a computer motherboard on an Ebay auction where I stated that the item was not eligible for return due to the sensitive nature of such electronics. The buyer complained that the item was defective and without asking to arrange for a refund or return, he filed a complaint with Paypal. The email address used on the payment transaction was not my primary email address so when Paypal attempted to contact me via email, I did not respond within the 10 days they require. Paypal refunded the purchase price with shipping to the buyer without ever having communication with me. I responded on the 12th day but it was too late. I have appealed this case twice yet Paypal has still not rectified this. The buyer has not responded to my emails requesting payment or return of my item. Now I am out the item and my money and Paypal is not helping at all. Paypal needs to review it’s policies when an honest seller (99% positive feedback) gets the short end of the stick because of an unscrupulous buyer.

$75.90 which is the item price with shipping that was refunded to the buyer.

Angela of Portage, MI March 2, 2008
I was limited by Paypal for no reason on my account which is ruining my online sales on ebay and on my drop-shipping site that I use to raise funds for my nonprofit organization. I have told Paypal this, and they keep telling me to login and go to the sentence on the page where it says how to unlimit the account. I click on it, and it just says the account cannot be unlimited. All information they needed from that, I faxed to them and has been received, but they still won’t unlimit my account. They keep saying I can only have 2 accounts with them which is all I have–a personal account and a business account.

However, they keep making my personal account my business account, and then they keep changing my information on it and limiting my account. Three years ago it was finally fixed; then a month later they limited it again. I have been trying to get my account unlimited for 3 years now. I am losing many sales by them doing this to me.

Toy of San Bernardino, CA February 22, 2008
My Paypal debit card expired in August 2007. Paypal never notified me of its expiration. Paypal made no attempt to send me a new card. I finally had to request a new card in September. I AM RECEIVING ALL MY MAIL. September the card did not arrive so I requested a second card. In October the card did not arrive so I requested a third card, etc. In December I changed my address and confirmed my new address. I added a new credit card, verified/confirmed everything, and I requested a fifth card. In January the card did not arrive so I requested a sixth card. On February 22 the card still did not arrive, so I called and asked to speak to a manager. I was told I never applied for a card, and the woman operator hung-up on me. Called back and spoke to Melvin in Midwest call center who transferred me to manager Joey Dublin in Ireland. Manager Joey said the card was sent to my old address again instead of my new address. I completely removed all my old information from the Paypal system and requested my seventh card. I AM RECEIVING ALL MY MAIL; NOTHING IS WRONG WITH MY MAIL

This has absolutely hindered my business as I am unable to access my money immediately or make reservations. Cost me hundreds of dollars in time and money.

Johnathan of Avondale, AZ February 6, 2008
Last year I sold numerous used cellular phones on ebay that were once my personal items. Paypal came to me and told me that my activity was suspicious and they froze my account asking for copies of my social security card, identification, contact information for my supplier, and receipts for my items. I explained to them that the items were old and I no longer had receipts and that they were personal items. I emailed them my ID. I was told that this should not be a problem. Then they suspended my account indefinitely and froze my funds. Unfortunately those funds were to pay for the shipping of the items. 6months later I was sent an email stating that my money was available for withdrawal and my acct was eligible for closure. I withdrew my funds and requested an account closure BUT my money market acct deposited an interest payment of .20 cents but I can’t withdraw any less than a dollar. I called them today and told them that I no longer wanted any affiliation with their company and I wanted my account closed. They refused. I told them that my social security number is attached to that account and I no longer wish for that account to be in existence. They refused again. I do not believe that paypal has the right to FORCE me to have an account with them wether limited or not. Can someone please help me?

I was forced to pay for shipping out of my personal money. Furthermore, I spent a lot of time arguing with customers that were sent emails stating that I was not allowed to receive money. NOT TO MENTION that I was forced to pay the ebay fees for items that I was not able to collect funds on.

Amy of Cocoa Beach, FL February 5, 2008
My sister had an internet business and she transferred money from her paypal account to my paypal account to hold it temporarily until her dropshipper notified her to pay because they didn’t pick up the money within the 5 day time line. She transferred the money back to herself once the dropshipper emailed her. Then they flagged our account for suspicious activity. I’m clueless – now they charged back the $759.00 back to me and told me to pay it out of my checking account. I had nothing to do with it, it was my sister, she transferred that money without my knowledge. I refuse to pay them. I had a PayPal account so a man from Canada could pay me for cleaning services I do at his timeshare. All this was just a temporary money transfer between my sister and I and somehow they cannot figure this out!

