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Help to Id a Lee Middleton and Sigikid doll

Help to Id a Lee Middleton and Sigikid doll

Hi, can anyone help me ID these two dolls, I have searched the internet but I cannot find them. Both are in original clothing I believe.
1 - Lee Middleton doll Afro-American. She has the details Lee Middleton Originsl Dolls By Reva, copywrite 2000, serial number 060600, the number 3 in brackets and the details 992/1000 on the back of her neck.

2 - Sigikid doll, with the details Sigikid, 8613 and what appears to be the initials JLW on the back of his neck.

If you can ID them can you please give me a price that I should list them on ebay.

Thank you for any help you can give

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