They are trying to take this money out of my checking account. I don’t owe them any money and I don’t know what they are talking about. I want to sue them

Robert M. Abbott of Spartanburg, SC January 7, 2008

Paypal flagged a payment transaction between me and a client and hassled my client by asking him to verify his home address, alledging the trnasaction was possibly unauthorized This has created an embarassing situation for me professionally. My client simply wanted to pay his bill using paypal…and what he got was an invasion of privacy and a questioning from paypal about his personal affairs.

I chose paypal because it supposedly protected the privacy of my client as well as being convenient. When i called paypal dispute resolution I got a cheeky response with corporate double speak and excuse making, tellimg me it is for security purposes. By the way, this was a simple $600 transaction for services with no goods or shipping involved. Paypal has just lost a FEE PAYING customer. And their attitude was, who cares.

James And Jeff Savage of Louisburg, NC January 4, 2008
I placed two orders for $850 each (Order 2216 for $850 placed on Nov 21, 2007 and Order 2232 on Nov 30, 2007 for $850) for gasoline gift cards through website and paid through PayPal by EFT from my personal checking account. The above business address is, as per website, but is actually a UPS store box. Business phone number is as per website, is apparently registered to Laverne ____. Seller discontinued contact with me (Buyer) shortly after second order was placed, and has not returned phone calls or emails. Dispute was filed with PayPal, concluding in a claim with Seller but was notified by PayPal that none of the funds could be recovered from the Seller’s account. I have been notified by PayPal that contact info for this company cannot be provided without a subpoena or warrant.

For now it appears I have been defrauded of $1700 from this seller.

Bud of Briarcliff, TX December 30, 2007
Paypal seems to be engaged in a policy of passing liability/costs for unauthorized use of accounts onto seller-victims. I recently sold an item on Paypal and was later told that the buyers payment may have been an unauthorized use of the account. The holder of the account told his credit card company (from which the funds were deducted) that the withdrawal was unauthorized. The CC company issued a charge-back to Paypal pending investigation of the withdrawal. Paypal requested from me information regarding the transaction. When questioned, Paypal said that if the CC company decides the account usage was unauthorized and the buyer is refunded his funds, then Paypal will expect me to refund the money paid me, although my goods were shipped and would be unrecoverable. Paypal policy claims to allow charge-backs for any reason, which would allow them to shift the cost of recovery from (a) the person who surrendered his account information to (b) the seller to whom Paypal transferred the funds. The CC company’s investigation is on-going, but Paypal wants the funds returned.

Lost $1300.00 in goods and $117.00 in shipping fees.

Bruno A Franca of Corona, NY May 6, 2007

I sold an item on Ebay. The buyer paid me and Paypal put limitations in my account and hold the money for 180 days. I tried to lift the limitation providing everything they needed to lift the limitation but nothing worked. They said my account was a high risk and they had to keep my money there for 180 days.

The consequences about this whole thing is that I had to paid for that item out of my pocket I didn’t see a dime from that money and I got both my Ebay and Paypal account suspended.

Zhen of Brooklyn, NY February 27, 2007

I am a Ebay seller and a Paypal user. Paypal put a limitation on my account twice in 2 weeks. They lifted the first limitation off last Wednesday after i have provided them with my bank account number, credit card number, and tracking information for the items that i have sold on Ebay. Today, Payapal place a limitation on my account again. The limitation froze all of my money in my account and asks me to provide more private information such as Social Security number, proof of purchase of the items that i have sold, and tracking information. I was told I need to provide all the information they want or the they will not lift the limitation. Now, I cannot withdraw my money, I cannot do business on Ebay, and I have shipped the products to all buyers.

Edwin of Norwalk, CT December 21, 2006

I was selling Playstation 3’s and Nintendo Wii’s online on Ebay, who by
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Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

in reply to Aug 27, 2013 8:20:11 AM

I have had a similar issue. & now all of my accounts including the linked bank account are in the negative. I filed a police report & my bank is looking into this as well as the fraud department in my state. I will be pressing charges. In the mean time, I am at a loss for words much less unable to issue refunds, pay postage, etc........I am so distraught, that I am just about to give in & just not deal with ebay or paypal anymore period.   Smiley Sad

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Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

in reply to Aug 31, 2013 5:20:09 PM
I'm not at all shocked and i don't find it unbelievable. What is unbelievable however is that they are still in business and that there are so few alternatives.
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Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

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dropandsellauctions wrote:
I figured no one from eBay would touch this thread. I would be dissapointed in myself/company if it happened to me.

Noone from eBay touches ANY thread except to remove or move.  You will rarely see a :blue" posting.

This sig intentionally left blank

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Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

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fruitacres wrote:

dropandsellauctions wrote:
I figured no one from eBay would touch this thread. I would be dissapointed in myself/company if it happened to me.

Noone from eBay touches ANY thread except to remove or move.  You will rarely see a :blue" posting.

Why blue? Cold? Sad? or Smurf?


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Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

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PayPal to ban class action suits



 PayPal is also no stranger to class action suits. In 2011, two separate groups filed against it, alleging that the company violated consumer protection laws by holding funds for up to 180 days without explanation. Those suits are  now being tentatively settled, but it’s doubtful they would have been the last. So what does this mean for the people who use PayPal and other services? According to Paul Bland, a senior attorney at law firm Public Justice

"Stopping class action suits is sometimes an abstract worry, but PayPal has a history of legal challenges;  it’s (Paypal) is widely criticized by users. High-profile customers — from Minecraft developer Markus Persson to Regretsy’s April Winchell — have blasted its review policies and customer service, the latter after PayPal shut down a Christmas charity drive, kept a portion of the funds, and then attempted to freeze the account; Paypal's banning  of class action suits is  "unbelievably disastrous" for consumers. A class action suit can get results when few people would put in the time or money otherwise. In those cases, Bland says "class action is the only way people will get their money back." Class action suits are also more likely to lead to widespread policy changes at a company, according to Bland, and the move away from them "makes it impossible for anyone to get injunctive relief" to stop an abusive practice through legal channels"  


More dirty games from paypal.

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Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

in reply to Aug 31, 2013 8:44:15 PM

Well, banning class actions is an up and coming thing for many companies. You accept the terms when you click to accept a user agreement. Ebay recently jumped on the bandwagon for this along with a lot of other companies.

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Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

in reply to Aug 31, 2013 9:06:55 PM

exactly and of course you just KNEW Paypal would jump on the band wagon considering all the heat they have taken in the last few years. Just remove another way for folks to fight back...I have always said, Paypal is a dirty company but I never said they were dumb..they know how to screw the customer over with the best of em.

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Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

in reply to Sep 1, 2013 5:04:38 AM

We have seen here some shining examples of the so called "Paypal Seller protection" at work.  Where are the Paypal Kool-Aid drinkers who pretend  this kind of stuff never happens?

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Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

in reply to Sep 1, 2013 5:43:11 AM

Ahh good question jmhazlett , they don't troll around these types of post. You know where the evidence is stacked againt them and they can't come up wtih a response...if you are looking for them they can  be found, on the post where the unfortunate newbie's come for advice, as they like nothing more than to tout the wonderful customer service provided by PP and to give out useless information that leads to nowhere...they are full of BS as much as Paypal, nothing but talking heads, never really saying anything, sticking to scripted company lines....they are absolutely worthless.

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Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

in reply to Sep 1, 2013 10:35:59 AM
I guess I'm a kool-aid drinker? I don't doubt these things happen, but it has never happened to me personally so whenever I'm asked for a review of paypal, I'm honest and say that I've had no bad experiences and the PP team has been very helpful when issues do arise.

2 issues in the past 6ish years of using Paypal have occurred for me:

1) Account was locked due to someone paying me for an auction with stolen funds. This was by far the biggest headache I had on here and completely shut down my online business operations for 3 days. After sending PP documentation of everything that they requested, they said they would take care of it on their end, and actually let me keep the money!

2) Issue with mail fraud. Buyer claimed INR on the 44th day. I sent PP the tracking info stating that buyer did receive the item. As the case was ongoing, I received the package back from the buyer in the mail (almost 2 months after the original ship date). Apparently she decided to use it for 2 months and then try to get a full refund. Took a picture of the label showing it was a label she purchased about a week AFTER she filed the claim and PP immediately closed the case in my favor. Told me to keep the item and the money, and said they would be willing to forward the full correspondence to law enforcement. I notified USPIS and that was it.

Minor issues have happened too: for example yesterday, I had a funds hold that hadn't come off after 24 hours. I called, and was transferred quickly to a very nice gentleman with an American accent who apologized for the trouble, and told me that while he was unable to fix the issue, he would flag it for priority handling. Less than an hour later, it was fixed.

So yes, I do not doubt there are some horrible experiences with PayPal, but in my last 6 years, I have not had any of those. There are people out there who really like paypal (and like me, are willing to pay the extra little bit of surcharge for the protection PP gives us), and have not had a single problem with them. You just don't hear from us because there is no reason to complain about good service! Smiley Wink
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Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

in reply to Sep 1, 2013 11:30:45 AM
I have had the opposite experience , that and 1000s of others that have had trouble is what I base my opinions on. In glad it's working out for you, however as I said before its not IF but WHEN you will run into trouble with PP. With 99 feedback you so far have been lucky but the odds are against you the more active you are on eBay, give it time and you will experience it first hand, just telling you about it is anticlimactic , you must experience it for yourself. Best of luck to you in the future.
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Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

in reply to Sep 1, 2013 11:31:26 AM
Last Edited 11:33:01 AM

Although a dumb procedure, anyone that has their debit card is subject to a call to confirm recent transactions. If you miss the call,  the card may be frozen until you call back. It can be either Paypal or the bank, on Paypal's behalf. I'm not aware of any other cards that do the same thing.


Google the number and see who is affiliated with it. When Paypal calls me, it is area code (402). I just ignore it, since I don't have the debit card anymore. Best to memorize the number and understand what is involved. You can then call back while viewing your account information.


gpor finds out many times when he prepares to pay and the card is denied. He claims "no big deal", but I can't imagine being denied for a couple of taco's at Jack's. 


I would recommend, know the number and know when you missed the call or always have alternate means of payment.


I believe it is the bank, in conjunction with Paypal.



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Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

in reply to Sep 1, 2013 11:41:52 AM

texasgal35 wrote:
I have had the opposite experience , that and 1000s of others that have had trouble is what I base my opinions on. In glad it's working out for you, however as I said before its not IF but WHEN you will run into trouble with PP. With 99 feedback you so far have been lucky but the odds are against you the more active you are on eBay, give it time and you will experience it first hand, just telling you about it is anticlimactic , you must experience it for yourself. Best of luck to you in the future.

This is a personal account.  I have had thousands of sales using PayPal (not necessarily eBay, we allow people to use PP to checkout from our website) and pretty much no problems.  Of course in the 10+ years we've been in business, I've only ever known of maybe 1 chargeback a year from credit cards?  Never through paypal, but the point is I think our customers leave happy and we're willing to take care of them so that cuts down on some of the issues (although I understand not all).


The other difference could be that we have a higher volume of sales so Paypal is a bit nicer to us?  Just a guess.

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Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

in reply to Sep 1, 2013 11:44:52 AM

sparkstert wrote:

Although a dumb procedure, anyone that has their debit card is subject to a call to confirm recent transactions. If you miss the call,  the card may be frozen until you call back. It can be either Paypal or the bank, on Paypal's behalf. I'm not aware of any other cards that do the same thing.


My credit card has this feature on it.  When suspicious activity is detected (like when one transaction happens in one state followed by another in another state far away in a short amount of time), I get a phone call on my cell phone.  Pretty much anytime I buy something in an airport it happens.  I also travel between two cities a lot so the first purchase I make in a city after arrival also triggers a phone call.  Online spending that is outside of my normal habits (like when I bought a $2000 laptop) triggers a phone call as well. This is a credit card from citibank.

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Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

in reply to Sep 1, 2013 4:32:08 PM
Most of the fraud takes place via eBay , that seems to be scammers favorite targets. As I said, speaking to a eBay rep on the phone she said herself that fraud on eBay is out of control and they are grasping a straws just to keep's a losing situation for eBay. At times perhaps PP is caught in the middle of these disputes, they must determine who is the thief , who is lying, and at times they fail to bring all things into consideration, which leads to frustration for customers ... If eBay could get a handle on the fraud and the perpetrators that commit these violations , that would ease the pressure on PP to make these calls to determine actually who Is the thief in these's like a domino effect, it starts with fraud on eBay and snowballs from there.
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Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

Re: pay-pal fraud detection specialist.....YOU MUST BE JOKING! RIGHT?

in reply to Sep 1, 2013 8:54:04 PM

texasgal35 wrote:
Most of the fraud takes place via eBay , that seems to be scammers favorite targets. As I said, speaking to a eBay rep on the phone she said herself that fraud on eBay is out of control and they are grasping a straws just to keep's a losing situation for eBay. At times perhaps PP is caught in the middle of these disputes, they must determine who is the thief , who is lying, and at times they fail to bring all things into consideration, which leads to frustration for customers ... If eBay could get a handle on the fraud and the perpetrators that commit these violations , that would ease the pressure on PP to make these calls to determine actually who Is the thief in these's like a domino effect, it starts with fraud on eBay and snowballs from there.

This is likely true. However, there are other times when all the evidence is right there, in front of them...all they have to do is, read it, and then they can tell who is saying the truth. But they don't. As in the case I posted above.

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